Gomo and Wolfpack Storage Box Review
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Gomo and Wolfpack Storage Box Review

G’day I’m Brett.
Today I’m taking a look at storage solutions for my Land Rover. I have 2 box types produced
by Front Runner. This smaller box is the Gomo and the larger are known as the wolfpack. They are manufactured out of heavy duty black
ABS plastic which is far more durable than the cheaper clear plastic boxes that are popular
at discount stores. The boxes are stackable with the tops designed
to interlock with the base of the box above it. The lids have 4 integrated latches which
securely lock on to the box. The boxes are vertical sided to maximize storage
space and have integrated handles which don’t protrude beyond the edges. They are considered somewhat water resistant
but lack a proper o-ring. There are 4 holes in the base to assist drainage. These may
be plugged with silicone to reduce water ingress. Canvas covers can also be purchased to dust
and water proof the boxes when stored on a roof rack. The Gomo has a length of 44cm, width of 32cm
and height of 21cm weighing in around 2kg each. While the Wolfpack has a length of 51cm, width
of 40cm and height of 23cm weighing in around 3kg each. They are a manageable size so when fully loaded
will not be overly straining to lift in and out of the vehicle daily when compared to larger
tub styles. The gomo boxes are also popular for use in
sliding tray systems such as produced by Boab. If you are serious about quality a few of
these boxes will get your gear to where you want it to go intact. The only downside is
they are quite expensive, but you get what you pay for. I expect these boxes will provide
years of faithful service. hooroo


  • warci

    thanks a bunch! i was wondering about these boxes… given the high price.
    Right now i'm using some ex-military aluminium boxes which are 100% waterproof but are way too big. They just fit the width of the land rover tub and have 10 nailbreaking latches. This looks like a nice alternative.

  • Vehicle Repair Toolbox Videos

    Mmmm.  I am not keen on plastic but to reduce weight they are a necessary evil. Buy yourself a beer,  you earned it…..good vid.

  • Cody Baker

    if you want good box / bins for gear check out the Contico tuff bins. I dunno how much the ones in the video are but you can get the really big Contico for around $60

  • Calvin Chan

    The plastic latches one the Wolfpack box break too easily and the replacement wire clips are much harder to clip onto the box and dig holes in your fingers when you do so.

  • Topnotch Reviewer

    Cool video. You did a fine job of demonstrating how the box works. In a future video, you could overlay the dimensions in inches on the screen. Example 44 x 40 x 23 cm = 17.32 x 15.75 x 9.06 inches.

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