Florida Dream Vacation, Episode 2 – Magical Disney Vacation Rental House Tour! * Orlando, Florida *
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Florida Dream Vacation, Episode 2 – Magical Disney Vacation Rental House Tour! * Orlando, Florida *

– Whoa. (upbeat music) – So, we travel all the
time, but we’ve never gotten a vacation rental home. This time, I asked people
what they thought we should do on this Disney World trip
and a lot of people thought Disney Proper was the way to go and they were absolutely adamant. And then there were
equal, if not more, people who just love vacation rentals, so I thought we’d try something new and experience this
vacation rental home thing, especially since our
family has gotten so big. We have four small children. One is a baby and it’s
just a lot of people. We can’t even get a
hotel room for all of us. We have to get either two
rooms that are connected to each other or we have to get a suite. And both of those options are very costly, especially when you’re
talking about a fancy hotel like a Disney hotel. So, we found this amazing rental property and here we are. We’re gonna show the kids
now, but I have to say my first impression has
been complete amazement. This property costs less
than most of the places that I found at Disney World
Proper and it’s massive and amazing and I can’t wait
to show you and the kids all of it ’cause it’s
absolutely beautiful. (playful music) – Whoa, this is amazing. – This is amazing. Wow. [Bailey] This is awesome. (squealing) – Whoa. – This place is awesome. – Is this your guys’ room? – No. I saw the pictures;
this is not their room. – This is somebody else’s room? – This is a guest room. – There is a full laundry room. I have never experienced
anything like this in my whole life. Look how cool this is, you guys. What does this say?
[Both] – Gameroom. – What?! Oh my goodness. This is awesome. This is amazing. This is like the coolest house ever. That’s your bedroom, Daddy, look at that. (giggling) This is the coolest, it looks like a actual queen’s bed. – It might just be a queen’s bed. (laughing) – [Chris] What’d you find? Did you find a fan? Pretty fun. Pretty fun. – [Jessica] Duncan, it’s a fan. Can you say fan? (imitating Jessica) – [Jessica] Yeah, fan. [Parker] He said yeah but not fan. [Jessica] No, he’s trying. Say, fan. (imitates Jessica) [Chris] Yeah, good job.
– Fan. – What?! This is amazing. (swashbuckling music) Walk into the closet, Daddy. It’s so scary. – Dad! (laughing) – You guys see all the treasure chests? – Yeah, I wonder what’s inside of ’em. – [Jessica] It’s the
perfect amount for each kid. Look, here’s a Duncan chest. A Parker chest. A Jakie chest. And a Bailey. There’s nothing in it but you
can put your clothes in it. – [Both] Whoa. – This is act–
(Bailey screams) – That scared me, when I walked. (epic music intensifies) – [Chris] You guys found another room? – Yep. This is another extra room. But last, and certainly
not least, my bedroom. – Whoa. This is amazing. (gentle, happy music) This is amazing. So beautiful. I’m so excited to sleep in here tonight. – [Chris] Where are you sleeping tonight? – I’m sleeping in my room
and then Bailey’s room and then Jacob’s room. – [Chris] You’re traveling?
– Yeah. – [Chris] You’re going from room to room? What room are you sleeping in, Jake? – My room. The pirate room. Wait, we’re missing out on one thing. Where’s the pool room? – The pool room? You saw, the pool table’s
down in the garage. – [Bailey] Can we see the pool? – [Chris] There’s a pool? – Yeah. This is awesome. This is awesome. Look at all these pool toys. – There’s a hot tub that there’s a waterfall
that goes into the pool. (chuckles) – This place has more than enough space for all of us to have our own rooms. It has a playroom, it has all the accommodations I need, like a highchair, and strollers and car seats. I am flabbergasted, it’s so incredible. I can do my laundry
here, they have a pool. We just drove to a nearby
store, stocked our pantry. Got some essentials. And I even remembered to
buy baby swim diapers, which I’m shocked I remembered to do. But I’m so glad because we’ll
be ready to start swimming. We filled the fridge. We’re cooking some pizza
in the oven right now. And I’m really hoping we’re
going to save a good amount of money by making all our food this week and just being really wise,
even though we’re traveling. (laughs) I think I might be the only real wizard because everybody else
walked by it, and I was like, I think that might be something. And it’s (speaks rapidly) – It’s like a brick wall
and then you go through it and then you’re in here
and there’s a dragon. Do you see the dragon? – Yeah, why does it have so much ouchies?

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