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Have Gear, Will Deliver Anywhere

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Durango TV news I’m Wendy Graham Settle What do you do when you live someplace
far from the mountains like say Houston Texas and you want to take a backpacking
trip on the Colorado trail? You can probably buy a hiking boots at home but
what about backpacks tents and all the other stuff that make for a fun and
comfortable trip. Call Check Outside a new Durango based outfitting company
that not only rents all types of high quality outdoor gear but, also delivers
it to your hotel room and will even meet you at the trailhead. We came up with the
idea. I have a background in the ski industry where you’re able to go to a
ski area and rent all the gear you need to for a day out on the slopes, and there
are a few camping rental gear companies but we just saw a need more in the
overall in the outdoor industry for camping, hunting, backpacking, and other
outdoor adventure sports. So we decided to start a venture in that and one of
the things that makes us a little bit different is we will ship to your door
or destination. So if you’re flying out to California to do a trip and, you don’t
want to log all your camping gear with you it’ll be at your hotel waiting for
you. You may recognize Tracy Barnes as one of Durango’s own Olympic by athletes
she and her twin sister Lanny Barnes have both competed in the Olympics in one of
the toughest winter sports the biathlon. The biathlon combines cross-country ski
racing with target shooting and competitors are challenged to pace
themselves so that they can calm their breathing and heart rate to shoot
accurately. The Barnes sisters are partners in check outdoors along with
Tracey’s husband Gary Colliander. The company carries top-of-the-line camping
gear, optics for bird-watching and wildlife viewing, electronics like GPS
mapping gear or communications radios, and accessories for Three Gunning a
growing sport that challenges competitors to use pistols, rifles, and shotguns to
hit a variety of targets in an obstacle course. Check Outside is like a micro
version of amazon.com with the sole purpose of getting people to enjoy the
outdoors. If you don’t want to lug your backpack, tents, or cooking gear on a
plane or on a cross-country drive for example check outside will ship your
gear for you and if you’re renting locally they’ll deliver to your home
office or meet you at the trailhead. Check Outside also has a small showroom
on County Road 223 just east of Three Springs, where you can try on gear or
practice setting up your tent Barnes says they purchase equipment that’s
high-quality and easy to use. A lot of what we see are people that want to get
into a sport or want to get into the outdoors. They don’t know what equipment
they need or they don’t have the equipment and ultimately we’re just
giving them the opportunity to get outdoors and really enjoy it with high
quality equipment. I competed on an Olympic level in sports for a really
long time and so I can appreciate really high quality gear and I feel that you
know if it can really help you and your family and whatever you’re doing really
enjoy your trip enjoy your outdoors and and ultimately be successful then then
that’s our art. We’ve (we’ve we’ve) met our goal the company has shipped gear all
over the United States and outfitted families from all walks of life. It’s
it’s just fun to be able to share the outdoors with people and and really I
think one of the best things is hearing about their adventure when when they
come back. To check out their inventory visit checkoutdoors.com

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