Groovin’ at the Vintage Camper Trailer Rally
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Groovin’ at the Vintage Camper Trailer Rally

– [Woman] Every trailer has a life. People connect with what
is going on around them, and it’s so much history. – We’ve been doing Trailer
Fest now about eight years, and every year it doubled in size until we got to the max capacity. And now we rent the whole park, and it’s like one big
family getting together for a family reunion. My name is Paul Lacitinola, and I am the publisher of the Vintage
Camper Trailers Magazine. For us, the thing with the vintage thing, we’ve always been kind of old souls. So I’ve always had old cars. I’ve always collected old
cars and driven old cars. And so, first, the vintage
thing was kind of natural. When we started it really
was just ’cause it was cheap, and we really didn’t know
if we’d even like camping. We live in the country, and so, we’re kind of used to that lifestyle. But when we had bought the old trailer, then we thought, well, geez,
an old trailer and an old car, those would look cool together. Let’s hook them up together, and then we really got something cool. We’ve got over 200
trailers here this weekend, all vintage, all
manufactured prior to 1969, and we are looking
forward to a great time. We got into this, and
it changed our world. My family has mostly passed away, and my wife’s family lives in Alaska thousands of miles away. And so, we’re kinda here on our own, other than this community
of hundreds of people that will do anything for us. Most of these people we’ve
camped with for a decade, and we camp with them
several times a year. We’re eating together. We’re waking up practically
next to each other, all groggy. And you do get to know
people on all levels. – Camping is all about making
memories, making connections, taking a time out. We get so caught up in our day-to-day running to baseball, and 4H, and church. And camping is just like
a little stop in our life, to say, okay, this is what matters. The people that we love, the stuff, we aren’t gonna
get to take it with us. The only thing we’re gonna
leave is the memories and the love. – Well, my husband got
started in vintage trailers when he was five years old. If he was a good boy,
he got to take his nap in his grandparent’s 1956 Mercury trailer. And it was from those early days of taking his naps in the trailer, that he got his love for vintage trailers, and all the wood and
the warmth of the inside of the 50s era trailers. So, when we were in the
late 70s and early 80s, and our kids were young, and
we were ready to start camping, he decided that we were gonna
fix up the old trailers, and have our kids have the
same experience he had. This is our current and
probably our forever trailer. – Just become quite the passion for me. – We decided to do a trailer
themed on Annie Oakley. They salooned a door
that swings in and out. – Each trailer and each
individual has it’s own story, and has it’s own connection, if you will. And so, as you look at different trailers, you can probably match them up kinda like people and their pets with who goes with which trailer. – To be here with all these
folks doing what we like to do, which is camping, it’s just fun. – We always have people
that are excited to do what Paul dreams up. So I’m glad that I don’t
have to be the only one. – Trailer Fest is a great place
to meet up with old friends. And every year we are blessed with bringing new people onboard,
and making new friends that will probably be
friends for a lifetime.


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