Ham Radio Adventures 17: Shelters for amateur radio portable
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Ham Radio Adventures 17: Shelters for amateur radio portable


  • alan read

    Very useful video great explaination of the various types to use.
    I bought a bothy bag which you introduced in a previous video and find it to be an excellent addition to my go bag.
    Your adventure videos are extremely helpful.

  • CapinCooke

    Loved the 3 pegged tarp. I never thought of that and I am surprised how much shelter it seems to simply provide.

    Nice video. I learned a lot 👍.

    Bill – W7JZE

  • Nathan W

    Just saw this on the GQRP mail group. Very well produced, Richard. I've subscribed. One comment on tents though – erection time is vary varied. I used to be able to put up my Vaude Hogan in very quick time, and it'd stay in one piece even in the current weather, and some tents allow the "inner" to be left out, reducing the weight considerably. I've never got on with a bivi bag, but perhaps I'm just soft 🙂

  • Peter Fraser

    Three pegged tarp – I've never seen this done before and I'm going to set one up on the next suitable hill, just to try it out.

  • Brian Reay

    Have you looked at the small, cheap, pop up 'festival' tents? They do 'pop up' in seconds and fold away equally quickly. Not the thing for serious camping etc but probably compare to a fishing shelter for protection from the weather. 73 Brian, G8OSN

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