Greg Palast on Vultures’ Picnic
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Greg Palast on Vultures’ Picnic

denigrate guess for you guys racing greg
glasses in the house for sale i a m how r u okay those of you don’t know is a new
york times wrestling over arm at a house the best of moxie money can buy he’s got a new book out called first picnic ok uh… in the pursuit of
petroleum faye power pirates and high finance corridors unless you about the pigs and the voters in a second so uh… first uh… tell me about what
the unifying theme of this book it this is the one percent that i’m
investigating them actually now rick perry called me last
night has been changed from cultures picnic to job creators picnic nadia this
small business owners leverage at salary is a bit so i wanna find out who these
guys i mean instead of single british petroleum or goldman sachs i
want you to meet them told me there trophy high out towards the lives of
trophy wives uh… you know we forgot to go find the
bones and bodies that got them they’re doing is all over the
world so i do old-fashioned investigative undercover
reporting for bbc tv and that’s what you’re seeing here and
go from the arctic to aged busted their so what do you want
in the heart and will be doing in the middle of asia where what how do i mean
i mean asia okay people are rising explode hope and boating accident green vp how could
that happen i get cable uh… from our ship floating in the
caspian sea off the coast of azerbaijan if you don’t know where they’re by
chinese don’t worry when you get a second airborne arise about
irregularities yet but by the way it’s an exit polls
becki becki becki sent rights farmington yeah exactly at okayed it’s a little oil kingdom tackle the islamic republic of b p right and i get this message this has happened
before cannot speak to you on the system fire b_b_c_’s is downplaying so i’d work my way into his into this
strange kingdom and find out sure enough uh… that there was another explosion another
blowout exactly like a deep water rights in two years earlier monday and vp cover that night coverup a blog ok
bribes meetings themes and i get so that in the middle of this
i’m gonna try to get the evidence out of this place and i get busted im going across the
desert like in the bad they got busted just like
well rommel had at that time that i think i i uh… i’d get busted by the secret police of azerbaijan adviser by john and the end and that the people said
there will be uh… please forced a little well there are so that nahi
activated by the way that that was the blog happen announced by the f_b_i_
right off the coast deepwater cinematic she may be rate preclusion seen cracked cement because
the first this the second floor in the gulf the coverage all up now they took my film of course it took my cell well but they didn’t like it might and
you know that making those courses on those lost in power cantons us all that
we do or or you know and and getting that i was not so easy because
when i put my briefcase in the in the x_-ray machine kinda look like a gun
seltzer a dildo or something i had a bit of a product that i got i am i got out
there we got the evidence and listen bt lower ground his president in in the u_s_a_ testified under oath the congress that
there was never palm with a deep water drilling this is in november two
thousand six misleading for horizon blows up they had covered at the fact that the methods they were using were
deadly even and so great that we knew uh… when you find that out is your
conclusion that they think anderson we know this happened before we know the
problem with it but with a continual not because they
want and other book was a lot of what is the cost of money but they continue their operations
dailies deeper than try to talk to you know what
is it’s really dumb enmities quickstep summit time is money on the ship’s writer guilt i was my time and time is money so we’ve got is the quickstep cement it just doesn’t work so that all that
was one time don’t worry about it that is a writer and the lesson that they
learned words look if you buy off the government then giving covered up right so another
by john that apparently worked fairly well in the u_s_ second obviously didn’t
work nearly as well but at the same time you know a lot of times in oman
administration if you’re intimately the p_r_ people who
are these owns it and all you have like like for example are goin uh… with their colin powell
ministration be pieces that she reviewed all the oil so i go to the gulf coast and i get a submarine to find out that
they all will still in their in the water column daa zero dad’s carcinoma
you know and so here’s what i think he will have to understand why does the
government of the united states an authorized under the same thing it’s because of a money lebowski radio
and so on every single leaders was about it and i would assume get rich off of it right but our guys
get to campaign contributions as that exactly answer what’s happening it’s a
poison systems or poisoning in money pointing to so for example on the other thing that that i was looking at i go up to the arctic
for example i i’d get a message to go to meet the eskimo leader he talked briefly
a hunter union and he’s got engaged in a format and get some information from him and i have to sit inside away only whale
meat think i have people like my literally set aside a wet inside a whale
eating fermented will meet in congealed blood which by the taste like we’ll need to do
what and we uh… and but then i get
information you know you got this excel pipeline
with running down her uh… from canada to houston they say it’s safe that’s because the only way they know it’s a zero two
obtained through it not not a uh… not uh… welcome basic
and i’m talking about a robot page ballusters and when there’s a
leak or there is a do you know corrosion summit with
unexploded it squeals well i find out that they’ve jack the software like you
turn it down like pulling the batteries out of your smoke detector so does it
