Fortnite World Cup Finals – The Road Traveled
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Fortnite World Cup Finals – The Road Traveled

Since April, Fortnite players from around the world have been competing
for a seat on the World Cup finals stage. And now, after ten weeks of qualifiers… 12 million dollars already won, in the most participated tournament ever. It’s finally time to crown our duos and solo champions. Welcome to the Fortnite World Cup finals! On July 27th and 28th… qualifying competitors will head to the legendary… Arthur Ashe stadium in New York city. To fight for their share of a 30 million dollar prize pool. On Saturday, 50 duos will compete in 6 games. Earn points based on their placement and eliminations in each. And when its all said and done,
one pair will be crowned the first ever… Duos champions! They’ll take home two coveted World Cup trophies. And 3 million dollars to split between them. Just think of how many Durr Burgers they could buy! And then on Sunday, the 100 best solo Fortnite players in the world will compete in the solos finals. Just like Duos, the solo competitors will play 6 games. Earning points in each match, in the hopes of taking the top spot on the final leaderboard. When the games come to an end, we’ll tally the points of all 6 matches. And crown the first ever, Fortnite World Cup solo champion. They’ll take home the title, the trophy, and their own $3 million prize. Making it to the finals is a huge achievement. And everyone that’s made it this far will win life changing money. These are the best players in the world fighting for the honor of being crowned the first ever Fortnite World Cup Champion You don’t wanna miss it. Watch In-Game &


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