Hanneli Goslar meets Anne Frank in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp | Anne Frank House

One day a friend of mine tells me: ‘You know, between all these women
there is your friend Anne Frank.’ So I had no choice but to go near
the barbed wire. This was not allowed. I was standing there in the cold
and I was waiting. And then suddenly I heard
somebody calling me and it was Anne. This was awful.
First thing, we both started to cry. Then she said she had nobody anymore.
This was not right. If she had known
her father was still alive… But she didn’t know,
so she had nothing to live for. One week before we got little
Red Cross packages for the first time. I said: maybe you can come after two days
and I will try to do something. All my friends, everybody gave me
a glove or a little sock and a little bread. So I came back at night
with such a small package. I threw the package over
and then I heard her crying or shouting. I couldn’t understand. What happened? The lady next to her caught the package
and ran away with it. She didn’t give her anything. I said I would try for another time
and, really, I tried another time. This time she caught the package
and it was the last time I saw her.

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