G.R.L. – Vacation (Dance Tutorial) | Mandy Jiroux
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G.R.L. – Vacation (Dance Tutorial) | Mandy Jiroux

Hey guys, it’s Mandy So the next dance tutorial I’m about to teach is “Vacation” by G.R.L. So me and Jessie and Melinda are gonna break it down for you guys So let’s get started We’re gonna start with 4 runs and then jumping together on the 5th run So we go right, left, right, left, jump together and your right hand does the “I love you”
sign and then you nod So let’s try that, 5, 6, 7, 8 We go right, left, right, left, together, head The next 8 count, we’re gonna open-close
our legs, so it goes open-close, open-close, open-close, 4, and 5, 6, 7, 8 Now adding the arms, we go and cross, and open, and cross, and down Now the next part of the 8, you’re gonna circle your right arm around to snap So we go and open, open, open, snap Now moving on, we’re gonna step on our
right, left, right, together And when we do right, left, right, together Our arms are going right, and right, and right, and right Moving on, we step on our left snaking Snake, and throw, ball change, and throw Now moving on, we’re stepping on our
right and making our hips go to the right So we just did snake, throw, ball change, throw and step on your right Now step front and then hit again,
and your left hand comes up So we just did to the right Up, down, step again And then you step back, up, down And both times your left hand is on your head So let’s try that from the snake, throw,
ball change, throw We step on our hip, step, up, down And step, and step, up, down Moving on, we circle around and hair, circle And then the next part of the 8 is you put your hands behind your head and you’re going twist, down, down, down, step, point And that’s the end! Let’s try it with music


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