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Whoa.good Wonderful beautiful morning audience. I Just got up a little bit ago taking each of the dogs on their morning walk while we’re camping Looks like we got lucky and it’s gotta be beautiful again today We had a little bit of rain while we were here. But uh Nothing that kept us from doing anything which is kind of nice Oakley gets to go first on the walk and I gotta go back and get Memphis and Shelby Yeah, I love this campground. Oh uh oh Memphis’ nemesis The geese Okay going this way to get videos of the lake the geese gotta move Check out the fog rolling in across the lake So when I walked Oakley It was super humid and then all of a sudden the wind shifted out of the north and it got it’s actually I feel cold Look at that fog rolling over the lake. That is so cool That’s beautiful Gee two walks in and we’re already acting crazy Must be because somebody estimates they wanted to go for a ride, Hey, wanna go for a ride Shelby’s, like wait what you talking to me? Jamie wanna go for a ride Greg, wanna go for a ride Greg has the Oakley the Oakley response. Um, yeah So I guess we’re Kind of headed into Munising today. Wanna go see a couple waterfalls. They’re like whatever as long as we’re in the car What do you thing about this crazy cold weather? it was changing yesterday. if the Sun comes out, it’ll warm right back up Hey you guys we can’t even see across the lake down there you guys where I was this morning and the fog was rolling Can’t even see hey stop. We’re going and Oakley. Of course this mornin has already been excavating the campground Yeah, and to move the steak because she was on digging her. She’s helping you look for agates. Oh is that They could be to check all those rocks So we’re heading Munising and you might not believe it but there’s a lake right there. Oh, you can kind of see the shore But it’s so foggy, you can’t even see the lake. It might be a little dusty Yeah, this is fog Definitely. It’s so crazy So crazy But at least it’s cold, it’s 49 you guys It’s 49. That’s awesome. So yesterday at the campground it was 85 and humid today It’s 49 Welcome to Michigan It is so much nicer this way This is that so crazy. Oh Here’s somebody creating some dust for us north Country trail. I don’t know where it goes off into the fog. Think we’re as north as you can get right now where we’re at Yeah, what do you think Memphis Memphis is like I just like that you’re letting me ride right here cuz we’re going slow So we made it to miners castle there’s The fog is still out there if you walk up there It’s really creepy because there was a glass-bottom boat going by but I didn’t get video of it and you could barely see it Yeah, it was crazy The dogs are getting massive amounts of attention Everybody wants to pet the puppies, huh? They’re all having a good time [Music] So right as we were getting ready to leave you could actually see the fog we were talking about it rolled right in It’s so crazy because the lake is flat and the fog rolled in. Isn’t it crazy looking down right there? It’s crazy Miss Oakley is like, please get me away from the edge guys Away from the edge. Yeah. All right. Let’s go to a waterfall. What do you think. Wanna go to a waterfall? Let’s go well, there was a whole heck of a lot of people and miners castle probably because the sun’s out and it’s decent temperatures and it’s Memorial Day weekend so we just expected there to be a lot of people We’re gonna go hit Possibly a waterfall or two, go to Munising, grab lunch and then head back to the campground I think that’s the plan. What do you think Memphis? Captain This great, I get to ride right here Yeah, you need a captains hat there you go All right, we’re off to Munising Falls, come on let’s go it’s this way Memphis is like oh this way. Oh, okay And Compared to the last time we were here the entire parking lot is full. Yeah Last time we were here we were the only ones here last month maybe Yeah, it wasn’t that long ago. Hey, come on. Quit checking the peameal. You can check your messages later [Music] We made it back to the campground Oakley’s inside getting ready to take a nap and Greg is over here getting the fire started that stick flew all the way over Think I’m gonna I’m gonna step back Greg’s getting a fire started and we’re gonna attempt to make french toast on the fire I’m gonna see how that’s gonna work. If it works. It’ll go up on cooking with the snow dogs And say if it doesn’t work, you don’t probably go up there anyway, cuz you know sometimes fails are fun Are you mad because you can’t reach this stuff we’re making mad? Yeah, yeah, so he says I’m mad guys so we’re making french toast over the fire Greg says we should have brought an electric beater What made things a little easier