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Guide to Camping | Comedy On The Loose

Welcome to the guide to camping will be teaching you everything needs to know about camping First always be prepared. We brought everything you may need all of our food is in this bag we brought fruits vegetables and even sausages and Start packing early. We’ve been planning this trip for a while now, so you packed three months ago. Hey Dan I’m hungry good thing we have plenty of food in that bag hmmm smells oh Wow, it smells like a dying rat Great now let’s talk about bears Remember to hang up your food so the babies don’t eat it. That’s what we went to brunch your rope to tie it up ready If a bear ever approaches you make sure that you have a giant inflatable bear head to scare it away If a bear wants to fall in love with you then make sure you don’t have problems with commitment Who’s ready to talk about fires now, let’s be serious Wildfires are very dangerous. Yes. Don’t set the forest on fire I repeat do not set the forest on fire now that we’re done with that Let’s start a fire so you know we don’t freeze all right so when you want to start a fire take all materials you have That includes tents food Backpacks sleeping bags and everything else and then burn them all of them yep And when you want to put the fire out Make sure to use all your water and just dump it on the fire all of your water This is there should be no water left If you run out of food don’t be afraid to eat any safe wild berries Find some edible leaves Or robbing nearby house yeah, Kim. This is my house. I don’t care. Let’s go Fun fact poison ivy makes a great blanket That’s it for the guide to camping Wait hold on We hope you have a good time using these tips on your own camping trip You


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