HART 2 HART: Solo Picnic
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HART 2 HART: Solo Picnic

– Hey guys. This week on Hart 2 Hart. ♫ Hart 2 Hart. It’s a start. ♫ When you’re talking to two hearts. ♫ Aww, man. That song is just
never gonna get better. Heads up. (inhales sharply)
(upbeat instrumental music) I wanna share with you guys the joys of what I like to call, “Solo dating.” What’s solo dating? Well, it’s the idea that you deserve to take you out for a date. For instance, you may
want to go see a show that your friends don’t wanna see. You should go see it anyway
and enjoy your own company. Or, you may want to try a restaurant that none of your friends want to try. You should go taste it anyway
and enjoy your own company. Or you want to go on a
picnic, but nobody likes going outside, cause all of your friends are internet people. You should still take
yourself out on a picnic. And I want to share with
you guys the two ways I have enjoyed picnics. Me today versus me when
this channel first started. Today, I spend so much time online, that it is important for
me to take some space from the internet and
read a book, and just sit and just kind of like, exist
in real life for a second. But that wasn’t always true. (upbeat instrumental music) You know, if you put down
your phone, you might actually realize that it’s
a beautiful day outside, and that is precious. – Well, it’s also a beautiful
day on the internet. So, there’s that. You are so preachy! Now, for some, solo time
might be that perfect moment to make a bunch of phone calls
that you’ve been putting off. For others, maybe solo
time is about making that phone call to yourself,
by writing in a journal. – Yeah, dude! Aww, man! Just having a great time at the park! You know, just like, at the park. We don’t go out enough, like, you know? Let me show you what I look
like at the park right now. I call that, “At the park,
loving life.” You know. Oh, man. It’s so good to be at the park. It’s so good to be at the park. It’s at the park. I’m at the park. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Duh, yeah! Yeah! Yeah, yeah. No, just getting some me time. Just getting some me time! You know? Another thing you can do on your solo date is meditate. Because frankly, I think that’s great. Wow, that was a rhyme. To be honest, I don’t
really meditate that often. It’s super, super hard to do. But every time I meditate,
I come out of it being like, “Whoa! I should meditate more!” What I do want to say
is that me in the past, I would always go out on a solo date but actually just be
looking to pick up chicks. (upbeat dance music) (beer can opens) And last but not least, now that you’re older and
wiser and classier and gassier, you go ahead and you take
yourself out on your fancy date with your cheeses and your snacks and your bottles of champagne. You’ll be amazed at how fast time can fly when you’re having fun, for one! (lively piano music) (music stops)
– Don’t litter. (lively piano music) (cork pops) (lively piano music) – Ahh. Thank you so much for watching! Please subscribe to my channel for new videos every Tuesday and Thursday. On Thursdays we have “My Drunk Kitchen.” On Tuesdays we have we have other content, like this, Hart 2 Hart, etc. Muah! Have a great day!


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