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Go Vacation! | Game Review

You know what Rad? It’s been such a big year so far, I think we’ve earnt ourselves a little
break, how about we Go Vacation!? that is a great idea Goosey! I’ll start packing, You know we’ll need sunscreen and a jacket?
OH maybe both BOTH ….no it’s a Switch game WHERE’S MY PASSPORT?!? GOOSE
I thought we could review it. Go Vacation! Takes all the fun of a holiday
away and packs it into four themed resorts: Beach, City, Snow and Mountain. Each let you
freely explore, taking in the sights, interacting with other guests – all the while
searching out and activities to take part in. Essentially this is a bunch of mini games
dressed up in some light role playing elements to make the whole thing feel like a singular
experience. It’s a promising concept, and I have to say
after watching that intro trailer I was buzzing to try out all of these activities. The game
boasts over 50 mini games which can all be played solo or with up to three other players – and while
you can select these separately from the main menu, the game is designed in a way that requires
you to explore the resorts one by one to unlock them all. It feels like a bit of a bait and switch really,
I was ready for the ultimate freedom of this festival of minigames, instead starting out
with only one resort unlocked and a series of slow tutorials full of pop-up menus and dialogue
that I had no interest in! Urgh just let me out there! Yeah there is a lot of that stop start nature
which does break the flow – but once you have a few events under your belt you’ll be skipping
past it all just to get to the activities themselves – which are a mixed bag to say
the least Totally, while there’s a large and varied
array of things to do – none of them stand out as being particularly good, or even that interesting.
And i think this comes down to the simplicity of the games and their accompanying controls – most only
require one or two inputs, like steering or timing a button press, and it never feels particularly responsive
or enjoyable. There are also motion control inputs for many of the games but I avoided
that where I could… Well Goose, Go Vacation! Is actually a port
of an original Wii game from back in 2011. Back then the novelty of motion controls were
enough to sell any game – and this title took full advantage of that. It seems however
that in translating these controls to the Switch, it only goes to show how far we’ve come since
the days of waggle fest minigame collections. They were simpler times speaking of which,
the difficulty here is far too forgiving! Every event you discover has to be played
on the easiest setting first to allow you to get to grips with it. However without any challenge whatsoever,
this just highlights how laughably dull some really are You can of course return to each event and
change up the difficulty, but it was rare I really found any events fun enough to bother returning to speaking
of which, which were some of your favs? I think the versus games in particular are
the most fun here: Volleyball, Tennis, Air Hockey – these at least felt challenging
against the AI and were worth a few rounds with friends, but honestly they’re nothing we haven’t seen
before. I did also appreciate some of the wackier events, wine glass symphony anyone? Hmm I might pass. Well I have to say the one
saving grace of Go Vacation is the probably Snow Resort! All the events here take advantage of being
on a mountain side with multiple runs and interesting controls and physics. Compared to the blandness
of the other resorts this was were I spent most of my time just cruising the slopes It does have a lot more character than the
other locations, which is important in a game that wants you to just hang about and explore – highlighted
by activities like taking photos of wildlife, following side quests, taking tours, even
just sitting and enjoying a meal at a food truck it’s kind of cute and silly, but mostly its
just pointless and I caught myself thinking “what am I doing here?! Haha I did catch myself smiling at the little
moments like riding a chairlift or paddling out to catch a wave, and I enjoyed
taking things at my own pace. There are of course some RPG elements to the
game, like levels, rankings, unlockable outfits, even a Villa you can decorate and hang out
in. But ultimately these all just felt like small rewards for playing through some very underdeveloped
mini-games, even if you do get to bring your friends along for the ride. Yeah I was hoping that the multiplayer side
of things would keep me interested but the activites feel oversimplified or just
plain weird – and honestly exploring environments in co-op feels kind of silly :S If you ask me this could really have benefited
from some online multiplayer bringing the place to life! Populating resorts with real life players
all competing to top the scoreboard but Instead it just feels…kind of fake But overall Goose did
Go Vacation put you in the holiday spirit? Or are you ready to come home? Rad, I had high hopes for this game, as silly
as they sometimes are – mini game compilations can be a lot of fun, and setting them within fully
explorable holiday resorts is a novel idea. But there’s no denying the outdated look and feel of this
game – I’m packing my stuff and heading home, it gets 1.5 out of 5 rubber chickens from
me. It’s unfortunate that this isn’t a complete
overhaul, or better yet a proper sequel. though I guess if you do have
a hankering for some minigame shenanigans there’s some decent holiday fun to be found here, just don’t
expect the trip of a lifetime… I’m giving Go vacation 2 out of 5.

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