FLOOR iS LAVA!! Breakfast Picnic at the Park with Adley and Baby Niko! (and learn about fish)

– [Dad] Careful, being careful? – Yeah, whoa! – [Dad] This is actually so cool! Whoa, we doing this, Niko? We did it! Right there? – Yeah, right there. Try and catch a fish. – [Dad] Watch. – [Adley] Gonna catch one. – [Dad] Yeah, watch. – [Adley] Catch one,
catch one, hurry, hurry. – [Dad] I touched it! Oh! Adley, I almost caught it, did you see? – No! I didn’t, try again! – It is eight thirty in the
morning, why are we awake? And in the car? – ‘Cause last night we
were craving scones. – So we woke up early to go get scones. Niko, shut your door. Good job buddy, thank you. Hey, do you wanna welcome
everyone to a best day ever? – Welcome to the best day ever! – Good job. Scone time. – Hi! – [Dad] We’re here. Hi! What you got? – I got the scones. – Oh yeah, we got breakfast, we’re gonna play at the
park and eat scones. – Lookit, we’re at the rock park. – [Dad] Yeah. – There’s a perfect place
to eat ’em, right there. – [Dad] Should we go eat
the scones in the cave? – Yeah. – [Dad] Scones cave. – Let’s eat over here. – [Dad] Okay. – Oh yummy! – [Dad] That looks yummy,
do we have scone butter? – Oh we do! Scone butter! – [Dad] Do you want to try some, Niko? – How is Niko? – [Dad] Yeah, we’ll split it. This is your scone, and
this is Niko’s scone, okay? – Oh my scone.
– Niko this is your scone buddy, one bite? This is a fun park, we
need to come here more. These scones are delicious. Mmm, and very warm. Niko, I think the hot lava’s coming. Watch out! (laughs) Hurry! The hot lava’s coming! (screams) What are we gonna do? Adley, Mom, we got stuck in the hot lava! It’s way too early for hot
lava, how are we stuck? All right, here we go. How do we get out of here, bud? There’s hot lava all over. Adley, can you save us? – I can’t! – [Dad] Are you stuck? – Yeah. – Okay, we’re coming over by you. Careful Niko, it’s lava. (growls) – The little rock, jump on that one. – Can we make it? We made it! We gotta get back to our scones, let’s go over those rocks. You got him? – Yeah, I got him. – Okay Niko, this rock. Here we go! I saved his hat. – Oh it’s on the lava! – Oh, your hat burned in the lava, bud. Three! Jump over! – I can’t do this. – You can do it, yeah. Mom, come save us, we
got trapped in the lava. Grab Niko. – Come on, you can make it. – [Dad] You get back to the scones. – I got it. – Come on, I got you. Whoa! – [Dad] Good job! Okay, I’m coming in. – It’s my scone. – We made it. – We made it back to the scones. Whoo! Hot lava before 9 am. You want another bite? We survived the lava. – This is good. – [Dad] That is way good. – It’s super good. I found a secret way. – [Dad] Where does it go? – Come see. – [Dad] Whoa. That’s cool. Here, grab the vlog. – [Adley] Got it like a crazy person. – Uh, I’m stuck.
– Niko’s pushing you through. – Push me, Niko! Come on. – You made it! – Yay! Should we go play? – Let’s go in here. (upbeat guitar music) – [Dad] Oh yeah, what
are you doing up there? Mom’s on the roof of the cave! Holy cow, is that a Fortnite dance? – I don’t know. – [Dad] Niko, where’s Mama? Where’s Mom? – [Mom] Peek-a-boo! – Could you help me get up? – [Mom] Yeah, come here. – Hold this.
– Okay. Oh, good job. Whoa, she’s on the roof! – Get up there.
– You did it! Girls rule the rock, girls rule the rock. – [Dad] Oh yeah? Now boys rule the rock! It’s my rock! – Now Niko’s out there by hisself. – [Dad] Hey Niko, where are you? Hi! Come here, Niko. He’s trying to pick up that rock. – [Mom] Hi, come here. – [Dad] We’re coming to save you Niko. Hey, where you going? He’s escaping! Hey, where’s he going? Oh you got a boogie, bud. Let me get your boogies. Ew. When you’re a dad, you
just kind of grab boogies. – Gross. Om nom nom. Oh, that was like a white shark bite, a great white shark, that’s what it is, a great white shark. Still early. – Let’s go say hi to the horses. – [Dad] Should we go say hi to the horses? – Mhmm, let’s go.
