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Hammock Chat

Hey everybody Shug here and those kind
of hoping to have a chat with you today about just the bigger picture of
hammocks sort of the broad scope I want to sort of speak esoterically a little
bit about hammocks not so much showing how to do anything here but just just
things to get on my mind about hammocks and maybe they get on your minds and
it’s things that people ask me from time to time or I see come up on forums so
let’s just have a little chat about it I’m gonna sit back and have myself a
little sip of my Medaglia D’oro instant espresso.
Hey I hope I never come off as a guy who is trying to get everybody to you know
camp or use a hammock that has never been my intent you know really I don’t
want everybody hammock camping because then there’s no trees for sugar the
third person but to be honest the perfect backpacking trip for me say you
got four people a couple in a tent couple in a hammock tenters can get to
the spot throw down on the ground the hammock errs can go find their trees and
hang them up nothing against tents camped in tents for years my intent has
always been and from the day that I used to see people on hammock forms
struggling with their hammocks because let’s face it hammocks are kind of
complex for this simple cloth you know human sack that holds you in the comfort
of its nylon or taffeta or string or rope or dream tax or hyper D and we’ll
talk about fabrics down the line sometime not on this video but on
another one kind of complex the way you have to hang it and you know have your
bug net have your insulation blablabla that’s kind of how I feel about that so here we go what I’m thinking is you’re
you’re just getting into hammocks alright and I remember when I got into
him I was perplexed you know I kind of went on YouTube and looked up some stuff
and that gave me some insight and that’s how I found hammock forums but this part
is really geared toward the new person that may just want to get a hammock
don’t want to use a cottage vendor they don’t want to put it in
order and wait they got or they’re in a store and it’s an impulse buy you know
there’s some where I think sometimes at Walmart’s or different places there’s
just some cheap hammocks there you go to any sport or camping store there’s
usually an Eno hammock hang in there now these are great hammocks that you can
buy right at the moment and I think you should if you’re new just get the actual
just hammock part and learn how to hang it you know a twenty thirty degree angle
you don’t want your hammock going straight out on those trees it’s a lot
of pool but you know I’m not gonna tell you what to do I see people doing that
all the time do you think that’s what I say I do mine you do yours some people
sleep and camp in them most people seem to use them for lounging and hanging out
I go to the woods to sleep and get myself 10 to 12 hours of sleep but then
again and the Lord of lollygag the thing about a tent you pitch a tent you know
the floor is on the ground the floor of the tent or if it’s just a tarp on the
ground or whatever you lay your sleeping bag in your pad down and you’re done
when you’re in a hammock you’re actually laying in the material so it’s almost
like wearing a suit in a strange way it’s like wearing your bed to think
about hammocks and the way they’re used now I’m a backpacker I camp and sleep in
my hammock that is particularly a mocker we are probably the most passionate I
don’t want to use the word obsessed obsession makes people cry passion makes
people envious Elvia great to have a passion camping hammocks you’re gonna
have a tarp you’re gonna have bug nets you’re gonna have under quilts you’re
gonna have pads you’re gonna have top quilts or sleeping bag or you’re gonna
have a wool blanket or whatever it is that you do when you’re out in the woods
so you got your camping people um like my nephew Oliver he’s in college they do
what they call mocking what he does is he goes in hangs his Eno hammock up
somewhere out on the quad no underquilt no pillow no tarp
he’s got his this book he’s got his studies they’re just hanging out and
when you’re sitting in the hammock with somebody you’re gonna end up being sort
of hip to hip with them so that’s mocking a casual way
hammocking see a lot of people that will carry hammocks backpacking then they
don’t intend to sleep in it they hang it out for the day to kind of hang out and
then you have your indoor sleepers some of those used cottage vendors some of
them would use something like you know hammock right off the rack but a lot of
people use the Mayan hammocks which are these woven hammocks no spreader bars
people that sleep every night sometimes like a breathable cotton or a mass shit
so you know hammock Kings got a bit of range so there’s different styles for
different people I just happen to be a backpacker and like sleeping in mind
because I get the best sleep ever when I’m in my hammock do I look tired now
that’s because I didn’t sleep in my hammock for the last 20 nights you know
most of the cottage vendors you can choose your length 10 foot 11 foot 12
you can choose single layer double layer bug net no bug net zip bug net fully
enclosed bug net a removable bug net bug net that stays on choices of fabrics you
want to you know the lightest 20 D 40 d 70d hyper d hex on while dream tex and
then there’s good old ripstop nylon and there’s grids now diamond grid square
grid smooth goes on and on and on with the options you can have Ridgeline no
Ridgeline what sort of suspension do you want pockets do you want Ridgeline
organizers or things so if you’re new I could see you can get perplexed there so
you know if you’re a new person and you just want to get a hammock and try it
just get one you can buy off the shelf now if you get hooked like somebody that
gets hooked on automobiles or or fishing and you know whatever your sport is and
you go I want more well then of course you might want to start looking at the
cottage vendors and you can have a custom-made hammock that’s kind of my
thoughts on that just you know don’t when you’re ready for the cottage
vendors they’re there you know and if you do start getting into hammer King
and you know you want a backpack with it and and take it as your shelter you know
your this is gonna be what you’re gonna sleep in then you’re gonna have to get
into tarps felt like having this talk I kind of
been thinking about it while I Drive around about hammocks and just you know
not I just dawned on me that not everybody really camps in there said I
keep seeing people just hanging out in parks and stuff really I probably think
more people just lounge in them than actually camp in them so appreciate your
time listening to me it’s been a it’s a long meal here on the farm and you just
can only talk to the donkeys and the cows so much the fabric of your hammock
can make a difference in the comfort of your hammock the fabric of your hammock
can make a difference in the comfort of your hammock you’re not gonna do that or
do you not like when I do that all secure in Sector 7


