Ghangad Fort Trek | Tamhini Ghat | Taila Baila | GoPro
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Ghangad Fort Trek | Tamhini Ghat | Taila Baila | GoPro

Good morning, guys, it’s 5:45 in the morning & I am going for the last trek of the year Trek to Ghangad, I am Ajinkya this is my channel AJINXed Artist I am waiting at Karve road for the bus pick-up & we’ll head towards Mulshi in 15 – 20 minutes after here. So, stay tuned I’ll see you on the road. After our breakfast at Shivsagar we went towards the Andharban starting point which is the Pimpri dam. from there we go towards Bhamburde village and then to Ekole village. All the roads leading up to Ekole are in a poor state. The small forest patch is very pleasing. At this point we take left for the ridge & the small cave. The ridge offers a vast view of the valley. A small climb from the ridge takes you to the cave. This can be a tricky place in monsoon for sure. We then head towards the top of the fort. We can see a few remains of the wall & the first entrance. Shivaji trail group has installed the metal ladder and it has made the fort easily accessible. We are of course very thankful for it. Here we see the second door of the fort which leads to what are remains of the bastion. So, guys, as you saw we made it on top of Ghangad. It’s a small fort actually it was a watch tower later converted into prison by the British. And most of it is destroyed like all forts. But… it’s still a very scenic view from the top. I’ll show you the back side of the fort now. We are going towards the back where we get to see the valley, Taila Baila fort & Sudhagad also probably so stay tuned. This is Taila Baila fort. Near the big cave we have this big piece of rock which has fallen off forming a unique structure. So we are done with the trek. This is probably the end. We’ll go down now at the big cave have our lunch & head back to Pune. It’s a very easy trek with couple of tricky patches but should be avoided during monsoon I hope you enjoyed it I’ll see you next time. Oh hey guys, thank you for watching the video. I hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button, I’ll see you next time. Bye bye.

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