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Fort Wayne, Indiana Firsthand – Boutiques

Fort Wayne is a city on the rise. It’s really
fun because things are always changing here. Yeah, we finally woke up. Hi, I’m Jack Ellsworth, I am the General Manager of the City Exchange shops in downtown Fort Wayne. My
name is Julie Wall, and I’m the owner of a print shop, retail space called the
Hedge. I’m Pam Michael, I’m the owner of Mercantile on Main. We’re really
enjoying a renaissance of sorts. You can find a lot of the same products a lot of
the same boutique styles that you would find in Chicago or Indy in Fort Wayne.
Downtown in general is really exciting. Used to you would not have any trouble
finding a place to park downtown, now you have to look. The City Exchange shops is kind of like an incubated mini mall that supports local business – something for
women’s, something for men, something for kids, something just to eat. I’m a printer, print maker. I print with techniques that
are hundreds of years old, and I feel like they just give my products and the
pieces that I create a really nice personal feeling. We specialize in
vintage lighting. We do all the repair work and restoration. We basically say
that we have all the vintage needs for your home. Shop, get dinner, and then go to
a concert, you can do all of that in probably a third of the cost of what you
do in Chicago, or a third of the cost of what you would do in Indy. I feel like
you could have a really well-rounded weekend to come here. We’re kind of
establishing little cultures like our foodie culture, our music culture, our art
culture. In one block there’s food, another block there’s retail, another
block there’s a concert or a park, or some kind of venue to go to. And, there’s
just so much entertainment and fun things happening right now!

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