– Okay, let’s go. – Hi horsie! – [Dad] Hi horsie. Oh, – She likes it. Remember to open your fingers. Oh! – [Dad] Good job Adley! – Again, again, again! – [Mom] Open up flat. (laughs) – [Dad] Good job girls. What’s up, boogie boy? – [Adley] Again, again! – Got some serious, he’s got like, water slides coming out his nose. – The weather changed so fast. – It’s getting cold here in Utah, I think we’re gonna have snow soon. (laughs) he got it. We are spending quite a bit
of time with horses lately. – Look at that horse, it looks like a cow. – [Dad] Cow horse! That’s the cow horse. – [Mom] Oh, okay. – [Dad] Ew! He’s going potty! – So gross! – [Mom] So gross! – [Dad] Where are we going? – We’re going to s’mores troll’s birthday. – Birthday party s’mores troll. – Expecto patronum! – Happy birthday. We got Adley asleep back here. Her head was leaning like this, so I got her a couple sweaters and like propped it up, and now she looks comfy, right? Hey, what are you doing? Are you awake? He’s a cutie. Anyways, we’ve got about a
one hour drive ahead of us, and then at the very end,
something fantabulous that I’ve never seen before. I think we’ll keep it a surprise, don’t worry, it’s not
an hour drive for you, you’ll just see it in like, three seconds. BRB. What’s going on? He’s on the wrong side of the road! That’s so weird! She’s driving with the wrong
steering wheel in the– – It’s supposed to be on this side. – [Dad] And it was on this side. – That was crazy. – That was pretty cool. Okay, back to meeting you at the surprise. See you there. This is beautiful. – It’s very pretty. – It matches my wife. Oh, puddles. Look at all the leaves,
both the kids fell asleep, aw, look at Niko’s little toes, look at ’em, I just want to touch ’em. – No touchies. – [Dad] Babe, should we tell
them what we’re doing now? – Yeah. – Guess what we’re doing right now? Well I hope we’re doing this, I’ve never done it. Salmon upstream swimming. We’re about to go watch
some bright red salmon run up the river. So they can, I don’t know
the lore behind this, – [Mom] Lay eggs? – Have babies, lay eggs? Do they die afterwards? – They lay eggs,
– Seems poetic. – And I think those salmon
die, that lay the eggs. – Anyways we’re gonna go watch some fish swim up the stream, and
they’re really colorful. Like these beautiful leaves, holy cow. – [Mom] This all just
happened in like a week. – I know, we should really, I keep switching the
camera back and forth, it’s like like, dark, light, dark. Point is, I think we should
come up to the mountains next weekend and do a camping trip. – [Mom] I’m down. – That’d be really fun. What do you think, should we go camping? – Yeah. – That would be fun, huh? I would love to do that. Camping next weekend? – Deal. – Deal. Guys, lots of comments,
peer pressure us into it. We’ll take you guys camping next weekend. Wow, we’re roughing it out here. We’re mudding. Why are you covering your face? – I should not be driving right now. – [Dad] Why? – Just don’t wanna see the right side. – [Dad] Oh, ’cause the cliff. – Oh, yeah. (laughs) – I was actually confused! It’s a Tesla, we can open the wing doors, and it’ll just fly. – Still gives me anxiety. It’s a dam! – Watch your language young lady! Hey look a lake. – It’s not a lake, it’s a dam. – [Dad] Whoa. Look how beautiful this is. It’s pretty, huh? Look at this B Roll
Brandon, you’re welcome, I don’t even know what
you’re gonna do with this, but use this B roll somehow. (gentle guitar music) – [Mom] He loves getting shoes on. – [Dad] No, he loves to
see salmon swim upstream, that’s what he’s happy about. – [Mom] He loves shoes,
that’s like his favorite. – [Dad] Nah, he doesn’t love shoes, you love salmon, huh? Adley, are you ready to roll? – Yeah. – [Dad] Okay, hop out. – I can’t, I’m stuck. – [Dad] You’re trapped? – [Mom] She’s buckled! Come here. – [Dad] Hey, careful, careful, good thing you got your boots on. Good muddy puddle handling, Adley. Hey s’mores troll, happy birthday. – Thanks. – [Dad] Whoa, careful, being careful? – Yeah, whoa. – [Dad] Whoa! – Fast one. – [Dad] Here you take the
vlog, I gotta go get Niko. – Okay. (giggles) It’s heavy. – You ready, Niko? Oh my gosh, look at this! This is actually so cool! Look at all these fish. – [Adley] Oh, yeah I see it. – [Dad] Be careful, that’s
slippery right there. Careful. That’s crazy. Those are all fish! – [Instructor] You see
them all up in there? Whoa, hey, you’re going
the wrong way, buddy. – [Dad] Hey, wrong way! This is cool. They’re hot lava fish. (laughs) I wish I had a GoPro, I just wanna like, throw it in the water and
see what it looks like. How’d you get all the way over there? This looks spooky, Niko, should we attempt it? Oh, we’re going up here,
through the bushes. – There’s a bunch of them right there. – Holy cow. So guys, the salmon are
swimming up the stream, and they have to swim against
the water the wrong way, and jump up stuff like this. Look at that! Crazy, huh? – Let’s catch the fish, and
then carry them upstream, and then let them go. – [Dad] That’s very kind
of you to think that. – [Mom] They look tired! – [Dad] They actually do look tired. They’re just trying to
go as fast as they can. But that guy’s giving up,
he’s just rage quitting. He’s like, “I don’t want
offspring! I’m outta here!”. He just jumped down the waterfall. Holy, dang, so some of them just give up, huh? – Or maybe he already did it. Maybe he laid his eggs. Or she, I don’t know. – Guys, don’t listen to
anything we’re saying, we have no idea what the
facts are about these fish. That’s a big jump right there. That’s crazy, how do they do that? Whoa, we doing this, Niko? (suspenseful music) We did it, we did it! – You can do it, you can do it, come on you can do it! – The fish got cheerleaders. Oh, that’s rough water right there, that’s oh that’s a tough one. Oh there’s some in the
middle of the battle. He’s in the thick of it right now. Swimmin’! Look how close that one is. – We could walk to that one. – You dare me to touch him? – [Dad] Yeah, touch one. – Come here, I will help you. – [Dad] Are you a salmon whisperer? – I will take you upstream. – [Dad] Whoa! Holy cow, that was scary. Right there? – Yeah, right there. Try and catch a fish. – [Dad] Watch. – Okay catch one.
