Folding Wine Stand: Perfect for Picnics. Summer Fun!
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Folding Wine Stand: Perfect for Picnics. Summer Fun!

Joy and Sadness made such a great team, but my favorite character was Riliey’s imaginary childhood friend, Microjig. Maker of the GRR-RIPPER Work Safer. Work Smarter. This week’s episode is also sponsored by NatureBox. If you like this stand and would like to own
it yourself, I’m auctioning it off to raise money for the Make-A Wish Foundation. I’ll have more information at the end of this
video. A viewer to the show recently posted a picture of one of these on Facebook and asked if I could make one. It sticks into the ground and holds a bottle of wine and a glass on each side. The top is twelve inches or 30 cm in diameter. I’ll edge joint these three boards on my table
saw and glue them together. These two boards will create the leg. On one of these boards, I’m using a straight bit on my router to cut a groove from the bottom to about two thirds of the
way up. This will hold the steel rod that goes into
the ground. I’ll use a hacksaw to cut this steel rod down
to size. And I can glue this into that slot with some
epoxy. I’ll glue the two boards together with wood
glue. With that leg piece all dried up I can use my plans to draw out the taper and
other cuts. And I’ll cut it out on my band saw. This hole is for the hinge. I need to round off this corner so the table
top has room to swing. Over here at my router, I’ll ease over the
edges with a roundover bit. These two little blocks will hold the outside
of the hinge. Cutting off this corner isn’t really necessary, I just think it looks a little nicer. And just when everything was going along swimmingly, I realized that I made this top piece too
narrow. I should have added another board on it because I need it to be square. And unfortunately, that’s all of the cherry
wood I have left. So, when life gives you lemons, you put in some filler strips! First, I’ll slice up my hard work. Luckily, I have enough walnut leftover that
I can cut it into a couple of strips. Sure, gluing up panels is fun, but gluing up the same panel twice is twice as fun! Well now I’m back on track with the right
sized board. And remember: What do you call this kind of recovery? It’s going to be easiest to make all of the
cuts on this if I start out with a perfect square. This cutting template will make cutting all
the shapes really easy. I’ll attach it with spray adhesive. I’ll cut these all out on my drill press using
a hole saw. I’ll drill out the two sides of the handle using this smaller, Forstner bit. You know, I think the fact that my stripes
are off centered really adds to the tension and drama of this
piece. In fact, with that offset, I kinda think now
that this transcends “extra fancy”, becoming a Bold Artistic Statement. I’m running this dowel through these pieces
so I can see exactly where I need to position these little
blocks. This is the hole for the wine bottle and it drops into that little ledge so these are going to go like that. I removed the leg and I cut this dowel down a little shorter. I’m going to keep it in there to help me keep these two blocks aligned while I glue it up. It will be easier to finish these pieces with spray lacquer before I assemble them. I’m putting some tape on here so I can hopefully prevent scratching the finish with my saw. If you have a dowel that doesn’t fit as tightly as this one, you can secure it by driving a screw through this piece, through the dowel, and into the top. {NatureBox Advertisement} And I’d like to thank you for watching this
week’s episode of Woodworking for Mere Mortals. If you’d like to build one of these yourself, check below for a free set of plans. And if you’d like to own this cherry and walnut bold artistic statement, also check below for a link on how you can
place a bid. And as always, remember that 100% of your
winning bid goes to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. If you enjoyed this video, please take a moment to subscribe to Woodworking for Mere Mortals where I post new woodworking videos every
Friday. And don’t forget to post pictures of projects
you’ve made over at I’d love to see what you’re making. Thanks for watching everybody. I’ll see you next week.


  • Dalton Custom Rods

    Just a small add on , I used 4 small magnets that I inserted into the underneath of the table top and just above the bottle ledge this stopped it flopping back and fourth and kept it stable

  • Graeme w

    Hey S you might find this interesting , fae Izzy swan
    How to make a zero clearance insert plate for a table saw with p.v.c.
    ah mm that link dinny work doh ,oh well I think you'll manage to get there keep on keeping on,

  • Ian Cameron

    Didn't turn up in my sub feed till 19 July 2015….about 3 weeks after it was uploaded…what are you doing Google/YouTube?

  • Chase Konop

    I made some plans several months ago when my wife and mother wanted one. I can't find them today, And I happened to stumble on these. Thanks Steve!!!

  • DR87408

    Hi Steve, good job (as always), I've almost completed this, slightly differently; I used a 20mm thick hardwood dowel for the spike, after routing the 2 legs with a round nose bit. It looks nice, time will tell if it was a wise choice. Wish I'd found your plans beforehand! What spray wood lacquer do you use? And greetings for over the pond.

  • Matt Baker

    Hi Steve, new to woodworking and have been watching your videos ! I don't have a bandsaw or hole saw , so I'm going to try a jig saw , any tips before I mess this up hahah , also thinking bout using some of the leftover steel and dowel and glueing sandpaper to it as a spindle for my drill!

  • Bruce Ferguson

    What keeps the wine bottle from falling through? The notch in the leg? Also thought you could build a stand with a hole in the center piece to put the metal rod from the table so you could use it on a patio or deck.

  • KeemaVlogs

    What type of bits are in your press drill, please Steve? Especially when you make large holes. Our hackerspace needs some, methinks.

  • sent18inel

    I think you are my favorite content creator on youtube. I rarely comment and have never felt like saying something like this but all your videos are so interesting. I'm not even a woodworker really… just a computer programmer in training.. Keep up the good work!

  • CustomReverb

    Steve, the second panel for the top was an accidental mistake of genius. It looks perfect, and extra fancy…with a Bold artistic statement. Very nice indeed

  • Raul Fuster

    I have started this project this weekend and ran into a huge problem. Trying to drill the holes with a hole saw was a nightmare. Did you use a special hole saw or do you have a trick from keeping it from binding? It screwed up my drill press.

  • Brookesedge Designs

    I’ve recently made one of these tables. I made one upgrade to the design. Instead of a fixed metal stake I replaced it with a 3/4” coupling nut and screwed in a 5/16” X 8” bolt this way the stake can be removed. You can also make a base for it to stand on hard surfaces and just screw it in using the coupling nut inside the leg. Thanks for the how too.

  • InishTV

    I'm laughing out loud Steve, love the arty references. found myself saying you should have your show but then you do lol

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