Florida Dream Vacation, Episode 6 – Animal Kingdom – My Favorite Disney Park!
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Florida Dream Vacation, Episode 6 – Animal Kingdom – My Favorite Disney Park!

– You having some special time? (Jessica laughs) (bright music) (lively music) We are on our way to Animal Kingdom. Ah! I’m thrilled to be
going to Animal Kingdom, because I’ve been before, and it was my favorite Disney park, and I– – Oh, she said it. She said it. – She said it. I made a commitment to Animal Kingdom, and that’s what I’m
sticking with as my fave. And I’ve been looking forward
to going back for a year. It has a whole new land now that people are really,
really excited about called, like, Pandora Land
of Avatar, I don’t know. So we ‘re gonna check that out. And it also has my favorite
rollercoaster of all time, Expedition Everest. And not only that, but Jacob
couldn’t ride it last time, and now Jacob can and… – I can? – Parker can. – (gasps) Yay! Expedition!
(Jessica laughs) – It’s kinda scary, though, Parker. A yeti tears up the track while you’re– – Hey, hey, spoilers, spoilers. – [Chris] Don’t spoil the – Bailey, stop it. – [Chris] Oh, my goodness, Bailey. – We are on our way there now. The kids want to give a quick intro, so I’m gonna hand the camera over to them. Who knows what they’ll do? – Hi, everybody. Today we are going to Magical Kingdom. Which is– – No.
– Animal Kingdom. – Ah, Animal Kingdom. Duncan’s gonna be so
excited, right, Duncan? Aren’t you excited? – [Parker] It is magical because the track that’s broken, and then – Duncan’s so excited. Bailey are you excited about
Magical Ki, uh, Animal Kingdom? – Yeah. – How do you like my face? Okay. Duncan’s right here. I’m really excited about
the track that falls apart, and then it, because it’s magical, because every the track falls apart, and
then it comes back together, with no help. I’m mostly excited to see a horse. When I grow up, I wanna
be a horse trainer. And I’m gonna train kids how to be horse and how to horse teachers. – [Jessica] Wait, you’re gonna train kids how to be horse teachers? – Mm-hmm. – [Jessica] Or how to be horses? – How to be Bah! Kids can’t be horses. My mom’s so funny. I’m gonna be a horse trainer that I can teach kids
how to be horse trainers. – [Chris] So it sounds like you wanna be a horse-trainer trainer. – And I’m gonna be a cowboy, too. – [Chris] Ah. – Because I’m training
kids how to be cowboys. Is there gonna be horses there? Tell me in the comments
section down below. Thank you, bye. – I’m reading, but I’m really excited to go to Disney World, too. I’ve got a whole bunch of pins to trade. And this one’s my favorite. It’s a book with a little
jellyfish inside of it. And I have a whole bunch of other pins. It’s really special, it’s a London Silver. I don’t know where I got
it, but it’s really cool. But I really like this pin. I got it, I traded someone for it. I can’t wait to go on Expedition Everest and on the Safari Ride,
(Duncan cries) and I’m super excited, so let’s go. – One of the super cool
things about going here today is that it is the 20th
anniversary of the park opening. (upbeat music) What are those? – Kangaroos. – Kangaroos. – The kids are going to
become wilderness explorers. (upbeat music) – Now this map has all the
badges that you can earn, okay? – This bridge, I think, takes us over into the Pandora area. The Valley of Mo’ara. – (mumbles) We’re going to do a
brand-new thing right now. I’m so excited. – Oh, listen to the sounds.