– Yeah, watch. – Catch one, catch one, hurry, hurry. – [Dad] I touched it! Oh, Adley I almost caught it, did you see? – No, I didn’t, try again. – Oh I don’t want to! – [Dad] Get it, get it. (laughs) Whoa, she’s really committing to this now. Oh boy. Wow, this is risky behavior from Jenny. – Gonna get one. Whoa, that one’s fast. I’m motivating them! – [Dad] I know, you’re
helping them swim faster. – I’m motivating them! – [Dad] You’re corralling the fish, babe. You’re like a cowboy of the creek. Mom’s trying to catch fish. – I’m gonna go in. – [Dad] No way, Jose. – But why is Mommy? – [Dad] Mom’s crazy. Careful. Hey, careful. Oh, muddy puddles. Ew. All right, head back in, fisherman. – All right, all right. – [Dad] You’ve done your duty. – Come get Mama. Ah, no you don’t, no you– (laughs) – [Adley] Mom I’m drawing! – [Dad] What’d you draw? – A for Adley. – [Dad] Cute. We are at my sister’s house
now for the birthday party, but had to come grab
the vlog really quick, ’cause these kids are so
cute playing together. Good memory for the cousins to have, you know what I mean? Whatcha building? – A house. – [Dad] That’s pretty cool. What’s up, dude? Whoa, hi! Niko, what are you doing? – There we go! – [Dad] Oh, did you build that? Whoa, was that a jump? Did he actually just jump? – It looked like it. – Are you gonna put it on there? There you go! There you go. – [Mom] Uh oh, uh oh, – [Dad] Uh oh. – Oh oh oh.
– Uh oh – [Dad] Uh oh, we can fix it, huh? – Yeah, I can fix it,
it was easy to build. – [Dad] What are you making Niko? – Here, you wanna put it on there? Good job. – [Dad] What’d you build? Whoa! He’s hyped on blocks. They’re each just building
their own little project. – Yay, good job. – [Dad] Good job. (screams) – Crash! – [Dad] What are you building, babe? – A tower. – I need this. (laughs) – [Dad] Dada wants one. Nice to meet you. – Aw, thank you for sharing. – I need that. (laughs) – [Dad] Vlog update, – Vlog update. Both kids are asleep. – [Dad] One, two. (laughs) – We may have run out of battery, – True. – And now we’re charging. – It said we were gonna not make it home by like, six miles, or
something, we’re like, “Nah I bet we can make it”, and then it turned into like, eight, then ten miles, we’re like, “We’re not gonna make it”, so we’ve got like, 20 minutes, and we’ll see how far we get. – Yeah. – Pretty good day though, all around. Oh, and we got hot chocolate and snacks. Snacks, hot chocolate. It’s kinda like a date,
kids asleep in the back. Update, our battery’s at zero percent, but we found another place to stop. Niko just woke up. Jenny thought it would be a good idea to go inside and get an ice cream bar. I’m like, “Why’d you
have an ice cream bar?” She’s like, “I don’t
know, it sounded good”. – It’s freezing right now, too. – I know. And we don’t have our car
on so it charges faster. We’re kinda new to this whole Tesla thing, we just really underestimated everything. My phone battery’s dead as well. We have zero electric currents
around us in any direction. – [Mom] We are pioneers. – We’re literally sitting in
a covered wagon right now, just waiting. What time is it? – My watch died. (laughs) – We don’t even know what time it is. It’s really close to midnight. Last time I looked at the
clock it was like, 11:40, and then my phone died. – [Mom] Yeah. (laughs) – Well,
– that’s so funny. – If you guys never see
this vlog it’s ’cause we ran out of all
electricity and we just died. (upbeat electronic music) – Boop boop boop.

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