Gordon Country Camping With Motorama 4X4 | Visit Sunshine Coasts Best Spots | S1 E60
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Gordon Country Camping With Motorama 4X4 | Visit Sunshine Coasts Best Spots | S1 E60

Hello again and welcome to Campr on
today’s show, new car four-wheel-drive advice from a bloke who knows a thing or
two about them, a chance to win the Ariat Prize Pack but now a Sunshine Coast
holiday escape. We are spoiled for choice when it comes to great places to holiday
in Queensland, but if you’re going to put a list together of the very best places to
go, the Sunshine Coast would have to be right up there. From Noosa in the north
to Caloundra in the south, the Sunny Coast as its affectionately known has been
blessed with spectacular surf beaches incredible river systems, great dive
sites, national parks and walking trails that make it perfect for any kind of holiday! And a Sunshine Coast holiday could be
relatively inexpensive to, a couple of caravan parks that dot the coast sit on
some of the most expensive real estate in the country.
The Noosa River Caravan Park sits adjacent to the Noosa River which also
offers great access to the river which is terrific for the little kids and big kids alike If the surf beach is more your scene
Coolum Beach Park is virtually in the dunes of Coolum Beach with the surf on one side and every shop that you’d ever hope to shop in on the other. But if you’re really looking for
something special take a look at this Cotton Tree Caravan Park, nestled between the Maroochy River and pin cushioned on the Maroochy River mouth is a spectacular
place for a sundowner with friends when the right time of day rolls around.
Cheers.. Cheers! The way things are going we won’t be heading home anytime soon, having too good of a time and there’s lots of places to camp so it’s great.
Yes we’re living the dream! Keep a look out! Further south are the beachside
hamlets of Mooloolaba and Caloundra. and it’s down here at the very southern end
that you’ll find Moffat, Bulcock and Kings Beach which has really come along
in the past few years, what used to be a sleepy backwater is now a vibrant place
for families to come and spend a day at the beach with their kids. There’s lots
to see and eat down this way and Caloundra is also gaining a reputation
for hosting events and festivals. So what are you waiting for rally the
troops head north for a Sunshine Coast escape visit www.queensland.com for
further information and if you’re thinking about a van for a beachside
holiday on the Sunny Coast or anywhere else you could possibly imagine, than you
can check out the range of new and used vans at Brisbane Camperland visit their
site at brisbanecamperland.com.au These days it can be hard to make a
call on a fourby that’s right for you. Given there are so many on the market, so
when the crew from Motorama 4x4more went bush recently to muddy a few up
and put them through their paces We thought we’d ask their brand managers a few questions about what’s new? and who’s who? Peter Caswell from Motorama Ford loves his Ford Ranger and it’s putting on a bit of a show for the local
punters. So Pete from Motorama Ford it’s been a great couple of days it’s only getting better what’s happening here behind us? So we just
set up for our recovery demo here our punters come around and actually
shown how to safely recover their vehicle so as you can see we’ve got the
old Holden stuck there in the bog just didn’t quite have enough to get out of
it, we also show the safe use of MAXTRAX a snatch recovery and we’re actually
going to extend it one further and go to winch recovery side. So not only are people
learning how to drive their vehicles here this weekend they’re learning how
to get out of situations like the one we see behind us. Well that’s it
like we all think they were experts and then we’re not going to get yourself
into trouble but sooner or later you’re going to get yourself stuck and you’re
going to need to know how to recover yourself safely, whether it be with the
use of MAXTRAX where you can do it on your own or whether it be an assisted help like your mate here in his Ranger that’s gonna help pull him out. Sure, noticed that you’ve set the Ford Ranger up to pull the Holden out is
that a personal bias that you’ve got at Motorama? Just a little bit of why not, I like my Rangers, so I like it to be the star of the show rescuing the vehicles every now and then, just a little bit of fun we like having at Motorama so. Mate let’s
talk about a couple of key parts of four-wheel-drives these days, the new buttons
that you see traction control, diff locks these types of things when and where to
use them? Yeah always see most of these modern vehicles now coming well equipped
with stuff that back in the day was an aftermarket accessory you’d have to bolt
onto your vehicle yeah so you’ve got things like rear diff locks now that the
standard, so perfect if you’re climbing a bit of a hill that’s got a bit of
a hole in it you pick a wheel up all the sudden
you’ve lost drive, hit a button on your dash away you go, you’ll continue
to climb that enjoy that adventure. Options like the
downhill assist best thing I think they’ve ever put in a vehicle. I remember
back as a young fella driving a car and you come to a steep hill you’re always
pretty scared about it because what happens if it gets a bit of lockup and
starts to slide well you can pretty much now hit a button, let go of the brake,
steer the car down the hill and the car will do the rest for you and we’ve seen
that yesterday putting some customers down that thought their vehicles would
not make it down the hill and they did it with ease with the aid of that
downhill ascent control. Perfect mate! over the course of the next few weeks on
Campr we’ll take a closer look at the Holden, Toyota and Mitsubishi models it
really does come down to personal choice when you’re looking for a fourby and
when you are head to motorama.com.au/4x4xmore Okay Campr-holics here comes another
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