Great Value For Money The Cold Steel Trail Boss Camping or Bushcraft Axe Product Review

alright i was out shopping for a camp axe and course my attention grew towards the popular ones you would find outdoor bushcraft community the gransfor and hultafors the other more fancy axes well they’re kinda expensive for me little bit out of my budget range so that’s why this cold steel trail boss would be a nice alternative basically it was a third of the price of gransfords and let’s go into some of the details of this axe right now alright so the weight is two pounds and 9.5 ounces made of a 1055 carbon typical you see from cold steel in their swords and machetes range nice tempered steel it is 26 inches in total length and it has a couple of circle wedges here and i basically been using the axe for much most of the summer out on the camping trips what I really wanted the axe for is to chop wood and get some kindling ready for the campfire and that’s basically what i’ve been doing with it a few times where I need to clear some brush in the backyard where I need to maybe season some of the bigger pieces of wood trim down the branches that way did some nice chopping with it came out of box rather dull so i also got a sharpening stone and basically just did a nice little 15 minutes sharpening session I’m not the type who will keep it extraordinary sharp because i want this ax to do the big nasty jobs alright so what I like about this axis again it’s cheap got this third of the price of gransfors and it’s been holding up so far so good it has a really good look it’s up packable I can throw this in my hiking pack very easily no wiggle that I can ascertain right now the handle is holding up pretty good with the Hickory handle I’ve kinda miss my target few times but it’s holding up really nice of the it’s you know is it does the job around Camp it does what I need it to do some negatives basically when i was using it as to put down some stakes or some other hammering tasks paint is chipping off rather easily so might want to do something about that and it came out of box fairly dull so you probably want to get yourself a sharpening stone so that you can give it a little touch up here but so far pretty great I made a leather sheath for it or leather mask for it and I’m liking a lot so put down the comments what you think about this axe do you have this axe do you have some of the more expensive ones tell me your experience with them you have both let me know and we’ll see you guys next time

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