Found Underground Tunnels Beneath Abandoned Fort
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Found Underground Tunnels Beneath Abandoned Fort

Welcome to the abandoned military city of Bernard Four thousand people used to live here Now one thousand do…. after an outbreak of plague back in 2003. We just rocked up and some guys just walked straight in. So I don’t think there’s going to be any problems at all here. Come on Lloydy. Chin up mate! Negative Nigel over here. Listen Norton right… When you have been through as much shit as I have, Through childhood. You know not to take shit like this for granted. Alright? What do you mean? You’ve been tampered with? That car is definitely nicked. Look… Filling fucking trailer full of scrap. It’s a military base this. Is it fuck. It was a fort. Was it actually? Yeah. The road it is actually on is called Fort Road or some shit. Sup John? I’m just having a piss. This place is proper graffed up to fuck. Is it like cool graffiti? Is it bollocks! Johnny has given me the responsibility to change his battery, While he goes and pisses. Fucking hell this is graffed up isn’t it? No you can piss off! Can you catch love? Ahh what this is just like… This is like er… This is good graffiti? Shut up! Corridor. Fucking hell. Oh that is… I’m going to take a picture like that. God don’t. So apparently this was a military base, but… … I think Lloydy’s full of shit! Who is a weird bitch? See it where those brown vines are? That’s not a bridge that’s a tunnel you twat. That’s what I said. Does that mean it’s mine? Absolute dog’s bollocks! *Gasp* *Gasp* *Gasp* *Gasp* It’s the Bidets. They are Bidets. See I’m getting good, aren’t I? They’re right poss army bastards here. All got Bidets. Good day! Probably should have gone right to the top. Have you seen that giant triangle there? Made out of trees. It’s the Illuminati Lloydy. They’ve come for us. It’s not a triangle it’s a cross look. That’s where they used to put witches. Someone’s put hooks in the ground so they can abseil down the side of the building. Wouldn’t fucking abseil down that. Oh shit. Look, it’s a brown man. Oh yeah. Someone’s had a fire up here. That is cool. Look how big it is. Holy shit. Goes all the way around there. Fucking like, look at the size of the bricks they built it out of. Yeah it took them 400 years. It’s like pussy bricks isn’t it? These stairs are made of wood. You wouldn’t have thought you needed rain so fucking badly. Not in fucking England! Fucking hell Lloydy you’re off your fucking tits! That’s what it reminded me of. Yeah it does a little bit. This is the first building out of the way. This place is absolutely huge. It’s mega! I thought it was only two buildings but it goes like… not miles but, maybe kilometers. Oh shit. Cool place. Such a cool spot. I bet it’s a room. WOW! We are in IKS territory here boys. I think we actually are. In IKS territory, It goes down, and down, and down… Are you serious? Norton. Get my light out for me because I can’t see anything. God it’s freezing down here. Is that a door? It does go underground. Fucking hell, I nearly went through that. What’s that? It’s a sacred hatch. What the fuck? Ohh… I thought we would like, I thought we had stumbled across a tunnel network. I thought we had as well. That’s air supply isn’t it? Look at this fucking place. Why does it say Paris Hilton is a slut? Because Paris Hilton is a slut. Sorry Paris I know you watch our videos but… The truth is the truth. If it’s written on a wall. This one looks really old. This one looks haunted. Looks like a prison. This must be one of the oldest buildings. Yeah because it’s all archways and shit. It’s like cobbled road… Have we just gone straight underneath it? There’s more buildings. There’s more buildings. Holy shit. There’s way more buildings. Look over there. And there. Why is it weird? I just said so it that alright? You’re weird. There’s a cubby hole. What…? Oh right, I thought these… Are these cells? Is it another corridor? This is like a fucking prison. It’s like a fort this. Look at, have you seen up there? Look it’s like a fucking prison. Holy shit. Wh, wh, wh, I don’t know which way to go. What the fuck is that? Al chuck me your, get me your shoe off and chuck it down. There are a load of BB pellets on the floor. Lloydy that is fuck all look at this shit. Lloydy I need your camera skills. I need your magic camera to look up there. It’s just, there’s just a thingy. A chimney? No, look you can see it. Planks of wood. These doors! Look a these! This is kind of how I imagine Alcatraz to be. Like wow, what the fuck? Wow. This is like proper, look… It looks medieval. Oh my god…! This is huge! That is the longest corridor I have ever seen in my whole life. And I once saw the worlds longest corridor. What goes up must come down. These stairs are so fucking cool. This is, this is… ART ATTACK! This is the connecting part between that building… and that building over there. Oh shit. Norton. We going up? Yeah keeping going high. You alright there? Yeah just need to take the bag off that’s all. Really? Why? It’s bigger than what I am used to. Oh yeah that’s what she said. Breaking a sweat. Oh is that the bit you were looking at? Stick your head out Norton. Look at the door. These down here do actually look like cells. Oh hang on a minute. Is this like another building it’s connected to? So it’s like a U shape. I think so yeah. They call it the err, The Big “U”. Bigyou? Fuck me. It’s really enormous this place. Could do a sponsored walk around here. We going up to the top? Dirty bastard. Sorry. Charlene. This place has definitely been on fire. That’s for sure. No. That’s that paint technique from Batley. Ahh the Batley burn style. And that was the abandoned… Military… Have you not done that one? City of death. No I never did it. So, we’re basically at the next place and you are wrapping up the previous video. Yes. Alright. Thank you for watching. And gute Nacht. Bon oui. Gute Nacht. Tschüss. Ciao. Bye. Subscribe.


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