Getting over the vacation blues
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Getting over the vacation blues

Hello. I’ve just gotten back from vacation, and I hope you have, too. or at least some nice weekend trip thing away,
and I was just thinking there must be some way that you can go back to
that amazingness, beach, warm, and keep that somehow with you as you go back to work
to get over the vacation high and go back to your daily routine without falling completely into depression So I tried a couple ideas out to see how to avoid that depression and really just maintain the glow of vacation and relaxation and wonderfulness Like getting my nails done – by me – with all of the
choices you get in a spa..give or take a few colors… By sunbathing just like you did before. Just don’t
forget to bundle up..that sky is mighty grey By enjoying the breeze, just like at the ocean.
Just like it. Woooo. Fan breeze. Breezy…. And who says beachwear has to stay at the beach? No one.
I don’t see Vogue saying it. They say nothing about it. And stick with the fruity drinks, but skip the pineapple and
just go straight for whatever you have in the fridge Anything, really. Just throw it in the blender. Upload all of your 600 photos from vacation to Facebook because everybody wants to see
every single picture. I’m sure of it. Every single picture, that’s what I’m doin. By not forgetting to
moisturize to keep your tan as long as possible Just keep slathering it on. And by enjoying the newfound rain and
gray sky. They only come 8 months out of the year! You’re luckier than you know. Think of people that have droughts. And then I remembered I still have to
catch up on 700 unread emails tomorrow… I guess if it keeps raining this much I won’t have to
use as much moisturizer…and use that money towards my next vacation!


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