  • gliderrider

    A few years ago I got influenced by you and Sintax77. Got me a Hennessy classic that was on sale to see if I liked it. If I did I would upgrade or go back to tents. I’m still using the same hammock. I tent sometimes but I sure sleep better in the hammock. I use the tent to spread out. Thankful for your videos and humor.

  • martin ernesto pinta

    Hey Shugmery good video as allways. Let me ask you a cuestion : I want to colaborate with another youtuber his name it´s Josh his got a Youtube project called JS Urban Adventures, he is doing videos of outdoors adventures in the woods and in the city with a lot of diferent ideas, but he needs more suscribers, he is also coming out from an stray life… homless, drugs, etc. you know… so… I´m asking for your permision to put his link in here. If you don´t want to it´s fine too. God bless you gratefully

  • Steve Hernandez

    Man shug… i dont know where to start, but thank you for your approach to sharing knowledge and wisdoms. You have a "zen mind beginner mind" no rules and humor that taught my approach. Not to mention magaldoro espresso earned my trailname on the pct and cdt miles… love u buddy all secure over here my friend in this sector _ coffeebreak out✌

  • Denis Chassé

    Hey my friend! I'm leaving for the AT and I'm going to sleep in my tent and you can be sure I'm going to miss my Warbonnet 😢 je t’embrasse! Joyeuse Halloween 👻!!!


    Shug Bud-great vidio. I like the hammock for cliffs, high in trees, under bridges and find myself hunting for trees or to fit in kayak. I also play the mandolin and fiddle. You rip that mandolin pretty good. You know? You could be a good actor- you are a natural at it!!! Thanks for info. Im practicing that song now.

  • Eric Chilver

    Think youve got hiking and hammock hangin withdrawal buddy. Doctors advice hammock hangin at least three weeks every six months, with coffee or like beverages and good old hiking meals cooked anyway possible. O yea buddy dont forget the stringed instrument for toe tappin enjoyment. Wwooee buddy….👍

  • U Tooth

    Started with a Hennessey, went on to a ticket to the moon…
    Now have a 330gm including whoopie slings and tree huggers Tier Gear Peregrine hammock.
    It is addictive. 👍

  • Backpacking With Jason

    Great tips and talk Shug. I have a friend I was camping with about 4 or 5 years ago. He was in a hammock. I thought that was so cool. I kept asking him questions and he said watch Shug on Youtube. I said what’s Youtube. 😂🤣😂. So I got Youtube and started watching your videos. I still will do some tent backpacking but if I’m ever with a group of people I always bring my hammock. I’ve backpacked thousands of miles now with a hammock and I absolutely love it!!! And when someone new is asking me a lot of questions about hammock camping I tell them to go watch Shug on YouTube and it will help you out a lot. Thank you so much for the help you gave me about hammock camping and the help you give to the backpacking community. Your the man!!

