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Florida FREE Camping! | FL Water Management Boondocking Info

What’s going on everybody! We’re back on
the road. We just did a two-week visit in my hometown in South Florida, and we are now going on our second year around the country full time traveling. Which is
pretty weird to think about, but here we are. Now we’re in Central Florida, we’re
in Lake Griffin State Park. It’s in Lake County, which we come to know is a great
place to breed mosquitoes. There’s tons of them out here, so that’s a downside.
But, it’s a beautiful day outside! This place has the second largest oak tree in the state. That was pretty cool to see. And there’s tons of little caterpillars
running around, so now that we’re in the beautiful Central Florida area, I wanted
to go over some of the free camping options in Florida. And that is going to
be mostly just if you’re on the coastal areas, and you’re looking for that beach
travel in Florida, your best option is going to be paying for a campground,d or
going to Cracker Barrel. We just used Cracker barrels on the way up the coast.
We went from South Florida, we took the coast all the way up to Cocoa Beach, hit
a Cracker Barrel for the night, and now we are heading out west. So we’re able to
get into more areas like this, but anything that is inland from the coast
is going to be under the Florida water management system, they take care of all
of the free camping and kind of boondocking setups. So you’ll definitely
want to check out that website. You have to make an account and make a
reservation, but that’s your best bet for longer term staying for free in Florida.
And Florida’s definitely one of those states that I would recommend just
planning in advance for. I mean you have to make the reservations to get your
campsites, and just know where you’re going because there really isn’t many
options at all for free camping. So at least plan to have a little bit of extra
spending money if you need to find a campsite somewhere, because you just
can’t find anything else. Our problem was we’re near Ocala National Forest
right now and there’s spots up in there that are free camping. So there is like
National Forest camping in there, but it is 4×4
and we don’t have 4×4 which is why we would like to upgrade to a truck
soon, but right now we have the Lincoln
Town car. And I don’t think that’s getting us through any thick sand. So we didn’t
want to take the risk on that, but that’s how limited your options are. I mean
around this whole Central Florida area, that was the only 14 day staying that I
could find other than on the water management website. We just didn’t go
through the whole process of making the reservations and all that, so we got here
too late, planned it too late, and they’re all
already reserved. So there’s also hunting seasons on those. So they’ll close for
like six or seven days at a time, just for random hunts that they do in the
area. So pay attention to that, and in the North Florida area, it does get slightly
easier. There are a lot more of those hunt camps that are 14 day stay limits,
So if you’re in the northern Florida area, it won’t be quite as hard as
Central Florida and going down into South. If you plan on going into the
Florida Keys, I would just recommend going through all of the free camping
apps like “freecampsites.net” they’re just a website, but you can also use
compendium and I Overlander. And just kind of scroll through those apps
through the keys, because I’ve seen a lot of spots on there. They’re just kind of
those spots that you find on the apps that you don’t know how legitimate they
are, so I would just I would say the best bet is going through those and maybe
just going and checking them out. It’s an island strip all the way down, so you
can’t really go too far too out of your way to find a spot. So just go through
them check them out, see what works, maybe some are okay, ask the locals, you know do
that whole spiel. But down in Key West, my girlfriend and I actually lived in Key
West. That’s where we went to college, and we always noticed people camped at the K-Mart down there. I don’t know how legal that was, or if they got kicked out after
a certain amount of time, but we noticed people there if you want to check that
out as well. So I thought that on the end of this
route through Florida that I would have a big bank of free campsites and places
to stay. And you know Forest Service land, and all this stuff. And it’s really what
everybody says it is. I mean Florida is just a tough state to find free camping. But what I’ve told you guys in this video does stand true, so use those tools
to find camping through Florida. Definitely planned it in advance,
and you should be fine going through the state. I wanted to take a moment to shout
out to Brian who is my first patreon supporter! I made a patreon just last
week and within a few days Brian got on there and pledged $30 of his support
every month and that goes such a long way in our lifestyle, so thank you to
Brian and if you want to check out my patreon you can find that in the link
below as well. Click like and subscribe on the video if you enjoyed it, and stay
tuned for the next one guys, thank you for watching!


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