I bet why are you mad are you pouty You look cute at least Our food is inside that aluminum boat It’s gonna be very interesting. We’ve never done this before so hopefully it’ll turn out Tried giving Shelby a strawberry, but she didn’t want it I don’t know why probably because there was no dip on it check that out it is done So guess who showed up we have friends and they actually came to see us while we were camping look who’s here Hey banana how’s it going? she’s like I came to see you I know Oh somebody’s jealous hi Memphis, we’re gonna take Banana and Memphis and we’re gonna go yes, you’re coming, too We’re gonna go hunt some rocks for a little bit Before it gets dark. You’re ready, aren’t ya? Are you ready already? Okay, let’s go. We’re going on an adventure look how cute you guys are together adventure time Memphis is doing it. I want to try So we’ve literally even down here five seconds And I just found a Lake Superior agate You know how well you guys can see that until that that’s what it is. But that is what it is We’re gonna look at this beautiful sunset look at this She’s like this is so fun Had to sit down. I didn’t want her to walk on the rocks too much. I don’t want it to wreck her feet So we’re just sitting here watching the sunset getting ready to head back to the camper What you think, cutie-patootie She’s like, I think this is super fun So we were heading back from Rock pickin And we came to watch fog be formed. This is so cool. And so creepy looking look how creepy this is Like it’s creepy, but beautiful at the same time. How cool is that? Memphis’ having dinner. The other girls are having dinner and we’re building a fire to have amazing things Bananas like I’m just warming up my butt I don’t know what we’re gonna make but it’ll be amazing cuz it always is Look creepy by fire Kasha and Daniel left they were actually staying at a hotel So they came and said hi and they just left a little bit ago. And now we’re enjoying the fire for the last night of Camping this guy just cleared up so we might get some sky folder. Yeah, we might try No, you guys can at least see the moon over there That does look pretty cool. Mm-hmm. Yeah, we might try that I had to walk the dogs around the campground one more time. I Just enjoying this beautiful fire Yeah, it is about 45 degrees out here We have had the weirdest weather while we’ve been here, but it’s still been amazing. We never took the kayak out either No, no. Well, maybe next time. Oh There’s a piece of aluminum foil over there it did scared me too. I was hoping it was a raccoon I’m saying it was a flying squirrel coming in. Yeah, that’d have been cool too. It wasn’t any of those things. Oh my gosh It’s a sasquatch Know we were just saying it was like 45 degrees out. Not by the fire though That’s why I had to go put layers on cuz I got cold All the girls get to go for one more walk In the dark just to go for their potty breaks And then we’ll go to bed. Haven’t heard anything too crazy yet no coyote or nothing, Memphis has awesome green LED color it you can’t really tell it. I mean, I guess you can look lights everything up pretty good All the girls have it on LED collar Anyway, we’re at the end of the trail for this one now I gotta go back and get the other ones now it is Miss Shelby ‘s turn She’s like I want to go this way there’s people over there you can’t go that way Even miss Oakley gets a turn She has a bright blue collar. It makes her paws light up blue. That’s so cool So everybody had their walk to pee now. We need to get cookies, right because you got to bring cookies when you’re camping Cookie. Oh Yeah, you get a cookie. Memphis gets a cookie. Gee, where’s princess Shelby? Where’s the diva? You know, they’re getting cookies, but do you get up to get one? Nope? You want your delivery service? All right Last night I’m getting ready to go to bed. We gotta pack up and leave in the morning. What you think miss Oakley Did you have a good camping trip? Hey guys, I had so much fun. It was great Yep, so we’re getting ready to go to bed pack it up to leave tomorrow It’s fun – I did I had a lot of fun that was good and I found a couple cool rocks you did All right You guys as always if you are new to this channel and you liked what you saw don’t forget to hit that subscribe button Well, like this video and share it with your friends to help us grow the pawdience as always. Thanks so much for watching Thanks for subscribing. Stay positive dream big and we’ll see you again soon. Where’s where’s your daddy gonna lay? Cuz I think you guys both took his spot He’ll have to figure it out. You can fit right there. Yeah curled right up I fit over here You do but you’d fit right there curled right up? Good night pawdience


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