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Ok, I wish I had a cake. Hoho! Wow! Tea and cake. He, he, hey. Look at this, what is it? He, he, it’s a cake. Hey, stamp your feet and say with me. It’s a cake. It’s a cake, come on! It’s a cake. Once more. It’s a cake. Ho, hou. Delicious. Cake and tea… Ou! Where’s my tea? Maggie! I’ve had enough. Why? I don’t believe it. Maggie, you have taken everything. You naughty, naughty bird. Hey Steve, look out. Your cake is running away. It’s running away. Don’t be silly Maggie, cakes can’t run
aWAY! OU! Look, my cake is running away. Yeah. Oh! I am sorry Maggie. It wasn’t you, it was the ants. Oh look, there’s my sandwich. And my biscuit. My tea. Maggie help me catch my picnic… It’s Steve and Maggie. Thanks Maggie. What a fantastic picnic. Yeah. Cucumber, Sandwiches, Tomatoes, salad, apples
and bananas. Oh, hey. Hello boys and girls. Hello. We are having a picnic. Yeah. Oh, look. We’ve got something special. Nice, big cake. Yummy. Yummy. Oh, hey. What’s happening? The weather’s changing. Really? Oh no. You are right Maggie. Look, the weather is changing. Yeah. What’s the weather like? Cloudy. Yeah. It’s cloudy. What’s the weather like? It’s cloudy. It’s cloudy, it’s cloudy, cloudy, cloudy. What’s the weather like? It’s cloudy, it’s cloudy, it’s cloudy,
cloudy, cloudy. Oh Maggie. This isn’t good weather for a picnic. No. Oh no. And now it’s raining. Oh Maggie, what should we do? Hmmm, oh, turn for Maggie magic. Oh look, a magic door. And it’s not raining in there. Come on Maggie, let’s go. Coming. And bring the picnic. OK. Oh, pff, wow, it’s hot here. What’s the weather like? Well. It’s not raining and it’s not cloudy. No. But it is very hot. Pfff, it’s too hot here for a picnic. Come on Maggie, we have to go. We need some more Maggie magic. Yeah, great, another door. Come on then. Yeeee, ohhh. Oh no, dear. This isn’t a good weather for a picnic,
is it. No. It’s cold here. It’s too cold here for a picnic. Oh Maggie, what shall we do? Let’s try another door with a Maggie magic. Come on, let’s go. Yeah. Oh no. Where am I? Can you see me, boys and girls? Oh dear, it’s foggy here. Hey, say with me, what’s the weather like? It’s foggy, it’s foggy, it’s foggy,
foggy, foggy. What’s the weather like? It’s foggy, it’s foggy, it’s foggy,
foggy, foggy. Hey Steve, what’s the weather like? Oh Maggie, it’s foggy. Oh no, I can’t see you. Where are you? Oh no. Oh Steve, are you OK? Oh no. Hey, look the weather is changing. It’s sunny. Haha. Perfect weather for
a picnic. Wow, haha. Yes Maggie. But we haven’t got a picnic anymore. O ou. Dear. Bye bye boys and girls, see you next time. Bye bye. It’s Steve and Maggie. Hmmmm. I don’t like soup. Delicious. Hmmmm. Maggie, eat your soup. You’ll be hungry later when I am not here. Remember, I am going camping this weekend. Oh, hey. Hello boys and girls. Hello! I am eating a delicious soup. Maggie doesn’t like soup. No. No! Hey, do you like soup? I do. If you like soup, say with me. I like soup. Hmmmm. Delicious. Finished. Oh Maggie, eat your soup. No! Oh dear. Right, I am going camping and I need to get
a little picnic ready. Bye bye Maggie, I’ll see you later. Bye! Hmmmm. I don’t like soup. And I am hungry. Hey, what’s Steve doing in the kitchen? Let’s see. Hey, I am going fishing on my camping trip,
but if I don’t catch any fish… Hey, I’ve got, oh, a sandwich. Yeah! Maggie likes sandwiches and I like sandwiches. Hey, do you like sandwiches? Yeah! Then make a happy face and say with me, I
like sandwiches. Great! Ok. I’ll put the sandwich in my picnic basket. But one sandwich won’t be enough. I might still be hungry. Oh, I know, I’ve got some chicken in the
fridge. Hahah. Oh, wow! A sandwich. I like sandwiches. Yeah! Haha. Chicken. Oh, but I can’t eat whole chicken. No. I’ll just take this chicken leg. Hey, I’m going to put it in my picnic basket. Right. I’ve got everything ready. It’s time to go. I’ll see you there. Ok. Let’s go. Oh, chicken. Yumm. Oh, where are all the fish? Oh… Oh no. It’s getting late… and I’m hungry…
and a little bored. I wish Maggie was here. Oh, oh I’ve caught a fish. I’ve caught a fish. Oh great. I’ve got a fish for dinner. AAh. Oh, hey. Hello. Look! Look! It’s a fish. Oh. I like fish. It’s delicious. Do you like fish? Yeah? If you do, make a happy face and say, I like
fish. And again, I like fish. Last time. I like fish. Great! Oh, my fish is nearly done. Oh no! My fish. Oh, I don’t like that fish. Oh dear. But hey! I’ve got my picnic. Oh, where’s my picnic basket? Oh, there it is. Oh, I am lucky that I’ve got my picnic. Oh, that chicken and a delicious sandwich. (Grunt, grunt). Hey, what’s that noise? Oh, doesn’t matter, because I am really
hungry. Where’s that chicken? Mmmm, I like chicken. Oh, aaaaa. HEY! That’s not a chicken leg, that’s Maggie’s
leg. Ooh. Ah. Hey. Maggie, is it really you? Yeah! But where am I? Oh hey. Did you eat my chicken? Yes, sorry. And my sandwich? Yes, sorry Steve. Oh Maggie. I am really really hungry. Oh dear. Hey, I can help Steve with some Maggie magic. Hey Steve, would you like some fish and chips? Fish and chips? Yeah! Abracadabra! Haha. Wow! Hey! Fish and chips. Haha. Thank you Maggie. Hey, I like chips. Do you like chips? Yeah! So make a happy face and say with me. I like chips. And again. I like chips. One more time, I like chips. Oh, delicious. Hey! See you next time boys and girls. Bye bye. Bye for now. Bye bye. See you. Heyyyy. Hey. Did you like that? Yeah? Then please like it, if you love it, you can
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