Havasac 6 Person Picnic Backpack
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Havasac 6 Person Picnic Backpack

(upbeat music) Hi guys, Tara here from Snowys Outdoors. Today I’ve got the Havasac
6 person picnic set backpack. It’s made from a polyester
material and 3.2 kilos. It’s got a 20 litre capacity. And it’s 45 by 32 by 30. Some of the features it comes with are: an insulated bottle holder
on the side detaches, picnic rug, and a huge
back pocket at the back. And around the front, first
off we’ve got a pocket at the front for any of your
knickknacks you might need. And the picnic set itself
is a huge six-person, cutlery included, your
six plates, six napkins, and cutlery for six people, with a bottle opener, cutting board, salt, pepper, and six cups. The Havasac picnic backpack
comes with a one year warranty and can be found in store or
online at www.snowys.com.au where we offer fast, free
delivery for most of Australia. ‘Til next time.

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