Galarian Weezing, Linoone’s Regional Evolution, Morpeko – Pokemon Sword and Shield

Good morning there’s new Pokemon trailer *Intro Plays*
I really don’t understand Nintendo’s why they love dropped knees at 9:00 a.m.
that’s fine because right now we’re gonna be taking a look at the brand new
Pokemon sword and shield trailer both the English version and the Japanese
version since the Japanese version is a minute longer and a lot cooler by the
way we’re still doing a giveaway for Pokemon sword and shield and a Nintendo
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of the video for more info let’s change our playback speed to a quarter so we
don’t get copyright flag from the Pokemon company thanks Pokemon and this
trailer was very strange we learned about some things we learned about new
concepts we learned about new people Oh also all the recent leaks talking about
this trailer are completely off we’re not gonna look at those however the
original leak is still more accurate so we’re gonna take a look at that after
first things first we see a whole bunch of people at the very beginning stuff
that we’ve already seen before Giganta Max and yeah that’s super cool our Ghost
gym leader again here we go galore informs the same ideas all olan
forms these are native to the galore region there are two revealed in this
trailer there’s wheezing that for some reason
now has green sludge and it’s a mustache on the main one and a full beard and
eyebrows on the other one and then it also has giant smokestacks a lowland
muck was brought to a lola to help with the garbage problem and then they became
even more toxic so went from poison a poisoned dark I’m interested in seeing
the story here for a lowland wheezing also a new Pokemon for Jessie and James
to have glory and wheezing is poison fairy its abilities are levitate and
question mark so there’s a new ability that they’re not willing to disclose yet
also poison fairy wheat to ground steel psychic takes half from grass dark fairy
quarter to fighting a bug immune to dragon oh but then it has levitate it’s
not we two grounds you cancel that out so it’s just weak to
stealing psychic so that’s pretty neat it’s also the first poison fairy-type
ever in existence and then we’re treated to this now Galler is based off of
Ireland and England and later in the trailer we’re gonna see the new rivals
their team yell that’s confirmed they’re designed off of British punk culture and
British Punk fashion derivative of the 1980s this Zigzagoon is black and white
if you look at its eyes it has like little star shapes on there and it’s
bluffing glory and Zigzagoon it’s dark normal pickup and gluttony those are the
same abilities that it’s always had except now it’s dark and normal so it
now has that four times a week to fighting but it’s also weak to bug and
Fairy does not have a lot of resistances immune to psychic and ghost and then of
course the Zigzagoon evolves until the noon the glory in the noon who same
design black and white stars on its eyes same abilities normal dark but then
here’s the weird part let’s make Linoone of all a pokemon that
has not had a secondary evolution since it was introduced in second generation
gold and silver now it’s gonna blam become bipedal stand on two legs it
looks like it’s wearing a fur outfit obsticle reckless and guts reckless
increases the power of moves that cause recoil and guts when a pokémon with
disability has a status condition its attack is increased by 50% it’s just
weird that we’re getting a second generation with a regional evolution I’m
not mad at it it’s gonna make the Guillard pokedex look all weird you know
how when you’re putting down your national dex which doesn’t exist anymore
how you know nowhere near magmar you have mag Mordor same thing with this oh
I wonder how it’s going to evolve they probably want you to have it in-game so
it wouldn’t be a trading thing which that’s the reason mag Mordor evolved
because it held an item Allah was traded I don’t know maybe it evolves in a
certain area at a punk rock show a forum changing
Pokemon discovered in Galler it’s a Pikachu clone what is this what is that
with a single tooth this is a lazier Pichu oh and it’s fighting a mimic you
how appropriate more pecco or more picot this is it’s full belly mode it’s
electric and dark and has an ability called hunger switch more picot
constantly generates electricity with the sax and it’s cheeks just like
Pikachu this consumes energy causing more Pico to be constantly hungry this
is why more Pecos always carrying around berries seeds protecting them with care
they serve as a snack its ability hunger switch is a new ability introduced in
these titles this ability causes more Pico to change its appearance each turn
signature move or a wheel changes type depending on more pecos form in a full
belly mode it’s an electric type in hangry mode it’s a dark type ha so it’s
electric dark I guess kind of spoilery because we already learned about it’s
it’s hangry form which becomes purple and hangry like me when I don’t eat I
become purple and hangry more Pico hangry mode aura will move changes from
electric to dark type that’s cool so think of like
darm antion except instead of when your HP falls it becomes Zen mode every
single turn it’s gonna change from happy to angry this is also the first ever
electric dark pokemon it has for weaknesses fighting ground bug and fairy
resistant to flying ghost steel electric dark and immune to psychic that’s pretty
cool is there a definition on why it looks
like Pikachu just talks about change in forms not about why it looks like
Pikachu like mimic you has a good back story it
really does I didn’t know what this thing’s excuse is gonna be complete with
new rivals hey look it’s grandma grandma looks
upset bead or Biddy oh she has she has a bracelet so she’s a serious trainer oh
it’s little psychic jelly thing oh and check
out this British punk rock girl Marni yeah she looks super serious and here’s
