Four Wheel Campers 2019
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Four Wheel Campers 2019

In a warehouse tucked in Woodland. 95 employees, in more than a dozen positions,
build and assemble pop-up campers. It’s so hard to find people around Woodland
in general. Kelly Long of Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers is
always looking to hire qualified candidates. There are a lot of times people will come
in because they see our signs out front that says ‘Now Hiring’. They are still in their pajamas. We usually interview on the spot, so they’re
not ready for it. So, with Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers in need
of recruitment assistance, they were referred to the Employment Development Department for
specialized services. They received help from the EDD’s Business
Service Team that provided CalJOBS technical assistance training, which created a job order
within the system and identified a large number of job seekers immediately. Paul Hernandez, an employment program representative
with EDD, says a lot of employers don’t even know EDD offers so many programs and
services to small businesses like Four Wheel. It was really cool. They were extremely excited about it. They had some issues finding applicants. They had posted on Craig’s List, and didn’t
really have any luck. So being able to show them thousands of applicants within a certain
radius of their office, they were pretty happy about that. And so was Kelly. Having EDD to be there to help, makes my life
a lot easier in this place. I think it’s a great idea that EDD does
that, because it is very difficult to find people. EDD doesn’t provide help to just employers,
but job seekers, too. Within this office we provide job coaching
where an individual can come in. We’ll review their resume. We also provide mock interviews. We can prepare
them for interviews especially if they have been with an employer for a long time, and
they were laid off or terminated. It can be pretty tough. Kelly and Four Wheel know how challenging
it can be to find the right match. But after the help they received from EDD, they have
filled job vacancies within the office. To have the upper hand and to have the resources
available to you, makes your life easier just to find a position, because right now it’s
so difficult. There are so many jobs out there, but a lot
of people don’t know how to get to them.

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