Ford Ranger T6 2015 Small camper for two people – Inside Tour & Description
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Ford Ranger T6 2015 Small camper for two people – Inside Tour & Description

Hello and welcome back to project Sin Rumbo, our four-wheel-drive camper truck Today I will give you a tour of the inside and explain to you the different systems and how things work and Everything that we have on board. So follow me and let’s see what we’ve got inside So this is how the camper looks like when we are driving – moving around Everything is stored underneath the mattresses, out of the way In a moment I’ll show you the storage bins left and right of the hallway So you can see that everything is kept out of sight and this is pretty much what the camper looks like during the night and we’ve got a full-size bed At the end there close to the truck cab there’s a wardrobe on the left, with the electrical compartment underneath Sink with water pump in the middle, and then the Fridge on the right side Here you can see that the mattresses fit across the cab so we can make space in the camper section to move things around So I’m now inside the camper looking towards the right-hand side the passenger side and this is the chemical toilet that we carry on board. It has a 10 litre water tank and it’s very practical for wild camping and campgrounds that don’t have clean washrooms. Now let’s move along to the storage bins This one over the wheel well and as you can see they’re designed to receive plastic storage boxes. So now here is the fridge. It’s a 48 litre model that doesn’t have a compressor so it’s very quiet, which is nice at night. So left of the fridge now we have the sink water tank water pump. So it’s a very basic system. The sink is actually a plastic bucket that can be removed for cleaning and to access to access underneath. We, also have some sponges that we keep. We draw water from a twenty litre jug. through a filter and water pump, so here is the water pump it’s a pressure activated pump Which means that it detects the pressure change as soon as we open and close the tap and it turns on and off accordingly. So because everything’s removable in that sink unit we have easy access to the pump, the hoses, and the wiring. So here’s the wardrobe unit. It’s fairly small but there’s room for two or three jackets at the end of the day. Now the bottom of the wardrobe unit has a removable cover that gives us access to the core of the camper and the most complex part, because it’s the electrical system. it’s based on deep cycle battery that powers an inverter and the inverter converts the 12 volts from the battery to 220 volts for the fridge, the lights, the outlets. There are two chargers: one to charge the battery from the engine when we’re driving, and one is fixed and used to charge when we’re connected to campground power. Because everything other than the 12-volt water pump, everything else is 220 volts so we can easily switch the whole installation to 220 from a campground when we have power available, and then the battery is just being recharged without any draw on it. Here is the battery charge indicator that just monitors the state of charge of the secondary battery – not doing very well right now as you can see. Now left of the electrical compartment is a storage bin and Inside that bin is the battery charger that is powered by the 220 volts from campgrounds. So shore power comes to the truck by an extension cord as you can see here lying on the ground It plugs into the back of the truck in a socket here on the right, and then there’s a couple of circuit breakers to protect the installation. So let’s get back inside. This is the table base. it’s a marine unit. permanently mounted on the floor. A piece of chrome tubing goes right in and then table fits right on top, and This is what it looks like when it’s installed Now the table actually goes right down into the the hallway and becomes support for the bed. So the hardtop is a fiberglass shell that was insulated with one centimeter thick styrofoam and then carpeted with grey automotive carpet. And Now for the details, the finishing details. The three spotlights are 220 volts as I’ve said before and they’re LED These are the curtains, very dark blue on the outside and patterned on the inside. Seat cushions are eight-centimetre thick high-density foam Here is one of the light switches and 220 Volt outlet for charging computers and cellphones. Now around the tailgate I added some rubber gasket to prevent the dust from coming in and prevent drafts as well at night. There’s curtains to close the back window as well and a fire extinguisher of course. So this is pretty much it. I think I’ve showed you pretty much everything. Here is again what it looks like and The nice thing is we’ve got different options and we can even take a little siesta without having to set up the whole bed if we really want to. So I hope this was informative. Thanks for watching. Bye now!


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