(whirring in background) Just listen to the sounds of it. – Sounds like crickets. – It does, it sounds a lot like crickets. They’ve got a cricket infestation here in the valley of Mo’ara. How do you say that word? – I don’t know. – Me, neither. – Hey, I see it. – [Jessica] Oh, you found one. – I see it, I see it, I see it. I see it, I see it, I see it. I see it. – [Chris] Where is it? – Right there. – [Chris] Whoa. Parker, how cool is this place? – Cool. – [Chris] Look at this, the
rocks are floating, Bailey. – Look at this. – This is unbelievable. This is so cool. What? – So, one thing that I’m noticing right away as a Californian, is that we’re surrounded by water. Like, there’s waterfalls everywhere. We don’t get that where we live, because we have to preserve our water. We have some, and they’re
re-used, but, like, everywhere you go, there’s
the sounds of waterfalls and waterfalls all around you. So cool. (water rushing) – What is this thing? – This is called Pandora, and it’s like another planet. Jessica and the kids are in there, and I am outside with Duncan, who’s right here eating a sandwich. Sandwich time! And we’re gonna hang out out here while they go on the ride, and then we get to switch, and I get to go on the ride. So the wait time for this ride
right now is over two hours. Which means I get two
hours to explore Pandora. (new-age jungle music) – Christopher, I know,
will be utterly devastated, because this is kind of his dream land, and I told him I’d go, but he really wanted
to get Duncan to sleep, and he’s very good at that. And he prides himself on that, because he’s a super dad. He’s skipping this line, so I’m gonna film a bunch of it for him. He’s gonna be so bummed. (intense jungle music) We’ve entered a cave. (intense jungle music) – What is this? – [Jessica] I don’t know. Oh, it says the airlock. Get some water right
now, now’s your chance. Hydrate. – What’s that? – [Jessica] I don’t know. – Oh, it’s to fill up your water. – [Jessica] Oh, my gosh! – Oh, good idea. – That’s a really good idea. That is so cool. They can use (mumbles) to
fill your water bottle? Amazing. Disneyland would never. The colors in here are gorgeous. So I don’t know that it’ll
show up on my camera, but there are a lot of,
like, green elements, and also these, like, pretty lichens that are orange and pink and purple. (intense jungle music) And now for something
completely different. We’re in a very different place now. – What’s that? – [Jessica] I don’t know. It looks like water almost, huh? Like magical dripping water. – It kinda reminds me of, like, sparks. – [Jessica] Asparagus? – Sparks. – Sparks. Sparks or asparagus. One or the other, right? – Yeah. – [Jessica] Eww, that’s weird. – That’s awesome. Whoa. That’s cool. – [Jessica] Look at that thing. – I think I know how they do that. – [Jessica] How do they do it, Jacob? – They put this track, and it’s like a special magnet and it follows on the track. – [Jessica] I bet you’re right. – [Jacob] See that? It’s picked up. – That’s really cool. Oh, my goodness, look at this. Ah! (Jessica laughs) – What happened? – I was definitely not
expecting that. (laughs) Were you expecting to see that, Bailey? – [Parker] That’s cool. – [Jessica] What is that? – [Attendant] Okay, you
really, like, just make it. Go ahead, sweetheart. – [Jessica] You made it, Parker! – [Woman] Good job, Parker. – So I think we got really lucky, because the line was not at all as long as it said it was. It said it was gonna be 150 minutes, and I think it’s probably
maybe been 40 minutes? Like, maybe? And we’re already near the front, so, yay. Great line success. And the line was definitely
entertaining the whole way. Like, I never felt like there was a lull or like this was a bother at all. It was all, it was beautiful, and good conversation, right? Good time to just hang
out and eat a sandwich. I just realized why this
wait feels so awesome, especially compared to other waits. It’s inside and nicely air conditioned. Like, you’re not too cold, you’re not feeling any,
like, extreme Florida sun. I mean, aside from the
fact that I look like the shiniest human that ever existed. But it’s, like, very nice in here. So I think that’s part of it. Because some of the lines are way shorter, but they’re outside in the heat, and they feel longer. But this just feels nice. – [Ride Narrator] Once we
match you to an avatar, thanks to a special link chair, your mind will be able
to control that avatar. The Na’vi have been riding on the backs of banshees since their earliest history. Thanks to science, avatars
can ride on banshees, too. Quickly. – [Computer Voice] Stand by. – I’m so excited. – So, I like looking up
