GREAT BUY FOR $10! Lite Me – Rechargeable LED Camping Light
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GREAT BUY FOR $10! Lite Me – Rechargeable LED Camping Light

Hi, this is Drew with DIY green energy
and today I bring to you a little LED solar chargeable light bulb that’s
geared for campers and hikers. This is the actual bulb itself, as you can see
it’s got a hook on it. The charging port is a standard cell phone microUSB
charging port, the black button on there is the on/off button and a little LED
there is the charge indicating light. Moving straighforward, this is made in
China, so you are going to get what you pay for it. I paid $10 for this on Amazon
and it’s not too bad for what you pay. If you fully charge it on your wall charger
at home you’ll get about 12 hours of light out of that one charge, and then if
you hook the solar panel up to it to charge it throughout the day for full
day’s sunlight, you only get about 3 hours of power at night. If you wait
towards the end of this video you’ll see an example how much these little lights
actually light up the area. These are 15 watts apiece when they are rated at,
err, no, they’re rated as 15 watt equivalent incandescent bulbs. And at 7 feet above the ground it’ll light up this whole
little camp area here. I got another one above our little picnic table here, right
there, and that’s about it. If you’ve got any
questions, leave it in the comment section I will get back to it ASAP. Wait
to the end of this video you’ll see a couple of the clips thank you.
As you can see, right now I’m using pocket juce chargers to charge these two
lights. The solar panel charges it slowly, but you get about three hours of charge
out of it. Now back to the other clip. This is what it looks like lit up by
those lights once it’s completely night. That’s over the picnic bench that’s
completely lit up. That lights up the area pretty good,
the camera doesn’t do it justice, but yeah, never does. Well worth the money
though. So please be sure to LIKE, SHARE,
SUBSCRIBE, and have a great day!

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