Fourth Annual Picnic | Johns Hopkins Center for Fetal Therapy
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Fourth Annual Picnic | Johns Hopkins Center for Fetal Therapy

>>Today is our 4th annual family picnic for the Center for Fetal Therapy and it’s really a wonderful opportunity to see our families now that they have moved beyond the time
where they were so stressed and dealing with the challenges that they had in that current pregnancy and for us, it just really reminds us that there is always so much hope.>>We got referred to
the Fetal Therapy Center at what, 20 weeks for TTS. They, throughout the whole process, made us feel extremely reassured. We probably would not be where
we are today without them.>>The whole team works very
intensively with the families and it’s really nice to have a moment where you step away and you
see what that means to people so that’s really the most rewarding thing.>>Yeah.
>>I wanna thank him for making me not feel like the doctor. We were at another local hospital and I felt like I had
to do all the research and got to Hopkins with Dr. Baschat, I knew that he is the expert
and I could just put it down.>>We were pregnant and
found out they had a problem of one twin was taking
everything from the other. It’s just beautiful that they were able to be saved because we came here. They saved our family.>>Our son, Benjy, was
diagnosed with spina bifida week 20 into the pregnancy
and the great doctors in the Fetal Medicine
Center went in prenatally and did some work on his back and here’s Mr. Benjamin. (laughing)>>It’s fantastic to
just see people outside of that window where they were struggling and life was hard and to see them on the other side of things, it’s amazing.>>Ahmet: I just love these people. I love these families and I love them to come back as long as they can. (soft music) (cheering)

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