all off further squeal no problem so if i get a so i get a guy i know that this offers to fix this
somehow you know that he said i fixed it he confessed and after we don’t ever know but in the book but then yeah but then nine people get incinerate include
thirteen or kidney comes to me historic era but i mean shadow and getting his
information corroborating history i got it all comes good bps was there a blowout the caspian jack with the patient thousand the the
pics the pig robots people blowing up the answer was no denial we falls along right inspiration when they fix the law so then i walked right so marked it’s
like it’s like cocaine issues that are similar pipelines their in their attempt
a kids die et-cetera and then initially fall regulation well that’s really what
the politicians who oppose the pics deregulation so we
were not a problem and that’s but that’s the one percent c it’s not when we talk
about occupying we talk about the one-percent array it is really the one person one person
or persons and im then investigate and that’s why the vultures picked at
the main boats could we talk about buying elections do you know the number one donor is the
republican party now people finally heard the word coke brothers the number one copy is a guy named paul singer or otherwise
it was a poll bob dole sure singer ok teammates he makes his money to by the way to the his people called
up and threatened b_b_c_ television is that we have a file on great powers to fight to have a great discard we are
fine greg palace hydrophone too um… they had a anywhere but after this
guy he’s a big donor he makes his money body i’m squeezing the poorest nations in the
world he found some old debt that they forgot about it we pay off their debts we wipe out their
debts george bush made a big you’ll be wiped
out all the debts of african nations so his cronies his biggest donors could go
in and take the resources the congo high spirits so this in the book housing voted on whether a person again
them by their policy here uh… his money control so much of what
happens including one issue that he actually was on our side on on ag a
marriage in new york it could lead to some of the coaches studies i want to
mir has been you know if it’s a shame said it is so the only wanted to marry a
poor congolese kid he wouldn’t be destroying the condo
asking there they had the cholera epidemic okay definition with this guy does the deputy secretary general united
nations paul’s book the number one dollar the republican
party regular he didn’t call doctor he says his job is killing babies that’s a cooperative so tell us why why says that’s a heavy
chart right so what does he do in in these after the
country’s but using crystals country so much and how does the profit off of it
aka but he does is they grab the bull aren’t all talk about
on the whole gaggle of cultures of which two daughters that number vulture okay
and they’re all there all together they all support uh… they all got combine
to support the g_o_p_ normally but they got the by the brutality by the red some
democrats when they need right and what they do is wind countries car being destroyed by civil war like bosnia
and congo the finest in the old debts the country the country’s get restored to democracy
the west we the taxpayers genessee right off all their desperation whig use these
people a like international repo men mhm and hear at one o’clock in the paid
maybe two cents on the dollar on the steps in
the click twenty select senior condo he pay ten million dollars for that week eyes are information he’s collecting a half a billion dollars where they get that money it’s our money its power aid money john conyers when
you heard one of my reports involves picnic with the george bush is alright
right into the oval office said did you know that are in monies being
stalled by your big donors cricket and watch it here want to show
it i didn’t know and nothing about it the which is what he says a lot of but
yep initiative the way that they do it they’re not just cool investors it doesn’t work that way it’s bribery it’s inside info so yeah i won the audience understand
look it’s one thing that you know you but make a bet on apple or g_m_ and the
stock market and infers that you’re right you make money that’s life as
great as laura nothing wrong with that in this case in you know win the they go
to buy that shit it the cheap that ’cause they know we’re going to pay it
off so that’s why we’re they go on a gall
you know you got this you can’t collect on this hundred million dollars or
whatever it is all paid two million for it and cousin they know the big up our
politicians their back pocket buddy here’s here’s the thing or i’d just say there’s a lot of people
that we do that and spent two cents to get ten dollars right right but here’s
what they do it doesn’t work that you see in the case
of for example samia one of the vultures i start out involved
just pick the tracking is a guy named golfing it’s a real goal think now the
real goal finger by the way makes the the james bond golfing look like a girl
scout and we trace this guy he’s paid all the president of sandia to shaft his own country we fall of the president of zambia by say we nehemiah and my sidekick ms
betting that by doing a real makes we have real goldfinger real bad penny that
sounds are made it is but it’s true and a bad penny forced him to geneva she speaks more
lines is that she can handle this and he stops when he’s about to dump his
uh… cash in the swiss bank account he stops for shopping as you and i would go
on the day in gold on the way they sharpville stocks go shopping but he buys spends a million dollars cash buys two hundred years ago on the issues
for the short dictator and yet sometimes studded tires and all
diamonds may be a tyson did i miss them in this she’s filming because she is in speaking of the transition of power
of the other lawsuits are pending to she looks like a biography looks like a than
