• ToastytheG

    If you research the economic system of nazi germany and it's relationship/codependence with Hitler's government you will find super creepy similarities to the military industrial complex as described in this video. Food for thought, and it makes sense that eisenhower would try to warn us of such a trend in government.


    Great analysis. You cannot perpetuate a trillion-dollar a year industry without Congress constantly filling the pipeline. This isn't a partisan analysis, it's basic supply and demand. The problem is that this policy is ultimately paid in the blood of so many around the world. It's satanic economics.

  • Bob Bowen

    Defense Department, Defense Budget et al is a misnomer.  It is truly an Offense Dept., Offense Budget.  Who really benefits from this ?  Take a look at all the dual citizens in our Congress, Pentagon, State Dept et al !  THAT is a huge problem !  Speak up against those people and you are right over the target and they will respond !

  • Chino Gambino

    Revolving door should be prosecuted as bribery and legislated against. Far too many conflicts of interest allowed to fester in the defense dept. US has procured some weapon systems in the past few decades which defy reason, the cost has been like losing a war but in peace time

  • John C

    Alright, so how do we fix this? I think a first step would be to eliminate bureaucratic red tape that makes it near impossible for those not already in the game to enter. Any business should be free to complete for government contracts and these contracts should be given based on highest quality and lowest cost. The use of our military abroad should be restricted to only cases where there is an official declaration of war by Congress. Also, this declaration should be restricted to only cases in which 1) the U.S. is attacked, 2) another nation is invaded AND they seek our assistance in repealing said invader, and 3) another nation is outright murdering their own people in genocide. During peacetime, our military should be reduced to a small active reserve that maintains the skills necessary to mobilize for war. Only with a declaration of war should defense spending be allowed to increase. And, at the conclusion of a war, defense spending must decrease back to a set peacetime level. Wars must have a specific objective and well-thought out strategy to achieve said objective as quickly, efficiently, effectively, and with as few civilians casualties as possible. This level of change won't happen through individual politicians who are already influenced by private firms. This would require massive public demand for change. Unfortunately, I don't see this happening any time soon. By the way, how'd we even come to this in the first place? This wasn't really an issue prior to Eisenhower, was it?

  • Jef B

    Noam Chomsky already indicated the fix. Take your country back, it`s YOURS, not theirs. Organize yourselves into LARGE protest groups. There are more of you than them. Vote for a Trump that will ACTUALLY listen to you, not one that`ll screw you over. Oh, and ensure you have a non-Democrat/non-Republican candidate in office.

  • dave ryan

    Ike was full of shit. It made for a good speech. Now who can explain the Civil War. The South had no industry,or very little. Explain Napoleon,there was no industry. Let's see,the 100 year war,nada bit of industry. Pharaoh nothing. Rome ,nothing. So we have wars because of the evil in the hearts of men and the devils influence over them. Simplistic bullshit theories sound nice and attract fools looking for an easy answer.

  • policeman198705

    This is commonly referred to as running a business. If you're a weapons company; what do you want to have happen? Do you want to have the U.S. Government invest in the safety of America? Of course you'll gain a profit on it! Do you think Walmart makes their billions by selling carpet and mattresses? No! They sell ordinary house hold products, because that is what retailers sell. When green energy companies are contracted by the government, do liberal professors complain? No! Because it's THEIR agenda being fulfilled, rather than what they hate! But, make no mistake; if oil companies get contracted by the government, everyone freaks out! Like it's the end of the world!

    There is nothing wrong with the way the military runs. The reason we are able to deter the many enemies we have from attacking us at home, rather than fighting them abroad as we do. This is only the case, if we choose to strengthen our military and fund them accordingly. Without them, we aren't free anymore!

  • meatrealwishes

    Military industrial complex is much older than the US. Super power kind of countries have always been at wars and it is not just for expanding, but also resources which still is one of the reasons behind the current day invasions. No such country throughout the centuries wanted to feed soldiers for free, but they are protection against invasions which generally don’t happen all the time. So what to do with these soldiers? Send them to wars.

    Also almost every government official fears the national military because of their aggressive nature, vast size and for being trained killers. It is not feasible to reject what they want. If they want wars he has to say yes to it. Even in the US, if a president goes against DOD he risks getting replaced by the military which then will rule using marshal laws. It is extremely tough to take back power from a military government.

    Military of a country can stoop extremely low to maintain its power. They are notorious for creating artificial plots, divisions, diplomatic problems and controlling what normal citizens can know. I myself believe mainstream Islam is violent. However, I came across the fact that no reform in that religion will ever bring peace to Middle East. Wars in that region are simply “traditions” much older than Islam.

  • Future DevilDog99

    I think this is true unfortunately. And at the same time, it gives the military a bad name. I can already see the left wing professors who have a poster of Che Guavara on their wall screaming to their millennial students: "OIL!!! THEY ONLY WANT YOUR SERVICE FOR OIL!!!!!". When war has a whole different side than industrial business. I joined the US Marines to fight any asshole who thinks it is ok to rape people's freedoms. Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, Korea. Grenada, Panama, Iraq and Afghanistan. Americans always fight for those who can't. Can't wait to be a Marine.

  • David Tubb

    Too bad the corporate military industrial complex has become an entity unto itself outside all government control. Which means any related security clearances no matter the level within this structure are without any doubt absolutely null and void whether you're military on loan to defense companies or a civilian defense employee or a private civilian contractor. If Congress hasn't had budget approval on ALL programs using taxpayer revenue, this its misappropriated funds and security clearances on related programs / projects are inert, do not apply, so feel free to leak, your nondisclosure agreement is worthless, zero meaning, any first year attorney will agree, say the same.

  • Borni Ekellem

    I can explain all of this with one word: Corruption

    President Eisenhower was afraid of Corrution due to high military spending and nothing more.

  • John C

    Ok, great. So, the military industrial complex really isn't a good thing. But, what's the alternative? How do other nations handle defense acquisition? Last I checked, civilians have always worked in factories creating war materials. What's the difference between WWII/previous conflicts and today?

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