Hanging bridges are scary! | Day 2.1 of TMB from Houches to Col de Tricot
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Hanging bridges are scary! | Day 2.1 of TMB from Houches to Col de Tricot

Hello, it’s Angelina and Dima here. It’s our second day of Tour de Mont Blanc. And the first official one because from the
town Houches where we are now starts the official trail of Tour de Mont Blanc so this is the
first day. Now we have a plan to get to the next village
Contamines Montjoie which is in 15 kms. And we don’t really know if we can do it all
today because of the mountain. We have to do the big uphill for today right
from the start we are starting to ascend the mountain. And from 1000m we’ll get up to 2000m. So it’s quite a big climb. We’ll see how it goes and how it develops. The weather is good for hiking, mostly cloudy
and chilly. We still want to get some views once we get
to the top so we pray that we have cloudy weather untill we get to the top and then
it can be all sunny and clear. That would be perfect but the weather is unpredictable. Good morning! It’s 7am right now and we are getting ready
for the day. The night was very warm, we found a good slope
so there was almost no slope, quite flat. So for the first time we slept really well
we think on this trip. And we feel more fresh than ever. Now we see that there are a lot of clouds. And the mountains behind me should be the
huge mountains. They are all covered in clouds right now. And we feel like we are at home right now
like in Pyrenees. It’s the same. That’s incredible how the clouds can change
the landscape drastically. And the place was quite secluded, nobody was
disturbing us. Even though there was little path going though
here but nobody was walking, maybe just some roe deers. But we don’t mind it. Let’s wrap up everything and can start with
the day. That’s already cooked food from yesterday
night. Now we are just heating it up and it’s ready
ot eat. To save our time it’s great. And it’s less gas usage as well. Also there is a cable car that is going up
the mountain so instead of hiking you can take just this cable car. Haven’t seen the rates, what are the prices. But this is just not for us but some people
are taking it, skipping the big part probably, the big hardest part. That’s amazing how the clouds can skilfully
hide their faces in the clouds. And you almost forget that they are there
but now they’re appearing and it’s like magic happening. We’ll have internet disconnection for around one week
because we don’t have a French sim card and it’s too expensive to buy one. We checked different mobile networks but it
was like 40 or 30 euros just for 2 weeks. So it’s a very tourist service. But we didn’t care much because we are going
to cross to Italy very soon in several days. And it’s very international so don’t care
to purchase it. In general we find it a great problem to find
a good sim card a european one, to cover all the countries that we’re crossing especially
in the times like this. So if you know any service that covers all
Europe when you can buy a card for a month and use it at least for internet purposes. Not for calls or sms. So we don’t know it if you know please let
us know. You know that there is a trend going on right
now about internet detox or social media detox. No social media for a week or month. It’s just the start for us but it feels so
calming and peaceful. We don’t feel like we are addicted to it too
much. It’s still very important for social media
people like us but we can live without it, no problem. We see a lot of deforestation work and forest
cutting along the way. Yesterday and today we were seeing it. Yesterday we saw the sign saying that there
is some bug eating the trees, like invasion. There is so much of them and the invaded trees
are needed to be cut. That’s what they say but that looks very bad
to us. Probably the forest knows its work better
than the humans and without the humans it will work just fine. There is a ski trekking sign, we see it all
the way here. So we think in the winter there are ski hikers. Maybe they are doing the Tour de Mont Blanc. Half of the climb there. Very steep uphill, but we are doing it and
the sun is out. That’s ok, we are strong. We were a bit worried about where we can leave
our trash, where we can throw it away. But now we see that there are lots of bins
on the way because there are ski resorts obviously and there are some dirt car roads as well. That’s nice that we don’t have to carry it
with us. Extra weight. This person that is carrying the bike is not
lazy at all. Just for the pleasure to go down he’s ready
to carry it all the way up the steep uphill. It’s crazy. First test of the water filter. Going ot try how it works. We found the water supply, but there is some
ground particles. And we want to filter it. There is not much space, it’s half a litre. Seems easy for now. If we do everything right and it’s not the
same. It’s going a bit slow but it works. Just have to squeeze it. Sometimes you forget about this awesome view. Then you turn back and you see that glorious
mountain summit. Can’t get enough of it. And you’re looking almost at the sky, they’re
so high. Unbelievable. Just having some chocolate and nut break. We are trying these nuts happy belly brand
on amazon. And they taste good. Raw nuts, non salty. This is the best, we like it. And it’s very hard to find for whatever reason
in any shop that we’re going through. Everything is salty or baked. So this is great. Here we see the whole map of our trail for
today. Now we are here, we made it somewhere from
there. So we went up here and now we are at 1600m
and we are doing it all the way till here to 1900m. And then we’ll probably go down on this side. We are not sure but here is some village so
probably we are going there. Just a big good map. There is actually a tramway of Mont Blanc
that we didn’t know about. That is going high up in the mountains. Should be a very scenic trail of the train. This is how the pine trees are dying probably,
so sad to see. But it’s already half dead. We can see that on the sign boards there are
so many optional TMB trails. And there is not one. So you can choose maybe one will be easier,
one will be harder, going uphill or downhill so it depends on you. But we have this map and we’re going this
direction maybe a bit harder. This tramway of Mont Blanc goes all the way
up there if you can see. It goes even where the snow is resting still. So it’s quite a high tramway. And on the train it was stated that it goes
from 100m to 2300m so very high. Now we are going downhill but on the map it
says that we need to go uphill. We didn’t reach the highest elevation for
today to 2100m. But maybe it will go uphill now. Had to get out our jackets because it’s kind
of chilly. No wander why because the snow is very close
and the ice is there so maybe because of that. Now we know why we are going a little bit
of downhill and kind of flat. Because we are approaching the waterfall and
we are going to cross it by the hanging bridge. So that’s what awaits us in a km or so. There was a sign of difficult path and it’s
a bit scary. We know that it’s going to be the hanging
bridge probably. And I’m like scared to the hell of that. I don’t know why. I just got over one or two of them. And they were small. And when I don’t feel the stable ground under
my feet I’m at panic. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I guess I have to overcome it this time because
this is how the way goes. And we’ll have several of them on the TMB. So have no other option. Do you feel the same? Let me know. There is a bridge! Oh no! For me it’s like the worst thing ever. There are the flags from Tibet you know from
Everest camp. They’re similar, multicoloured with some prayers. It wasn’t as bad as expected, not so bad. It was a bit sturdier. It wasn’t bouncing too much. Thanks God, challenge for today. Have the last 1.9 uphill for the day. Let’s do it. There’s lots and lots of these green leaves,
big leaves growing on the hills. We don’t know what it is, looks like a cucumber
to us. If you know let us know. Just a moment ago there was a thunder and
I’m so afraid of it maybe there’s gonna be the storm. That’s so scary and we’re at the highest point
still. We need to get down as quickly as possible. Thank you so much for watching! Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up
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see you on our next video! Bye!


  • Wynand Smit

    What a lovely trip. Super keen to experience the rest with you.

    I could be wrong, but those bugs are probably borer beetles, they are not endemic to many parts of the world, the only way to destroy them is by introducing a tiny wasp that uses the beetles to lay its eggs in them. That is why the trees need to be destroyed by man before the beetles spread, killing most trees in their path. Most countries have no natural defence against them. Borer beetles have become a global crisis.

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