Fort Aguada Goa History And Timings
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Fort Aguada Goa History And Timings

What we seeing here in front its Aguada Fort
gate.Usually Opens at 8am and close at 5.30pm. from here one can see good sunset view. This fort made by portuguese in 1612 to protect
against Bristish and marathas empire. This fort also used for drinking water supply to ships and
boats passing near by. This Aguada Fort main purpose is to supply
fresh water to boats or ships. Due to
Fresh water supply that is why its fort got its name Aguada. Aguada means fresh water. This fort is one of the biggest fort for storing
water in whole asia that time. This fort is one of the prime and precious
fort for portuguese that is why they protected it and maintained it .From this fort one can see Arebian sea view. This fort is divided into two separate parts
one part acted as a fort and watering station. Lower part acted as a safety for portuguese also having secret escape path to use during time of war and emergency. Camera can not justice this view. This is natural water source storage.Here
you can see old kind of pipelines.You can get lots of entrance
to go above.You should be careful when walking here because path is too much narrow.Thank
you for watching this video about Aguada fort
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