FORTNITE IN REAL LIFE BOX FORT!! ๐Ÿ“ฆโ›Fortnite Nerf War Challenge!
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FORTNITE IN REAL LIFE BOX FORT!! ๐Ÿ“ฆโ›Fortnite Nerf War Challenge!

you got enough to start the base all
right here we go let’s put a wall here Logan right oh god
it’s coming in the base Jake get the booty bump for a top four let’s go we’re
cold for the wind today boys here we go here we go 1v1 let’s go do this Logan I
was just played for that and I was so close to a win shut off Oh what happened
the internet just went out okay what do you mean the internet just went out how
can they turn off the internet when I was so close to winning at fortnight
this is close so you telling me the Internet’s out I can’t even get back on
and play more look Jake what if we just play for a night in real life for night
real life dude maybe you’re onto something that that that would be
awesome we can’t even have that blue drink shit
potions do this is gonna be sweet we’re doing for nine really this is gonna be
awesome what’s going on guys fob Jake you’re
from tyranny and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we are
doing something that you have all been asking for and that is a 49 in real life
video that’s right guys we’re taking fortnight to the IRL we are gonna be
doing a real-life 4:9 video today guys and I’m super excited if you guys don’t
know how we’re gonna do this we’re gonna set it up like any of our other nerf
wars but we have some additions we can build as much as we want given that we
mined the resources Before we jump into that I do want to remind you guys if you
have not joined the Papa Jake family and want to join the funnest family on
YouTube then you need to click the subscribe button down below it it’s
right down there dude you’re not gonna miss it like Lily look down you’ll see
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on and we need to get started because we’re
going all in on this wait Logan what’s that look do you hear that I think it’s
the battle it’s the battle bus oh we’re going right now guys we’re going right
now we’ve got to go follow me let’s make sure really in together whoa all right I
think I see a spot down there over here I don’t think I saw anyone follow us we
should be good here let’s start mining for wood as well as look for any
resources looks like we have a blaster here and a bandage here pistol I’ll grab
the bandage so you come in handy let’s start getting some wood okay sounds good
but Jake we don’t have any cool fort night gear
oh right dude I have my spacesuit I want my spacesuit and you have your cool
ninja outfit all right hold on we need to get our key Ron I got my spacesuit on
oh it’s cool what are you have I got my camo ninja suit ready look
oh dude awesome all right we got served mining for materials so we can build up
a base if we’re gonna win this it’s Oscars a hundred other players we got
this come on I got some wood I think I got enough to
start the base all right here we go let’s put a wall here and another wall
here some side walls and let’s get a side wall over here all right house
should be enough to start we’re gonna need some supplies materials though we
only have one blaster so we add it on a little bit to the base and it’s looking
pretty great you can see here we’ve got the front wall completed as well as some
extra reinforcements around the side we even went ahead and reinforced the
inside a little bit so in case we get in the battle we can defend it easily so
the base is looking good but if we’re gonna survive and win this game we’re
gonna need more Nerf blasters I’m gonna go out and find some more resources and
see if I can find some energy potion or anything else to help us all right Jake
I’m gonna stay back here and keep working on the base all right
these some materials someone’s here hey kind of it the
shotgun over here oh dude you got him nice let’s see what
he had Chuck booty ball right sounds like a plan
let’s go alright so we just had a little bit of a close encounter did not see
that guy come up behind me when I was mining for wood but I did get a bunch of
resources and I got this brand new shotgun plus a boogie bomb and I got a
slurp so now what we need to do is build up our base and make it even stronger
the storm is closing on us there’s only 15 players okay 50 players remaining
which means we got to build up and start locking this thing down so far we don’t
have the best in terms of blasters and equipment but I think we’ll do a pretty
good job with the secure base so let’s make some upgrades with all that wood we
got all right so I’m thinking second-story here let’s put one over here okay perfect all
right looks good all right now we’d seem to defend it
looks like the whole place if we convert it into a fully working base we’ve got
Windows Liz to shoot out of extra reinforcement in case we get shot at and
I call this Ling Papa Jake’s looking whole yeah guys this thing is looking
awesome but Jake do you think we have enough resources I don’t know but I mean
we only have this as well as your blaster and I’ve still got my bandage
but I probably need to use that now all right look how will we hunker down
here for a little bit wait for the storm to close in and then we can make our
move much better
wait I think there might be some loot behind that tree and go look really
quick okay all right let’s be careful man it’s a crossbow and a great one a
crossbow Jake everyone knows that thing is the worst weapon in the game honestly
Jake why would you even think okay I mean I have never seen you ever I mean
except for once use the crossbow successfully okay I mean have you ever
played for tonight it’s probably the worst thing ever they’re building a base
Shh go get there’s people right there
building a face could you not be quiet for one second Shh do you think they saw
us I think everyone in the game heard us
all right I saw two of them ones still building I don’t know where the other
one is Logan he’s right outside he’s coming in
the base ojik Jake get the buggy bomb flowers yes sweet blaster and a push oh
this might come in handy let’s grab this oh you got me the head though Wasel my
blue shit you think I’ve got that shield potion Jake I think we have a bigger
problem guy from the other vase is shooting us okay just give me a second Jake hurry up we don’t have much time
I’m trying dude they make it look a lot easier to drink this in the game I’m not
even thirsty right now we’re gonna have an idea but it’s a little crazy all
right I’m gonna need you to cover me Jake what is it Logan I’m gonna use the
bush you’re gonna use the bush I’m gonna sneak up behind him while you distract
him and take him out he won’t even know I’m coming I’ll be well the bush all
right here I go there we go I’m a bush oh he’ll never see me coming
all right keep firing at him I’m going out I can do this let me just practice bush
oh yeah I got this bush movin in like a push push
hey big guy over here we still okay I’m a boss dude just push off me I like
being a bush alright guys so we just took out that enemy that was trying to
infiltrate our base yo I think we good I was pretty good I think this is where
the video is gonna end but the game is not over there is still 20 players for
me 28 players remaining okay all right oh we got this we can do this yeah we’re
getting down to the final 10 and then we got to get that win but guys if you want
this series to continue if you want real life for tonight to continue we need
your help we want to try and crush 50,000 likes on this video if you guys
want us to do the next part of this smack the like button down below share
this video with all of your friends and let’s crush 50,000 likes for another
fortnight in real life but guys this has been Papa Jake make sure to subscribe to
my channel for the funnest videos on YouTube and I’ll see you guys next time
for another awesome video you


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