  • martin ernesto pinta

    OK EVERYBODY COLLABORATION CALLING : It's a YouTube channel of a bush crafter lately, a urban crafter previously, but mostly LIFE crafter… So check it out, subscribe and support him. Thanks Shugemery didn't expect less from you. God bless. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnFubS3f68vIrQESBetHSSg

  • Keith Weagle

    I have to ask the question. Why do I get the feeling that many of the high profile hammock people on youtube have a hate on for Hennessy Hammocks? It's not that I hear people say bad things about them per say, but the company is never mentioned as a source for hammocks. Many will say they used to have one but have moved on. I have two Hennessy Hammocks and find them both great, but I have to wonder if I am missing something by not trying some of the other brands. Just my observations. Keep up the good work!

  • CampfireTalk

    Great chat! Different strokes for different folks. 10-12 hours of sleep is a passion that I'm envious of. All secure in sector 7!!

  • spijkerpoes

    I use the hammoch so my illegal camping is somehow less illegal as with a tent. Putting up a illegal tent camp means a lot of Bush wacking too. I go for real cheap standard hammocks and real expensive underquilt. Its light, fast, complicated, fiddly, comfortable.. like I likey!

  • Green Steve

    Hey Shug, you got me off the ground! I used to like tents, now I feel trapped when in them. I'm a lounger and a sleeper, never without a hammock.

  • uptrail71

    We slept in our hammocks this past weekend at the Porcupine Mountains. 👍 I lost my video camera there in early July and someone returned it to the rangers station. It still works and the SD was still in it. Enjoy your upcoming trip! I'll miss watching the Shug Halloween video 😢

  • standswithfish

    I figure not to get all strung out over it. I'll just hang out with an experienced hammocker for a while! This week, Hammock Chat; next week, Tarp Talk! Love the Mando BTW.

  • JourneyofBear

    I prefer my hammock but still tent it sometimes. It really depends on the trip I am taking and my current hammock skill level.

  • KidJet Recon

    Just got back had me the best time , my only problem wanted to sleep for days in my hammock definitely kept warm in my XL BackBird Warbonnet watching your videos has taught me I need to get out and enjoy the moment I’m in and pass down the joy of just being out in the great outdoors. Keep up the great inspiration.

  • lilricky2515

    Great video, but one thing I might want to interject is to perhaps attend an organized hang, like Hangcon to try out different hammocks from different hammock manufacturers instead of buying a cheap hammock that may or may not be comfortable due to the cheapness (is that a word?) of the fabric and construction of said hammock.

  • Eat Carbs Outdoors

    I've slept in a hammock… and I've slept in a tent. I've also slept under a tarp and made shelters. It's all fun.
    Thanks for the video

  • RatdogDRB

    Good seein' ya back with video again. Just got back into town this afternoon, spent the weekend camping in the woods. Trying to give equal time to my cot/tent to be certain which I prefer… I definitely sleep "more gooder" in the hammock.

    It was WET!!! Poured all weekend long, but, my Aqua Quest Safari 13'x20' tarp excelled in it's job. Had a dry spot to sleep, sit/read, tend the fire in my Firebox Stove all weekend long. I do NOT miss the cot/tent when snoozing in the hammock, but I do miss the hammock when in the cot/tent. No pressure on the hip at night, rarely have to get up in the middle of the night. In the cot, up at least once a night.

  • Medic 45

    I would be lost with out my hammock for camping.. speaking of camping my season starts this weekend 🙂 bring on the COLD.

  • Blair Lee

    Glad to hear the king of lollygag prattle once more. Seriously though, great video, you never disappoint. My girls fight over who gets to sleep in shugs( the hammock I won from you last year). Thanks again sir, my best to you and yours

  • john eneix

    Nice video Shug! I have an Eno Nest, off the shelf, but I spent on a top quilt and Klymit pad for warmth. I recommend Hammock Gear for quilts. All clear!!!

  • Mike Latta

    A couple of eye lag bolts into the studs, on opposite corners and you can hang in your bedroom. I blame Gilligan and The Skipper for my hammock addiction! Darn you all! Darn you to Heck!

  • baz huddleston

    I do my thing and you do your thing.
    I am not in this world to live up to your expectations,
    And you are not in this world to live up to mine.
    You are you, and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it's beautiful.
    If not, it can't be helped.

    Shug, luv ya, reminded me of the Gestalt pray above.

    Peace bro, man hugs…. Hugs, that Shug spelt funny!


  • Hunt R

    Good chat, yes custom built-for-life products are out there, no matter the price, people will buy those things after having the appreciation, like you said with car lovers. Great mando jig at the end. I'm learning The Musical Priest

  • Sebastopolmark

    One thing you (SHUG in the first person) have always conveyed to us is that what ever you say is YOUR opinion and "if it works for you great, it not too bad, it works for me"! !! !!!

