Happy Birthday to My Son Diego The Outdoor Adventures Vlog#1869
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Happy Birthday to My Son Diego The Outdoor Adventures Vlog#1869

well good morning and welcome to the old
tor adventures here in this channel you can expect sceneries like this we have made it up to the same spot that
we were at here just a few weeks ago and look at this huh nice and calm it is out
here today just absolutely gorgeous out here today however the water looks like
it has risen a little bit we got to kind of walk through in-between here a little
bit just in order to show you guys this side here it looks like the water has
risen quite a bit I don’t know if this is considered high tide or what but look
at that we were we were walking last time we’re walking over there and those
two rocks that are over there right there
those ones weren’t even in the water at that time so yeah today at least it’s
nice and calm last like this is my second time coming through here this
week and when I came true it was really really really windy and the waves were
hitting these rocks real hard and it was all wet all the way up to here it was
all wet so I didn’t dare walk down here because I didn’t want to be swept into
the into the lake up here right but yeah look at these beautiful colors that they
got on these on these rocks hey there’s even the log in there you wouldn’t
hardly even be able to tell that there is a log in there but uh this is where I
took a few pictures here before and I loved it I just loved the way they I
don’t know what that really is but I took a picture of that rock there before
right and then I took the picture kinda like this and just absolutely gorgeous
with all the lines inside of these rocks and everything but just nice and
peaceful out here I remember showing you guys before over there and you would
always see big waves up there and nothing today but look at them colors of
the trees are changing a everything is starting to change color over here
you still see the island over there and there is a little bit of codes you did
get a little bit of drizzle last night you still see the moon up there yeah I’m
very very quiet compared to what it usually is up here so anyways I just
figured I would check in again and start recording something right I hope you
guys are enjoying my outdoor adventures it is starting to get a little bit
cooler but not too bad in all reality it’s not that bad it’s uh right around
freezing point right now so it’s actually nice
I enjoy standing here by the water it’s beautiful to me you guys know me I love
water anyways but anyhow I gotta get back on the road and start making my way
home sweet home we got some big plans for this weekend and then I know we’re
not really talking about politics too much on this channel but Monday is
voting time so I’m gonna go walk cast my vote and I hope you guys are too so but
that being said that’s hit the road and we’ll see what kind of goodies we can
show you along the way it looks like we have made at home right he has indeed we
have actually we have made at home so guess what we’re up to
well what we usually do when we get home well not every single time but we’re
getting ready to celebrate my son’s birthday yeah he’s turning 17 on the
24th so I got my fire pit going everything is still quite wet so it took
me at least an hour and a half to get that sort of half-decent going and so we
got everything ready to go so now we are just kind of wait until everybody shows
up we invited a bunch of people so we should have a good time today I’m
telling you guys yes indeed we should so let’s wait for everybody to show up and
as you guys can see the snow is all melted but let’s have a good barbecue
tonight man I’m telling you guys it took forever for these guys to show up
let me see who’s all here let me see we can see
these people even make this a little bit brighter here we go make them blind
anyways that’s very bright yeah who’s this guy pretty darn good what are we up
to I’ll tell you guys if you don’t get the
distance the service what I got here oh well it sucks being me right now not my
problem is all I got to say today there’s not much on the grill but they
think yes today I brought my son he’s gonna help yeah we got our we got our
tripod set up over here Walter brought his camera I don’t know what good that
does but that’s how I look and see moly oh my goodness yeah we got some some
nice barbecue over here that’s for sure yeah that’s starting to look good no
kidding yeah what this Saturday we gonna eat when are we gonna eat barbecue here
what we are yes but next Saturday I am off south
somewhere somewhere and I’m gonna eat real but I want to do I want to go eat
part alligator alligator to do that and books just had alligator just last week
in Florida all way yeah he did it jukebox a he has to send us something oh
I know I want it I want to go and we going to hunt the alligator Oh want to
eat it you want to send me at least a picture oh I’m gonna sign you out video
maybe you can try you want to tell everybody what we’re doing tonight
barbecuing and celebrating something right what was that
oh it’s celebrating yours Suns bursted my sons burst that’s right
they’re very close together exactly that’s know so today we gonna celebrate
well they’re gonna celebrate we gonna eat right yeah yeah yeah we’ll have a
drink first yes exactly we gotta get a refill
well darn them because there’s a completely empty yeah it’s not cold yet
okay so it’s my frozen so we’re gonna be right back I don’t know what those guys
are talking about but I’m telling you mr. Walter this is no man I’m telling
you man this is starting to look really really good man wait we got to do
something here yet yeah you want to hold maybe a set piece right there and I got
to do my tradition right here so let me yeah you should try that one yeah I
think you should definitely definitely try though oh man you got to be kidding
me I was kind of open I was gonna get
really I got a cut one for me one real nice one right huh oh man I got to turn
the screen so I can see oh no you have to are you guys ready taste us mr.
Ronnie mr. Ryan oh yeah no more me for nobody
no but you wouldn’t like it is this good we will taste it for you guys yeah then
we’ll let you know later exactly leave a comment down below if you guys think
it’s gonna be any good but I know there’s gonna be good all that thumbs up
yep that’s right hear it and see how many likes you know what we should do
Rudy what’s that we should say if we can get and then
makes twenty-four hours and we can get 100 likes on it what are we gonna do we
have to do some crazy day yeah we got to do something crazy we got to send them
on a plane so you get 100 likes by and 24-hour yeah yeah 24 to 48 24 should do
it oh yeah let’s do it 24 hours and we got 100 likes 24 hours
I’ll go fly south there we go let’s do that that’s do it that’s the deal guys
all right all right guys it is time to show you some of the goodies that we got