Disney stuff on YouTube, and, like, watching things, and so I’ve seen a lot
of videos about Pandora, which sometimes ruins the
thing that I’m going to go see. Like, when I get to see it in person, I’m like, “Oh, it’s not
as cool as I thought.” This is better. This is amazing. (mysterious jungle music) – [Jessica] Bailey, how was the ride? – It was awesome. – I feel like, it made it feel like you were actually flying. – [Jessica] They did. I was thinking that’s the closest we’re ever gonna feel like flying, right? – Yeah. – It was awesome. Awesome, awesome! We were flying on a little flying thing, and you fly all over the place. It was awesome. – It was really cool, because wherever you went, you could, like, smell all the things that you would’ve smelled if you were there. – [Parker] Yeah, but first
it smelled like dirt. – The smells were incredible, and they sprayed, like, a mist. It was kind of like Soarin’,
if you’ve ever been on that, or FlyOver Canada, if
you’ve ever been on that. Except it was more individual, because you’re on your own thing, and then also it was just gorgeous, and it lasted a long time. – I liked this one better
than Soarin’, actually. – [Jessica] Yeah. But it was similar, though, right? – Yeah, it was very similar. I think this one gives
you the feel of freedom. Like, freedom. – Yeah, that’s a good
way to put it, Jacob. It does give you a feeling of freedom. Okay, now I’m off to find Christopher and give him his turn. And see if maybe, maybe they’ll let all three of the kids on with him. ‘Cause that gets him back, this gets him back on with two kids, and that’s a really tough decision to have to have one kid not go on. – Alright, Parker wanted
to stay with Duncan, so I have Jacob and Bailey, and they’re gonna go on the
ride again with me this time. You think I’m gonna be scared? – No. – [Chris] How do you think I
might feel about this ride? – You’ll love it. – I’m gonna love it? Apparently this room
back here is really cool. We don’t get to go in it, ’cause we’re doing the switch-rider pass, but these guys went in, and they said it’s super cool. – Yeah, it was. – Found a bird. (gentle music) – [Jessica] Bird. (gentle music) – That’s really cool. – That ride is officially awesome. – Yeah. – So I’ve been on a lot of, like, virtual reality kind of rides, and that one was, like, it made you forget you’re on a ride. Like, you start ducking to try
and avoid branches and stuff, ’cause it’s so real.
– Yeah. Yeah. – So you’re riding on a banshee, and you can feel it breathing
as you’re riding it. – Yeah.
– Yeah. And, like, when you stop,
you feel it breathing. – Yeah. It was a cool mix of,
like, beautiful stuff and then very, like, fun drops and, like, spins and cool things. It was awesome. Very, very cool ride. – It never went upside down. Like, you feel like
you’re going upside down, but I feel like you’re just
in a spot and it just moves. – That was probably my
favorite ride in Disney World. – Huh. (upbeat music) These are naked mole rats. – What are naked mole rats? – These things. (gentle music) – Why are they called naked? – Because they don’t have
a whole lot of fur on them. (gentle music) Duncan, did you see the hippo? Did you see the hippo?
– Now, hippos, like – [Chris] Did you see a hippo? (gentle music) – Is that a hippo skull? – Yeah, that’s a hippo skull. You can see why they are
considered dangerous. Is this your new pillow? That’s where you’re gonna sleep? Sleep at night? Nice, cozy pillow. (curious music) The gorillas are having a little nap. Did you have a little nap? You did have a little nap. What do you see? You see gorillas? (curious music) Can you tell me who that is? – Uh, Tatiki from The Lion Guard. – [Chris] Tatiki from The Lion Guard. – Rafiki from The Lion Guard. – [Chris] Yeah. I know him from The Lion King. Have you seen that movie? – No. – [Chris] No? – But I know him from The Lion Guard. – [Chris] From The Lion Guard TV show? – Yeah. (gentle music) – Aww. We just rode a train to Rafiki’s, like, Conservation Zone or something. I don’t know what it’s called. But we had to leave the stroller, because that’s the rule of this area, and immediately after
getting off the train, Duncan got kind of fussy
and got really sleepy and feel asleep on Christopher. So Christopher’s gonna be holding him. Little bunny. He’s so cute. This is the most gorgeous
rabbit I’ve ever seen. (gentle music) I’ve heard that these really giant ones make excellent pets, but I don’t think I’ve
ever seen one in person. And we just pet it. (gentle music) The rabbit was incredible, Bailey. What did it feel like for people? – Super soft. – Doc McStuffins.