  • Nic Turman

    I try to tell people about that hammock life but they don’t want to listen. I gave all my groomsmen hammocks at my wedding. Maybe a few will convert ha

  • tree feller

    Spent some time on the trail a few weeks ago shug. Met a neat dude and his son (hammockers) that joined us at our campfire. Obviously your name came up, you're quite the celebrity.

  • Vince Doss

    Just the best energy on the interwebs.
    You never disappoint. Always helpful… your kindness and generosity are transformative.
    I have learned so much from you! Thank you for puttin’ yer light it out there to light the way.

  • Nathaniel Prentice, LCSW, CAS-PC

    Great video, Shug. Although, if you try to balance your mando like that again and put it at risk…as a fellow mandolinist, I’ll have to kill ya.

  • Swiat34

    I really appreciate all the advice, instruction, and insight you’ve given in your videos. To say it’s been helpful would be an understatement.

  • Kaylynn Strain

    Have not yet had the opportunity to test out my Equip brand hammock (bought at Wal-Mart) but may get to in the spring. Have the rest of the utems I will need but I may upgrade my 30+year old sleeping bag for a lighter weight one or get a top quilt

  • De Pa

    Awe Shug you are a man just tryin to help and be real I hope some jerk hasn't trolled you. Love your videos and have helped me bunches over the years . You stay Shugy Shug Shugidy Shugness. Love the Fairy song at the end

  • Gary Lee

    hi, i have not seen you in awhile. you popped up on suggested vids. i guess the bell icon was out around when i was watchn you. now, i clicked the bell

  • leelen01

    Haven't visited hammock forums since warbonnet became a popular name. To many people got into "hammock camping" and frankly I witnessed to much tree damage in the bwcaw from inexperienced hangers. To popular to fast and without knowledge or direction from the companies selling "tree huggers". Just my 2 cents.

  • Jason Bryant

    I purchased my first hammock back in 2005 while overseas in the sandbox. I was doing convoy missions for Uncle Sam and there were a few times the transient "housing" was full at some of the bases we stopped at. I wasn't comfortable sleeping in the cab of the truck so I purchased a mini survival hammock at a PX after a few days of sleeping in the truck. Spent many nights hanging from the trailer when transient housing wasn't available, either full or just didn't exist where we were at. Fast forward to a couple years ago I pulled it out of storage for use at the paintball field I work at when after hours parties would run late into the summer evening. It might have shrank in storage as it wound up being tighter than I remembered and the net design of the survival hammock left its imprint on my face. This year I decided to upgrade to an ENO hammock set up after watching some of your videos and other channels about hammock camping. I am glad I did as I was able to get some over night treks in this summer and I used my ENO set up for those over night trips. I am looking forward to more backpacking trips with the hammock and hoping to get in some that are at least two nights.

  • Proud_daddy321

    Greetings from Four Mile, Alabama! My name Is Owen Watkins. My son is a Cub scout and we love to camp. Next week in is our 2nd camp out as a pack this year and we are planning to camp in our hammocks for the 1st time. I have watched almost all of your videos as you are not only educational but entertaining as well. My question is, the lows on the nights we are camping will be in the low fifties will our camping pad be enough to keep us warm on the back side or do we need to use our under quilts in those temperatures? I know you are a very busy guy but we would genuinely appreciate any feedback. Thank you for your time! Owen out from sector 11!😁

  • Boundary Life Gear

    Great video Shug. I had never heard of "mocking." I like how you offer insight without trying to sell us something. You always make it entertaining and fun.


    I can't wait for the talk about the Fabrics I started Hammock Camping about a year ago and now I hammock camp and I also sleep in a hammock every night but I still couldn't tell you a thing about the different Fabrics so I would love to learn a few things

  • ehrlenmeyerflask

    shug, when i knew i needed to buy a hammock (ground related pain) i knew i was going to need something high end right outta the gate so i watched every video i could find and read all the articles and lurked forcefully on the forum.

    your videos were the most helpful to me in terms of figuring out what i would need so i only had to cry once. my starter hammock is the hammock i am still in: a blackbird XLC because of COURSE i needed a winter cover!!

    after some months camping in it, i realized that the pain abatement i got camping was significantly better than sleeping in a bed. so now it's my every night bed, indoors and out.

    you helped change my life!

  • The Meska

    How hard is it to make your own hammock? What material and what tools do you need to make your own? Please just give me the basic how too..thanks so much Enjoy your vids and content. Cmeska

  • Jeff Carrico

    I've been watching your videos for a couple years, and learned a lot from them, especially the Noob series. I have been asked to teach a class on hammock camping for University of Scouting for my local BSA Council, and would like permission to use this video as part of the presentation.