going on over here we got us a nice onion salad right there a regular salad
we got an actual salad over there I don’t know but I’m trying my best this
is the best right yeah look at that he’s gonna tell me if it’s any good good stop
what do we got here let’s have a look and see what it says right there
Dubi Dubi always pull like this that they fit oh I don’t know maybe we gotta
hit it out one there’s another cake right there yeah that’s right there you
go I’m telling you we’re gonna have an awesome evening we got everybody over
here we’re gonna have a good supper here tonight I’m telling you I forgot to show
you guys this we actually do have some balloons over here who do that all right
guys it is time to get the meat off to girly
yeah yeah yeah we want to be careful yeah this is the dough white Shepherd I
got a separate roaster over here it is done so nicely yeah this one goes
in here and here this one goes in there there we go I wonder I should maybe I
should say to this one goes to my mall sure you wish you’re hungry hot
that’s good that’s what we want to hear because if you’re not hungry then you
shouldn’t have come looking good there we go let’s go in and have us a good
supper guys eggs I uh huh I like that I have a full roster it’s mine well look
at here guys we are back on the road and look who I just ran into I got a cop
over here are you Ben Drew Bucks have you yeah which I guess we got to decide
which way we’re gonna go up here yeah no kidding that would be a laugh and a half
right we don’t yeah yeah uh-huh but we’re gonna go inside and grab a bite to
eat right yeah let’s go in and oh man I’m blinding myself over here but I was
trying to blind him but what can I say right yeah well as soon as I put it up that’s right
yeah we sure do alright let’s go in and see what kind of
goodies we get we’re gonna go into this place right here we’re gonna go ahead
and have a some some good bite eat that says seek yourself thank you all right
well look at here guys me and this guy Jude box over here we’re getting ready
to have us an awesome supper look at that chopped steak and mushrooms on
there and I got me a porterhouse with baked potato and some barter you do too well everybody all let’s have a good
supper it’s time to go for a nice little walk and I came across these few
leftover plants up here yes indeed I did here this absolutely gorgeous colors out
here too still today so guess what I’m gonna go for a little bit of a walk
there’s even some birds flying our own still quite a few of them you see one
right there yeah the highway is right over there I’m
stopped at a rest area and I said you know what you go for a little bit of a
walk I do see a bluejay up there let me see if I can possibly get a little bit
closer to him and maybe I can show you guys maybe zoom up on them they are
beautiful to look at that’s for sure huh no he’s taken off into the tree oh well
maybe I can get underneath the deck here maybe he can’t quite see me I see him up
there yeah the Sun is trying to shine through that there is one right there
coming to fly right there I see him hmm maybe they’re going to land right there
pretty soon me see if I can spot him right there he is oh no he’s coming to
the ground let me see where he’s at Terri’s not two of them they are saying
this is my spot see they’re finding all kinds of goodies up there it looks like
I’m zoomed in as much as I can there’s actually three four or five of
them up there well the sudden a bunch of them started coming out I wanted to get
that one that’s a little bit more in the sunshine there they have beautiful
colors on their wings i I done blue they they really shine nice when they’re when
they’re actually sitting in the Sun but yeah they’re very colorful that’s for
sure especially against that nice green light right there you see that those
colors are just really really popping I bet you those trees they have some sort
of berries or whatever and they probably eat those berries that’s probably what
it is let’s see we can find it they’re probably falling off of these
trees and then they’re eating him off it off on the ground right let’s see I’m
not really seeing exactly yeah it almost looks like they are definitely
like this stuff right here I mean let me see if I can show you this stuff right
here they are cracking those berries open I think that’s what it is that’s
why there are so many of them around here but yeah I think what I’m gonna do
is I’m gonna go ahead and get my drone out you know might take you guys for a
spin see what it looks like from above is somebody trying to make some
moonshine over there or what’s going on in the bush over there
yikes I’m telling you guys there is some huge huge trees in this bush yeah it’s
looking beautiful at this time of the year up here but all the beautiful
colors in the bush there and everything and just take a look at this big tree
right here oh my goodness I bet you that thing is like two feet wide I know it
doesn’t look quite as big on the camera but that thing goes all the way up there
let me see if I can stand right beside it here and I’ll show you I’ll show you
guys an example hopefully you guys can see how wide this this tree is as wide
is what my shoulders are you guys see that that’s just amazing you know this
thing looks like it’s a little bit crooked I might have to straighten it
out well I hope you guys enjoyed today’s vlog I had fun making this video and if
you did don’t forget to leave that big fat thumbs up
I got links down below to find my Instagram page and all that good stuff
so where I post some photos sometimes when I find some good shots right so I
guess what I’m gonna do is go ahead and close off the show appreciate you guys
watching and we’ll be back pretty soon I hope
anyways have a great day and we’ll see you on the next one you


  • Carla Head

    Happy Birthday Diego!! Glad Diego enjoyed his 17th birthday with delicious food, wonderful family,and friends. There’s nothing better than getting off the beaten path and getting out to where nature really exists!! Those were some pretty birds,and breathtaking fall leaves views taken with your drone. Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year!!! Thank you so much for making such wonderful nature & outdoor videos my friend!! Keep up the great work!! Safe travels and love to the family. GOD BLESS

  • Don Whittaker

    Awesome video camera was really popping on the colors good to see the guys having a BBQ made my mouth water hope the boys had a good Birthday drone footage was super colorful. I posted on my channel JB launching his drone here in the Hollow check it out. Be safe my friend.

  • Tom Ludden

    Great video Rudi. Walter caring on as usual. A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DIEGO.. I like the drone footage added also. Keep the videos coming my friend. Until next time, Later…

  • The Trucker John Show

    ****Happy birthday Diego🎂****. Rudi you are making me so hungry with that barbecue, OH YEAH👍👍👍👍👍

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