– Doc McStuffins. – Nice. Ohhh. (gentle music) So, Jiminy Cricket’s here. I didn’t realize he was a big deal, but apparently he only comes
out as a surprise on Earth Day. I’m a big fan of meeting
the characters from afar and not getting in the lines. Sometimes we do it,
especially when they’re short. Not that one. – [Announcer] We are
gonna be getting moving, so there’s no further standing. (upbeat music) – What are we about to see? – The Ki, uh The Lion King? – Yeah, The Lion King. It’s a live show. – Real people. – [Chris] Real people,
doing real acrobat stunts. – Oh, that’s awesome. Are they gonna set up stuff? – Are they gonna set up stuff? – Uh-huh. – [Chris] I think so. – [Announcer] We proudly present the Festival of the Lion King. (African tribal music) ♪ Oh, I just can’t wait to be king ♪ (lively music) (audience applauding) – I loved that one. (fast-paced music) (wistful music) (audience applauding) (lively music) (intense, dramatic music) – Duncan is too small for this ride. Right, Duncan? Are you too small for this ride? – Yeah.
– Yeah. Since Duncan’s too small, I’m gonna make the ride for him. This will be your time machine and will take you back
in time to the dinosaurs. You ready? Let’s go. Ohh, back in time, going back in time. (gasps) Oh, my goodness. We’re back in time. Look out, there’s a dinosaur. Watch out, Duncan, there’s more dinosaurs. Rawr, dinosaurs. Now there’s dinosaurs over here. Oh, look at all the dinosaurs. Whoa. Oh, so many dinosaurs. Oh, watch out, it’s a stegosaurus, rawr. Rawr. Uh-oh, Duncan, over here
there’s a flying dinosaur. Careful. Careful. It gives you kisses. (kissing) Gotta watch out for those kiss-asauruses. Here comes another dinosaur. Rawr. Oh, no, Duncan, now there’s an asteroid. It’s coming towards Earth to
wipe out all the dinosaurs. Better go back in time, quick. We did it, we made it back to modern day. There’s no dinosaurs here. Wait. What did you bring with you? (Chris gasps) What is that? Duncan, did you take a
dinosaur from the past? – It was good. – It was awesome. I’m going on it again. (intense, dramatic music) – Alright, we went on the dinosaur ride. – It’s good. – [Chris] Is it just as
good the second time? – Yeah. – Yeah, a little less scary,
now that we’ve been on it. – That ride kind of works the same way the Indiana Jones ride
works in California. They get compared a lot, because the mechanics of
it is pretty much the same. You’re in, like, a jeep-style thing, and it’s, like, shaking
you as it drives around and you do stuff. But this one has dinosaurs. That one has Indiana Jones. Which of those two rides
do you like better, Jacob? – Indiana Jones. – [Chris] Indiana Jones? Bailey? – Me, too. – You, too? Me, three. I think that I really like this ride, I think it’s really cool, but there’s, I don’t know, there’s something about Indiana Jones. It’s a little more exciting. – [Bailey] Your car is more open. – You’re more on an adventure. They make it seem like
you’re in a science lab and stuff like that. But I like the Indiana Jones one, ’cause you really think
that you’re in adventure and you don’t know what’s coming. – People are asking us to
compare the California parks with the Florida parks, and that’s one ride that I know people are like, “Oh, those
are kinda similar rides.” Definitely for me, personally, Indiana Jones is a better ride, but both rides are awesome. – [Jacob] Recycling. – The Earth is getting stormy. – [Chris] The Earth is getting stormy? – Yeah. I’m super excited for the storm. – The rain has not been coming. (Duncan laughs)
(Chris laughs) – [Jacob] He likes the rain. – You like the rain? There was supposed to be a big storm today that was supposed to come
in the early afternoon. It never came. But now it’s starting
to rain a little bit, so we’ll see how this goes. Right, Duncan? You like the rain? – Yeah. – Yeah? You like rain? (Duncan cries out) I don’t know if you guys know this or not, but Duncan loves water. He likes the pool, he likes the bath, he likes the shower. And he likes rain. Is the rain getting your face? (Duncan laughs) – Is the rain funny? (Duncan laughs) – (laughs) He thinks the rain is so funny. (Duncan laughs) You like the rain? (Duncan laughs) That is Expedition Everest. – Where? – [Chris] That big thing over there. – That mountain? – [Chris] That mountain. – You get to go on a
rollercoaster up that mountain. (Jessica and Parker squeal) – [Chris] Do you wanna do that? (Jessica and Parker laugh) – Yeah, I wanna do it! Is it scary? – [Chris] It’s so fun. – Expedition Everest (coughs). I ate too much popcorn. (Chris laughs) (gentle new-age music) – [Chris] We’re next, guys. – I’m so excited. – [Chris] There it is. We’re going. – Where’s the yeti? – [Chris] It’ll be at the end. Don’t worry about it. How you guys doing? (Parker and Chris screaming) Whoa. Oh, yes. Uh-oh.
