Grads at a Glance: Iitay Bugarin, Fort Collins High School
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Grads at a Glance: Iitay Bugarin, Fort Collins High School

I am Iitay. I am driven. And I am a student. I get to learn. I get to learn so many things whether it be math or like
social studies, humanities I feel like the more I learn the more I’m able to
relate to other people and it just it just makes me really happy to know that
I’m learning. And these people and the experiences you have in school are, like, they mold you. So I volunteer at Linton every other
week. I go and I help these two young Latina girls in their classrooms. I help
them with whatever they need. They’ll sit down with me one on one and will like go
through it and they’ll make sure they understand what they didn’t understand
before. I sort of wish I had that when I I sort of wish I had that when I went to Linton because I went to that school Hopefully they see me as: “Oh wow. Look at her. She’s like me
she’s latina she’s a woman, she’s a woman of color and she is being successful in
high school and she’s gonna be successful in her life. There were so
many moments in my life where I felt like I wasn’t worthy enough to be in
school or I wasn’t powerful enough to go to school or like it wasn’t my place. I
remember my freshman year my teacher is like “You need to take AP classes. AP is your pathway.” Walking into my first to AP class I
realized that I knew nobody and I felt really out of place. And I feel like when
you’re in a situation like that you kind of feel like you’re like a fish
out of water. And I thought like I thought to myself I have to push through
it and I did. I had worked just as hard as the rest of those kids to get
into that class and to like say like I am worth it and I am just as amazing as
they are. My motivation was my parents. They
came into this country with nothing. They left behind their families they
left behind everything. The least I can do, for them and for myself, is to go to
college and become someone. I want to become an architect. I really want to
make something that I will be proud of and my parents would be proud of.
he moment I got in here I knew I wanted The moment I got in here I knew I wanted to to be someone in high school. And it is
just an accomplishment to have all that and like graduated from high school
off into college and it’s my work I super hard for that and I’m super proud
of it.

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