stars she’s filming of reality show called you know shopping with the rich and
famous and she’s getting this all down okay and those that wasn’t really sure it is
that repaired that some of these leaders of the country’s sellout their you know their own people you know
with the incredible outbreak of disease and so these countries they need the
money so desperately but they made a secret deal with these
guys in new york and then probe black for a diamond
studded times for packing well will ponder what
there’s a really important story that’ll fill to explain it all there were trucked stealing steaming oil
off the coast sage indian reservation oklahoma i was an investigation where residents
came for this to the report was following the trucks they go back to a loading dock crusade
loading dock telling these truckers to scale loyal off the imposing indian reservation a guy named charles coke charles cook person is telling his
truckers the stillwell now here’s a pic they’re stealing about thirty dollars
worth of oil from each postage indian family a week the guys already billionaire battle
fashion we know you can he inherited it might read so rehab there is literally a
tape recording uh… one of those executives asks cook
he’s wired why in europe kind of you know you kind of
already billionaire wiring skinning a hundred bucks a week from you know this
family here in the indian family hill cook statement was yahoo st louis i want what’s coming to me and that’s all out having these guys are they’ve decided to
have james bond movie it’s rediculous and by
the way the guy who turn in the coke brothers on their skimming pav business
when they were skimming off the native americans was their own brother immediately and and and said at one
point look there’s still a taxpayer money there’s still from these things and they do it all really
sell on the inside scoop i don’t know you guys have been taking a beating
qasar worked with the f_b_i_ c with the f_b_i_ agents we got the
tapes and information and so he has brother turned one was
contained in the for the of the uh… of the jack for himself right and i’m not
exactly sure yours writer that site rose in the record is another brother that i
will you right and uh… but the thing is threw out here thrombosis picnic it’s always
investigations lease one percentage right and it is including the vultures
including you know uh… it you know we talk about all guys
make investment in the in warrior in the apple or something to do okay for for example i got the sack steven eighty called s_e_c_
capital and so that you know this long live shows up one day at one of my resistance and information for you are what i need
to new jersey uh… and and that you do who are who are you patricia color as it was that mean to me
she says stephen collins wife has and that means
something to me she says i have documents you want to you wanna come by
tomorrow and i said no i want to come back right now and here’s the deal this guys were seven billion you see that smart he seems to know
which way stocks gonna move before god knows which way the stock’s going to
move court the stuff that she’s given me and we can now is it since i don’t think you know she
gets he gets the it’s not research has leaked how you always know here so here is that there’s a trick it’s not just of such thing as a victimless billionaire so when co and is selling you is buying
a stock that he knows like ours you that he
knows is going to be jump up to the takeover bid union you just lost cells are starting to is that the
bottoms gonna fall out like goldman did shoring mortgage securities shoring greek
settling on the louisiana dot right and it’s the the teachers pension funds it’s
others first we are all workers i thought of as someone who’s it was very
high the you know executive at one of these
companies and they said that uh… the uh… suckers you always go back to the
passion for us their ok so all our pension funds
teachers cops et cetera senator this light was on the table began to run and
get it they don’t know what they’re doing or be door we care they get the
commission either way are so they like acabo on bill losing end of it all out
those voters so the problem is not that these guys
made by the promise how they make the money right fred that’s covered in this
book well before that you’re a good sex in here to withstand a on sorry about
that that hit reported guidelines of the way i mean the fact is
one story where i’m doing it stuck uh… investigation nuclear uh… of nuclear
plants uh… i got the part of the engineers
notebooks from focus shame of the guys built that it says this plan cannot
withstand an earthquake it’s writing the book the actual notebooks okay but i’m doing this investigation so they what can the watkins a power
companies do hasn’t gone gone gone now uh… the answer is set me up so i’m the i’m on the front page of british
papers cuz i had my pants down mister may concern but molly right away right now face there mister except for the sole
but there’s a good journalistic reason why was there shiite information
unneeded unrelated yeah she did i tell you that
they are well you know i mean you know is wages a red flag y wiser scandal so
you have except know what they did and then they try to
change it where i was like snuck into her room all the stuff but it was it
wasn’t really setting up by the way you did it is a guy his name is passed more on but
i think that he is in the piers morgan here on c_n_n_ uh… knows the guy setup
war the companies and the prime minister and then it all blew up in his face
nearly you know peers cannot to go back to you and he’s going to be arrested for
’em i and no stance on blackboard neglected
okay so look dreadful last the book is called
both respect me in pursuit of petroleum pigs power pirates and high fought the finance car was we
didn’t even get to the power pyrex unified in the book praise a b_b_c_ reporter long-time
b_b_c_ reporter there are some interesting all right
thank you


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