  • thomas newton

    I car camp. I love my eno hammock. I have a tent but I sleep much better in the hammock. I made a Costco underquilt for it. I purchased the Eno gug net and rain fly. I sleep warm, dry, and snug as a bug in a hammock. I learned a few tricks from you on sleeping crosswise in the hammock and using a ridged line. I can't hike or backpack any more but I still need time in the back country to get a reset on life.

  • Jeep Things Outdoors

    Once ya go hammock It's hard to go back! I got a cheap one at Sam's Club about 4 years ago and still love it! Also loved the music at the end!

  • Kelly Michaels

    I want to get into hammocks. To backpack with primarily. Is there a certain vid that helps me understand all the complexities ? Its mind boggling …..

  • earlymusicus

    I love Celtic music on the mandolin – really, I love it on just about any instrument- and you play it so well, Shug! I’m having a really hard time finding the energy to get out in the woods – still drowning in grief over my brother’s death. Seems hopeless.

  • John Brown

    Shug…can I call you Shug? I have a pretty good problem. First, thanks a million. My problem is, I am not here because I like hammocks, or camping, and, until now, I especially do not like videos on the subject. I've been forced into this, slowly but surely. Then really quickly and surely. So now I am full time hammocking. Not so much camping as hammock trespassing everywhere. I'm in the mid to high Appalachian altitudes, which means a few days ago the high was 92 F, and last night hit freezing on the nose. I have no top quilt, bottom quilt, sleeping bag, etc. That shit sucked. I am a resourceful, inventive person. Unless I let the bitter and hate take over, which it has completely. So, long and short of it. I am broke with a shitty hammock, shiity mosquito hammock, shitty thin fleece blanket, shiity 2 pairs of clothes, shitty jacket, and a shitty attitude. All of which are Wall Mart except the attitude. That's only to be had by living in these shiity shoes I've got on. My feet haven't thawed out from last night, and now they are quite nearly frostbitten I would think. Only the hate is staving off the last bit of chill before the toes break off. What's the free-est warm setup? I think the mesh holds an extra degree or two in. But the underquilt deal would be quite nice. What about a wind break, like t shirts, shorts, etc.. String the hammock low, then a couple clothes stacked against wind. Pine needles are infinite here. Stuff the shirts maybe, I dunno. Don't really care anymore. What would you say you were before you were a fine example of a teacher? Something that played to a crowd I bet. You have the mannerisms of a stage actor at times. Anyways, you can watch some of the downward spiral on my channel. Mostly dark. The videos in the daylight have something even darker than the moonless night videos. Well, have a good one.

  • Brian Wofford

    Yep, I like hammocks. I have five or six, I also gave another five or six to an outdoor program. I quickly decided not to promote everyone hammock camping, because trees get in high demand. The new Amok hammocks intrigue me. I want one. I enjoyed your video, thanks for the discussion.

  • Derek Baumgarten

    I started with Walmart, then skeeter beater , then Clark TX 270. Ground hard and cold. For you to appreciate hammock camping you have to experience it. I'm 58 love the outdoors, but hammocks work for me, I like to be comfortable. I love shrugs videos, but you have to do it. It's freaking great, nothing like getting right with mother nature. It's almost a spiritual thing to me to get in the woods and reflect. Happy hanging and thank you Shug.

  • Derek Drever

    My boy and I occasionally sail our boat north from Vancouver into an area called Desolation Sound, and more specifically, Teakerne Arm Provincial Park. Our boat isn’t really that big, so by the time we provision up with food, water, and fuel, it’s easier if we just hang our hammocks down in the main salon instead of using the berths. But man we sleep so good. Well, all except one night … I woke up to a nasty stench and went up into the cockpit to find a big pile of scat … odd since we were moored to a buoy off shore. I turned around to see a big ol black bear snoozing on the bow. He looked at me, groaned as he slipped into the water, and swam away. Don’t worry big guy, I’ll clean up your … mess.

  • D. Axt

    Shug, thanks for putting it all into perspective. You are the Haven of Hammocking and Sultan of Slumber. But if you rap again, I might hang myself before I hang my hammock! 😉

  • panzerabwerkanone

    Funny you came upon the subject of just casual hammocks. I just moved to a small town in Georgia that has a small downtown park near city hall that has half a dozen public hammocks to lounge in. Could I have possibly moved to the lolligag capital of the US?

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