(metal clunking) – It broke.
– Uh-oh. – [Parker] What? – [Chris] It stopped. – [Parker] How? – [Chris] I don’t know, it stopped. – Does it happen?
– Does it always stop? – [Chris] I don’t know. – Oh, no. – What happened? It stopped. The ride stopped. We’re just – [Kid] I’m hoping we’re
not gonna fall down this – Oh, it’s going, it’s going. It’s going. – How did it happen? – I don’t know. There’s the yeti. Whoa! Uh-oh. Where are we going? Whoa!
– Whoa! (people screaming) (Chris laughs) (people screaming) The yeti! (yeti growls) (people applauding) – That it? – What did you think of that ride? – It was so fun! – It was so fun. What’d you guys think? (applauding)
– I like it. – [Parker] Is Mommy gonna go on it? – Such a good ride. – Is Mommy gonna go on it? – [Chris] Yeah, Mommy’s
gonna go on it next. – I wanna go on it. – [Chris] You wanna go on it with her? – Yeah, I’m going on, I’m going on. (talking over each other) – Oh, boy. Look at that magnificent ride. Oh, so much fun. – I just saw those people. – But that was so much fun. – Yeah, I just saw – I wanna do it again and again. Can we just do this for
the rest of our trip? – No, I wanna do rapids. – You wanna do rapids? Oh, oh. So, you might notice
that it’s dark outside, which is the perfect time
to go on a water ride. The kids really, really
wanna go on this ride. I know it gets you super wet, because I went on it before with Jacob, and he’ll tell ya, it gets you wet. How did you used to talk about this when you were little? – It was my first time
going to the rapids. – So the kids have been
saying this all day, because Jacob, when he was little, that’s how he used to talk. And he was so excited about the rapids. Just watch this clip, it’s super cute. – [Jessica] And how did it go? Drying off. – The ride wasn’t, uh, too wet, and the kids talked
Jessica into going on it. And how many times did you go? – Twice, I think. But they told us we could go all night. I wanna keep going. – (laughs) You wanna keep going? – Yeah, I wanna keep going. – [Chris] Uh, what are you doing, Jacob? – I’m drying off. – We’re going on a night safari. – [Announcer] On this
side is a black rhino. Black rhinos weigh about 3,000 pounds and have a charging speed
of 35 miles per hour. – [Jessica] Bailey, do
you see the rhinoceros? – [Announcer] There’s also the male lion over on the left-hand side as well. But at night, their eyesight becomes six times greater, allowing them to hunt better at night. Just in case you did not know. – [Jessica] I feel like the lioness gestured to the female and
was like, “Go hunt them.” It was like, “Right there’s some food.” (gentle music) – Duncan and I got stuck in the rain. He’s asleep. And I put my jacket over him, because it just started downpouring, and now we’re hiding in a cave. This cave is, like, for employees. It’s not even for us. We’re in this cave, trying
to escape the downpour that’s happening right now. It’s actually lightened up quite a bit, but a second ago, it was very wet. (gentle music)
(rain falling) – It’s already done. – [Jessica] That is beautiful. – And this one, and
this one, and this one. – [Jessica] So, Parker,
explain to me what’s happening. – This, my jacket, like, there’s all these monsters. It turned color when it gets wet. Like, this one’s already
done, and this one. And this one, and this one. – So, in case you were
really needing proof, Parker is wet. (laughs) – It’s so cool, I get to
go on the Tower of Terror. – [Chris] The Tower of Terror? – Yeah. This is gonna be fun. (mysterious music) This is very exciting. (Chris screaming)


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