the bad guys it’s team yel British punk rockers meet soccer fans football fans
Marnie’s wild fans team yell what kind of horn is that you know what make this
horn sound better split it in half and then put spikes on it I really do like
the matchup screen animation and then it cuts to the full screen of that what
type of pokeballs was he holding and throwing yeah that looks like an S ball
okay yeah definitely an S ball I mean the pokéballs are super detailed now I
like that okay this is the badou just chilling on that counter job notice how
this time they decided to cut it away before you saw the ball opening
animation that’s the English trailer there’s also a Japanese trailer which
has some different locales and different ways which has some different locales
and different ways to introduce these characters much more cinematic it starts
off with Grandma then you’re in the mind we see the text boxes which looks super
clean I love that text box style I wish they made up wider and held more than
you know five words on screen oh we see a fight in the desert wild man’s area
character models look really nice let’s have two of the exact same model next to
each other that makes sense and that’s how they introduce Zigzagoon which fits
a lot better automatically the Japanese trailer is always better and then we
CBDs little thing right there and then we get introduced to what it’s little
thing is oh that’s a neat shot maybe at some Museum or just like a part of a big
industrial building that giant statue behind her his game is looking better
and better every time they show it off it really is except for the atmosphere
when you compare this to what we had a look
phenomenal but they could do a little bit better granted no one’s staring at
the background during these Pokemon fights will get introduced to hangry
hangry Pikachu and then we see this shot right here
which is of a bookstore except there’s who dude on it as their logo which is
neat so maybe hoodoo confirmed we see Lapras
which that we’ve talked extensively as far as a gigantic max form of laparis
with music notes on it but this looks like a Lapras shipping company that
makes sense there’s a shipping container here this is a train station as we can
see by the train station logo the the little train tracks right there or if
they sell ladders one of the two but I’m gonna go with train now this is a
feature that I don’t know exactly what it is but this is something that they’re
showing off and that has different logos here of different companies we could see
the who Duke bookstore we can see laparis shipping we can see the train
tracks what looks to be some sort of garage or repair center possibly a
cooking store and I don’t know grass apparently we’re gonna have an option to
have something to do with these companies and then our Pokemon we’re
going to send out we just talked about that golurk walking animation and lack
thereof now you chose the train tracks they all went away they all came back
all of Golic walked this time nice and then I don’t know what that means in
Japanese but apparently there’s those two Pokemon did something the golurk and
the Diglett I don’t know if this is gonna be similar to how it was with the
pokey pail ago when you got your Pokemon to go hunt for items or a leveling up
one of the two apparently there’s gonna be a new feature that involves sending
your Pokemon away and then they come back for something which is pretty neat
pretty neat wild Zigzagoon pops out from the grass we see a desert shot with a
bravery in it we see why part right here and then that’s how they introduce a
lowland wheezing you just run up to it which is so much cooler oh hey look
there is now small grass that was not there in the e3 demo but now we have
small grass nice it definitely needed small grass they really need to update
this grass texture or have a lot more small grass there it is
Volare and wheezing and then we see wheezing do explosion or self destruct
one of the two Oh God that animation that looks so nice so
nice and then the trailer ends with Lu noon evolving to become bipedal into a
British rocker I think it’s funny how little it goes
from Zigzagoon till the noon it’s just slightly stretched out and it’s and then
this one is like let’s just change everything about it well I know who I
know who’s gonna be a big fan of this Pokemon start a community of people who
wear giant fur suits and then back to the title screen and then after the
title screen they go into information about the double pack digital bonus of
the pokeballs some cool stuff that Japan gets that we don’t and yeah quite a lot
to take in but we’re not quite through yet okay so here is the compilation of
leaks that we’ve taken a look at several times and now we can update it so if you
see there’s a few more details especially here at the top that are now
confirmed this goes back to May 23rd and more things are being confirmed your
rivals name is hop that’s been confirmed but now you’ll also be facing against B
– Marnie they were just announced team yel is the gang in the game we’ve heard
that we’re in well-meaning fans of Marnie causing trouble fantastic now
this is something I want to point out a little bit some Pokemon like far fetch
will get regional evolutions sir fetched mouth looks like a spiky ball of gray
fur regional evolutions are confirmed for Lola that were regional forms but no
regional evolutions now we have regional evolutions because
in the new is the vulva into whatever the hell that
is but that’s pretty neat that regional evolutions are confirmed so that makes
the serf fetched slightly more possible I know a lot of people are really
pushing for that so good news all right guys that’s everything in the new
pokemon sword and shield trailers that’s quite a lot
we’re gonna be taking a look at some more information on their website as far
as what’s going on with pokemon sword and shield so just be sure to subscribe
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