French Food Picnic | Ep. 11 | Anthony Eats America
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French Food Picnic | Ep. 11 | Anthony Eats America

Vanessa: This is an apple pie. Anthony: Okay, hold on. Tarte de plume. Vanessa: No, that would be feather pie, and you would not want to eat that. Tarte aux pommes. Anthony: Oh, tarte aux pommes! Pommes. (upbeat music) I’m Anthony Anderson, and I’m on a mission to find the best home cooks in America. (upbeat music) (children chanting) We are in Chicago, baby,
and instead of pizza, hotdogs with no catsup, and Italian beef, I’m going to have a French
picnic with the woman behind the popular Chefdruck food blog, Vanessa Drunkman. (buzzer buzzes) It is Drunkman, right? Dark haired man: “Druck”. Anthony: Druckman! Dark haired man: But it’s fine; it’s fine. Anthony: Vanessa Druckman,
and her baby Jojo. (buzzer buzzes) Voiceman: Juju. Anthony: IT’S JUJU? Oh, let’s do it again. Okay, okay, okay. With Vanessa Druckman and her baby Juju. (French music) This is a bit different. Vanessa: Yeah? Anthony: A bit different. Our first picnic on Anthony Eats America. All this is stuff that
you made at home for us? Vanessa: That’s right. I made it today. Anthony: You also have a blog? Vanessa: I do. My blog is Chefdruck: French. Foodie. Mom. It’s something I started a
little bit after Juju was born. I have four kids now;
no one listens to me. But on my blog, I can finish my sentences and talk about my food. Anthony: Why is your blog so popular? I hear you get over 10,000 hits per month. Vanessa: I think, when
people hear about my blog, they think it’s going to be
sort of snobby French food, and they realize, once
they come, that I’m just trying to make French food for families. Anthony: You’re born in France? Vanessa: Uh-huh. My dad is American. They really wanted us to
experience both cultures, so I moved here when I was 10. Anthony: How often do you guys get to go back as a family? Vanessa: We try to go once a year. I’ve worked hard to make my kids be snobs, so when we get a croissant, they say, “Oh, this is not like in Paris.” Anthony: Right, right. Since you brought a chocolate cake, let’s try some of this stuff right here. Vanessa: What part of the
heart do you want to cut? Anthony: I want the sweetest part. Anthony: I want the sweetest part. Vanessa: I should cut
a heart in the middle Anthony: Cut it right in the middle. Right in the middle. Vanessa: I’m not going to do that. Anthony: No, just cut a piece of it. It looks delicious. Vanessa: Do you want a piece, too? Anthony: This is more of a fudge? Vanessa: Yes. In French, it’s a moelleaux au chocolat. What this means, kind of like a mushy chocolate cake, but it
sounds better in French. Anthony: Uhm, very rich and decadent. Now, is Juju your nickname or is Juju: Nickname. Anthony: Let me try to figure
out what your real name is. Juliette? Really? Vanessa: He got it on the first try? (Anthony laughs) This is a French sort of
apple pie, tarte aux pommes. I love my butter crust. I make them at home. You could taste the butter? Anthony: All I taste is butter. Vanessa: That’s right. Anthony: That’s what
makes it so delicious. You have to say “speed”. Through the camera, say “speed”. (Juju laughs) No? Okay. Vanessa: This is a French answer to America’s tuna salad, salad nicoise. Anthony: Salad nicoise? Vanessa: It’s a composite salad. You parboil your green
beans and your potatoes. I like the eggs to be just hard boiled. Then I did a little
vinaigrette; a little mustard, a lot of olive oil, a
little white wine vinegar, lemon, and salt and pepper. Anthony: Uhm. Juju, are we ready for
the quiche Lorraine? Why is that quiche Lorraine called quiche Lorraine
and not quiche Lucy? Vanessa: It’s from the
region of Lorraine in France. Anthony: Oh, Lorraine? What’s so special about
the region of Lorraine? Vanessa: They invented quiche Lorraine. Straight in the middle. Anthony: Get in the- Vanessa: What do you think? Anthony: Uhm; uhm. The smokiness of this bacon and the buttery-ness of this crust – uhm! Vanessa: That’s what’s
special about Lorraine. Anthony: Say, “Thank you for
watching Anthony Eats America.” Juju: Thank you for watching
Anthony Eats America. Anthony: I’m Juju. Juju: I’m Juju. Anthony: This is my mom. Juju: My mom. Anthony: And that’s Anthony. Juju: That’s Anthony. Anthony: See you soon! Juju: See you soon. Anthony: Come on, group hug. Vanessa: Group hug. Anthony: Group hug! Come on, Juju! (Anthony growls) Juju: Take five. Anthony: Through the
teeth and over the gum, watch out, stomach, here it comes! (Juju laughs) Anthony: AAAHHHH!


  • CuteCatFaith

    French picnics are really special and are generally super modest, easy.  I look forward to our vacations here in France each year (six weeks paid time off!) and enjoy surprising my uptight Parisian spouse with a neat, compact picnic for the train or automobile.  Easy to carry, no refrigeration needed, good for hours, with useful napkins and fresh water plus wine if you drink, and even cold sweet coffee for after, with the cheese and some fresh fruit, bits of bread.  Everything is tidy and everyone is refreshed.  A real money saver, and I've been a brown-bagger for eons, starting in the States, then Italy.  I've found that little quiches for picnics are just about the only time the French eat quiche.  Really — otherwise, it's tourist food.  🙂

  • Tony Nelson

    Il a l'air vraiment sympa ce type, ça change des rôles dans lequel je l'ai  vu ou il interprète un caïd de gang afro-américain.

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