Gasmate Voyager BBQ Demo, Specs & Features Reviewed
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Gasmate Voyager BBQ Demo, Specs & Features Reviewed

– Hi I’m Helen from
Tentworld in Townsville and here I am at Cape
Hillsborough just north of Mackay celebrating Australia Day,
watching the boxing kangaroos on the beach at sunrise. This was my first trip away with my new Gasmate Voyager Barbecue. It was perfect for cooking
sausages and onion for our lunch and there was plenty of room
to cook bacon, eggs, and toast for our breakfast. As you can see here it has a nice large cooking
area with a 460 by 330 which consists of a grill
and hot plate combo. The hot plate can be used as either a flat hot plate which is perfect for
cooking your veggies, eggs, and pancakes et cetera. Or you can flip it over and
use the solid grill plate which is great for cooking your steak to allow the fat to drain away while you’re cooking. This is a nice compact barbecue that packs away to only 600 mil long and 380 wide. It is only 290 mil high
and weighs only nine kilos. It comes with its own hose and regulator so that all you have to do is hook it up to your gas bottle. But for this camping trip I bought a disposable
propane bottle and adapters to save room in my car. It has a roasting hood and a thermometer which gives you more options
for cooking a variety of meals including a small roast or even a pizza. It’s very easy to light with
the rotary piezo ignition. It has 11000 BTU burner which creates a nice even consistent heat. And when you’re finished you simply wipe it down. It’s very easy to clean and has a small drip tray underneath. To find out more about our
Gasmate Voyager Barbecue or to see our complete
range of portable barbecues come on down to your
nearest Tentworld store or visit our website at (upbeat music)


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