going on a picnic date (by myself..)
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going on a picnic date (by myself..)

I am so confused
wow I’m so good at knowing my own City okay so here’s the plan also can I talk
to you guys about .. this. like i’m not just gonna get away w/ this guys let’s just do a fun game which is exposing myseelf cleaning video yeah me neither
anyways wasn’t I filming a deal yeah no there’s literally a spider right there do
you guys see that?? ..why are there so many spiders in my room like I was
just trying to film and this b-tch is trying to get on my phone… well my iPod 5
cuz I have no money that money talk ….okay it’s fine I have
a pencil to kill it if it ever comes on my iPod, and insect lovers don’t listen
to this. So, let’s get into business…. again speaking business I have no money-
anyways so today’s plan. ..not today’s plan, like tomorrow’s plan but you get what
I’m saying. So if everything goes well the plan is to be eating at noon like
exactly when strikes I’m gonna be eating my sandwich you know what I mean so yeah
that’s basically the goal that means waking up at 7 a.m. to have 10 trillion
alarms to be fully woken up at 8 a.m. I love my life and so then if my
calculation is right then that means that I have a good three hours to “prep.”
and so yeah that’s pretty good to me honestly and I’m probably gonna start
like an hour before but that’s just who I am so sorry I just saw this fighter
again but yeah the problem is I have two buses to take; and so yeah I have a
prepaid card to take busses so I’m good but anyways what was I saying
oh yeah so the problem is um first of all I’m thinking gets me up the bus
wait the bus gets me otherwise no I’m getting up the bus near 11:30 and so the
bus I have to take leaves at 11:00 3 as well and so um I don’t know how that’s
gonna go I’m pretty scared and shook and whatever
you want to call that and the thing is if I were to miss it that would
basically mean that I would basically lose the 12:00 a.m. clock strike and I
basically become a frog is that five dollars oh my god I’m just so rich cut
to me with no job at all anyways so yeah to top things I made my
own kind of like diary thing so that I like to know what I’m doing tomorrow and
I’m not like I don’t know just to be prepared and stuff I don’t know
but like content yeah that’s that’s it then the next day arrived and oh boy was
I ready okay so I am ready i traction guys my name’s bucks which is unready
that’s fine and you know he cannot see me see you and ten minutes oh my god I
have to leave in ten minutes yikes yikes throwback to the last blood
only hit in attendance I have to be in there bus ignore my qumar we shall and
after the bus I wins and definitely gone and now it
11:03 so let’s get this picnic started oh my god why would I always make those
faces it’s crazy so I’m now waiting for my bus but here’s my listening playtest
so i was waiting for the bus and I had a good five minutes beforehand because of
the misadventures that are my other go wobble wedding here’s my very short
summer playtest 2019 fortunately the bus had arrived and I
wasn’t to the journey of the day are waiting to be happening if that makes
sense at all no it doesn’t you f-king moron shut up
Lucy yes I’m getting me the best later my intech Sonia asked realize there was
like a fly holding the window for its life which was pretty much the
entertainment for me to say the least I also he are the perks of having longest
girrafe legs. does anyone want them? x) yay
then I tried being aesthetic with Ducey’s and of course I feel Blaze’s did she tell me what’s my lesson
sit and listen sit and listen you know what now I’m making the best of my
friends like who we try opening the window and it just won’t but on a real I
think those windows are just awful no tea no shade just black tea then at one
point the fly decided to go downwards the window and that meant right next
to where my hands were sitting so obviously you best believe my anti-social ass
left this spot right away and then my camera
aka iPod five stopped wanting to record but I eventually arrived and u guys wanna know the exciting part..? My bus was late. (: so were my plans of arriving at 12 a.m.
