Hacking the Packing: Teach Kids these Packing Tips for Travel
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Hacking the Packing: Teach Kids these Packing Tips for Travel

I’m the packing efficiency engineer and I’m happy to help. Mum told me to pack but I just can’t fit everything in. Right. Let’s just get rid of all of this and I can show you how to properly pack. Let’s start with rule number one. Rule Number 1. Roll and Stuff. Instead of taking these massive great big pink trousers, we are going to go smaller and lighter. So, a pair of leggings and the trick is we fold these up really really tight and it will fit into your case very easily. Rule Number 2: Layer Up. Instead of taking one of these great big jumpers, take two or three very small thin layers. And do you know what you are going to do with them? Roll and stuff. Exactly. Nice. We’re getting there.
Yeah. Rule Number 3: The Rule of Threes Instead of taking eight pairs of knickers and like seventeen pairs of socks, limit yourself to three. Three. Wash one, wear one and dry one. Same with T-shirts, socks, pants, pretty much anything. Rule Number 4: Dump the pillow and pyjamas. As comfy as this is, do you really need a panda pillow and a massive unicorn onesie? You could wear some of your layers as pyjamas. And you could take your favourite pillow case. Is this really your favourite? Yeah Rule Number 5: Lightweight coat. Instead of taking a massive big, great big coat which won’t fit in, you could take a tiny little small coat. Roll and stuff. Now this is still looking a bit overflowing so here’s another tip. Rule Number 6: Bag and squeeze. We are going to take all these clothes, stuff them in here and squeeze the living daylights out of them. That sounds fun. Yes, it does. Wow. Nice job. Rule Number 7: Go for Micro Tech. Instead of taking your big long selfie stick, your keyboard, iPod, headphones, speaker, all you need is your iPod, ear buds, and might as well let you take your case. That’s basically all you need. Bam, in there. Rule Number 8: Toys. You see you don’t need your big monopoly board game. Most of the games are on your iPod. But what about my book? Load it onto your Kindle. Yea, you can have your little toys, go on.
But only little though, like mini people. They’re good to play with. You could take a pack of cards. What about Plop Trumps? Fine. Only you. Rule Number 9: Don’t forget the Toothbrush. Toiletries. The thing girls are famous for. Use a mini shampoo. Take a small toothpaste. a small toothbrush. You don’t need your electric one. You don;t need your massive hairspray. Take a little tiny one. What about the hairdyer? Hotels will supply you with a hairdryer. Rule Number 10: If you must take the bulk, wear it. Don’t want to pack this in your suitcase. Wear it. Or your onesie for example, wear it. Don;t pack it in your suitcase or it will just overflow. So, we’ve cut down on loads. Which is really good. We can now close your Trunki. So, off you go. Thanks, Cam.

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