‘Girls’ Lunch’ Official Sneak Peek | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

– Is this your first time in Miami? – No. I haven’t been here in like
three years, but I love Miami. – Look at the drinks. – (bleep) it, let’s rage. – I don’t know what I want to drink. – I’m gonna get Sex in the Bathroom. That reminds me of Ron. (upbeat music) – I still stink. (laughing) – Stop! – That looks so good though. I am so excited to get to know Lauren. We love Lauren, we love Mike with her. He has been going through
a lot and without her, I don’t even think he’d
be where he is right now. He’s so lucky that you
stuck around for him. – He got sober a couple times
since we’ve been back together and I helped him through it
all and the sobriety only stuck the first time he did it for himself, but then the court case started. So it was like a real (bleep) up time. – You literally saved his life, I feel. – You are literally a saint. – You are a godsend. – [Nicole] Superwoman. – [Jenni] Sent from Jesus himself. – Well he did all the hard work. I always supported him. – Right. – And I always knew he could
be the person that he is today. That’s what I say to him everyday. But it took him a long
time, like a long time, to get to where he is today,
and a lot of work on himself. – If he didn’t have you, I don’t know how his life
would have turned out. I don’t think I truly
would be friends with Mike if he ruins that relationship. If I had to choose sides,
I’m choosing Lauren. – I’m happy he has you guys too, because he values all of
your relationships with him so highly that it’s so nice
that he has you guys back and has mended the relationships. – Well, we love you. – [Lauren] Thank you. – Cheers to Mike and Lauren. – Yes, cheers! – Cheers to Mike and Lauren. – Lauren report! (upbeat music) – My friend is getting engaged today, so we want to look really nice for it. – [Woman] We have some shirts right here that are white linen. – No proposal will be complete without some shirts that are matching. This is Jersey in the house, baby. – I think I’m a medium. Do you have extra medium? – No.
– Just kidding. (upbeat music) – How are you? – [Woman] I’m good. – What’s your name? – [Woman] Naomi. – Nice to meet you. I’m Michael, nice to meet you. – [Woman] I know who you are. (laughing) (upbeat music) – We have to look uniform. – [Vinny] We look like chooches. – I feel like a big chooch
in these white outfits, but he’s my bro. – You look great. – And I will be there for
him, so I’m gonna make it hot. You can count on that. Try this on. (laughing) So I found the perfect
swimsuit for my bae. (laughing) He looks real cute right now. – Good luck. – Thank you. – Hope it goes well, hope she says yes. – Yes, thank you. – If she says no, we’ll
be back to return these.

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