were gonna get ruined?? well you’re just gonna have to see for
yourself and by that I mean continuing watching the video so.. it was now 11:41 when
my dos bus arrived I know this is two in Spanish, I know I’m latina
no big deal oh yeah by the way I got out of my first bus near 11:28 or
something? continuing hours went by in did i say hours?I meant seconds and
it was only a few minutes away from my …my noon dinner (picnic) goal and it was while riding up a hill that we hit the 12 p.m…. or “a.m.”?? ..I’m never really sure honestly.. anyway so “twelve something mark”
and I felt so many emotions; devastated, betrayed, abandoned… abandoned??- so yeah couldn’t film that much because people were looking at me and I felt judged so
I then a few seconds later decided that it would be the best moment to ring the
thing to get out of the bus yeah good remind you honest I didn’t tell you I
didn’t make my research beforehand on the where I needed to go to go to the
place I wanted go wow so go traction is that even a
thing like exception is a thing like a stretch and a thing we don’t know
well I’m Mississippi I was trying to make my way through it at see me so I’m
currently walking to this side there’s so many people why should I say
Sunday news yeah that’s an edgy shot I mean really truly being lost if you know
what I mean also I’m definitely exposing myself
coming back to my ipod to stop the recording I feel like such a tourist
right now good honestly how about setting any better wear than my like
what yeah there is grass okay I’m climbing it I think something
visible for wines there’s a cute high me with my love life
wait I thought you said that acne are you kidding me this is so “un-pawsitive” …or
else I won’t be fair line so good I’ll go in my letter I am so confused
you just have a picnic guys what is going on also my voice is leaving then
I’m talking so then I found this creepy hunter to know that I wanted to move in
just kidding then I finally freaking found a big Knicks pool and became
British oh oh alright there it is that’s it my British yeah hello mate you
probably cannot hear me but that’s why I’m gonna go yeah I can’t wait to eat
Marty to eat also if you’re British I’m so sorry I’m interested I’m hot I’m tired but
let’s get to eating this match mates okay first of all I’m pretty sure that’s
Australian but you can go off this yeah also you still cannot see one bit of my
outfit owe some money Wow I’m just so rich oh my god I love
how I literally arrived wait what time is it let’s look where’s my pocket it’s
12:45 I’ve been in the bus I’ve just been doing nothing besides eating for
like an hour and 45 minutes also can we talk about this like it’s so beautiful
but I can’t feel there maybe if I put my belt you can barely hear what I’m saying
but overall I wish I had something to sell my iPhone on CEO so that we can
enjoy the Korean environment also throughout the video real people walking
behind me or from in front of me so totally ignore that and if you are one
of those beats please don’t sue me it wasn’t your fault for walking in front
of a young creepy man anyways I’ll be we’ll find music cuz that’s really okay
so god I finally made it here it took so long okay I already told you guys that
okay so let’s look our plan to see if we succeeded in anything it’s so first task
was to leave to take the bus at 11:30 that’s done
they’re not elephant dirty get off the bus that’s completed get on to another
bus that’s a delay and I mean it just didn’t
work out but that’s fine right no okay so now comes the time to finally eat but
beforehand I want to do a what’s in my bag tour okay so first of all we have of
course my lunch box which will have its own tour then we have an umbrella
because I wasn’t really sure the Westerner rain or not
but it didn’t end up running so that’s good for me there was a big I got sold
here that’s cool I’m cool then we have this which is pretty much a
disappointment which we’re not going to talk about that didn’t I have my science
homework which I haven’t started in the bus because I was just like well there
was like a creepy man in front of me and he was like talking like to himself
Johnny which was the beard I mean he pretty hot so I stopped explaining the
story because of what was going on in the background which will be explained
in two seconds that’s for two seconds but basically there was an old man in my
in the bus I took to come to where I was at this point fucking it almost as if
like someone was with him but he was like alone anyway long story short I
think have sometimes problem no shame by the way anyway don’t want to get into
that so I just continue on with the video a kid is literally pointing at me anyways so yeah that’s what’s going on
