Florida Dental Implants – Transformation Vacation with New Teeth Now

(Shawna Rau) New teeth now is so unique because we have patients that come from all over the world right here to Lakeland to have
their implant surgery in one day. So if you suffer from missing or loose teeth
periodontal disease or are just miserable with your dentures we can help
you with new teeth now. We’ve designed the transformation vacation so that our
patients can come to Florida without having to worry about all of their
travel arrangements. The first step in the new teeth now transformation
vacation is a phone consultation. We may spend 30 minutes to an hour together on
the phone going over your dental history, perhaps your medical information and
this time is for you and I to try to decide if truly coming to Florida is
what you would like to do to have new teeth now. I find that oftentimes at the
end of the conversation patients are comfortable, they’re eager to make
appointments and move forward. Our out-of-state patients normally fly into
the Tampa or Orlando airports. This day you will come to new teeth now for your
pre plan consultation, pre-op and impression appointments. You will meet
the surgeon, restorative doctor and tour the facility to ensure you’re
comfortable moving forward as planned. On day 2 you’ll be able to enjoy all that
Florida has to offer. From the beautiful beaches of Tampa Bay to the wonderful
amusement parks of Orlando. Day three is the day that you’ve been waiting for.
We’ve pre planned we’ve prepared and now it’s time for your transformation. You
can expect your surgery arrival time to be 7:30 a.m. and at the end of the day
you will leave our office with your brand new smile. (Bethany) They look so great. (Dr. Kirkpatrick) They look really good. (Shawna) Our patients are glad to know that they can enjoy a light meal the same evening
of their surgery. Part of the new teeth now transformation vacation commitment
is remaining in Florida for seven days for a check-up appointment with your
surgeon. At this appointment, your doctor will check you to make sure that you’re
healing properly. There may be a small adjustment in your bite and how your
teeth are coming together. And most importantly, he will give you
clearance to fly home. We have prepared the transformation vacation with
resources to help you on your journey to Florida. Distance cannot be the most
important deciding factor when you’re considering such a change in your life. I
encourage you to consider coming right here to Lakeland to our world-class
dental facility where Dr. Kirkpatrick Dr. Richards and our experienced staff
have helped thousands of patients just like yourself get back their smiles. I’m
Shawna Rau and our team of new teeth now specialists are available to answer your
questions and assist with planning your transformation vacation. If you would
like to view more informational videos on new teeth now please click the
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