with that then you have my agenda which is filled with Halloween stickers
because why not like it’s probably gonna be there like the whole year because I
left Halloween I cannot wait for Halloween I’m probably gonna pass
Halloween even though I’m like 16 which it’s kind of creepy when you think about
it but that’s okay then a book are me happily decided to
form above my head well there’s a book cloud just above my campsite or
something and yeah I’m terrified and so Michael yeah joined the chat and I
decided to move right okay all do I move you’re still excited about my Benjamin
Franklin but I get it you know like four people so they’re still there what is
wrong with them leave me alone I later on and three minutes of excitation if I
should go or just leave on my feet there and ride the bus home I moved to the top
coast haha East Coast reference see what I did there
I’m literally the humerus of the year or so and lifetime I just relocated because there were some
bugs but there’s something kind of weird that just happened like I just heard
like a giant uh cannon like fire or something it was like boom that’s weird
lunchbox hall so first of all I thought a Nutella peanut butter sandwich so like
it’s pretty much a recent week so then I have kind of like a fruit sauce apple
cinnamon so yeah why then we have an apple juice which let me tell you
something about apple juice I actually hate them but there’s nothing else that
my mom but I specifically told her not to buy apple juice but she still keeps
buying it or if it’s my dad like if I tell him to buy like chips or something
he’ll buy it they like to the point that I hate it because I eat it like too much
you know I love my parents speaking apple juice I have an apple
which I have to eat with a fork because I have braces so let’s get to eating all
right every food an Apple out of ten so let’s see if I get good with this one oh
my god Michael Jackson go oh it’s dry what I can you guys hear
this that’s not supposed to happen well that’s Oh God no no no no no not
again there’s like a big cloud that’s forming here again okay so this sandwich is definitely one
Apple out of ten not even one like zero Apple everything you see wrote a lot of
sin like it was not good so yeah like it’s weird like when I was eating it I
feel like it was like I was eating like something disgusting so I’m not making
sense and their sense of people coming like at least for you love getting
judged like people keep walking by me nor like what is he doing by himself now
let’s try the apple juice Wow such a fun sligon experience okay look at them
that’s a fucking blast fuck you okay because my uncle’s like do
not post I get shot down it’s like the left foots maybe like maybe they’re like
not oh my god oh my god oh my god bugs also apple juice it’s not that bad
when I really think about it it’s pretty like cool like that makes up for it
because I’m like you’re very hot right now because I’m like wearing like black
beans and I thought it would be like 11 degrees in Celsius not in foreign mom
oh my god they’re washed his back but yeah what was I saying
yeah yes like 20 degrees right now and it’s pretty hot uh-huh it’s a hot
weather in Canada well it in Quebec for sure I’m done for today
well duh thundering rain also if you want to know why I’m standing up that’s
because there was like a spider on my campsite so I don’t know if you guys
heard that you know are you guys ready first time 60 Apple Edie yeah let’s go oh yeah dad’s good uh-huh should I make I feel like all about the
struggles of getting braces I think that could be interesting my iPad 5 exposed
is at 20% well I’m still gonna eat my Apple so hi
I’m Gail manera I’m in a second every five and this is behind me like I don’t
want like rain to follow me you know cuz I’m like rich I mean yeah I think I
might go that was so much fun exciting yeah wow that was so much fun
did you guys enjoy that yeah I mean either I think it’s starting to rain
plus my mom warned me like that it might like rain
and I was like yeah no and yeah that’s why you should always listen to your
mother kids so I didn’t walk my way to the best and then forgive us got out of
the bus tire I’m like extremely jury so basically it’s cool money and really
enjoyed / tired my way that’s the side of the day finally and so that leaves us here two days
later overall I really enjoyed my day I know I don’t go as much as I would want
to and used to and honestly having a day for myself and exploring isn’t the type
of thing I’m studying the day in doing so I of course had a blast you know I’m
usually like on my phone and that’s it on my couch and on my bed on everything that’s
comfortable so that’s really a change for me all right
see you guys next time peace out


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