Haversack Kit Winter Camping Weekend Fail!!!
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Haversack Kit Winter Camping Weekend Fail!!!

Alright guys today’s video is gonna be
on my weekend long have a sec bushcraft trip this would be the first
time I’m not using a traditional backpack I’m just using my bedroll and
my I have a sack right so I also have my bushcraft low underneath all of that
underneath my hoodie this will be pretty much like a minimalist weekend right so
I always wanted to try it and this is what China is gonna look like today or
tonight sorry it’s going to get down to I think 13 degrees and tomorrow night
it’s going to get down to 7 degrees I did bring a backup bail out kit if you
will which just consists of a tent for season 1 person tent and my zero degree
sleeping bag so the object of this weekend is to last the entire weekend
inside my uh I’m sorry in the tarp far in front so I’m gonna build a fire
that’s all without question and I am going to I also have plastic just in
case I need to make it a super shelter I’m gonna see how it fares so my bedroll
real quick is uh two little blankets queen-sized in the twin I’m hoping that
should be fine and enough with the fire go and I should be good to go so we’ll
see how it turns out alright guys stay tuned okay youtubers this is my camp for the
night I didn’t I wasn’t able to camp out last night
winds were pretty high and I took too long building my shelter as you can see
I’m braced up that took a while and I just I took too long so I called the
quits last night halfway through I got up early in the morning and finished it
and this is what it looks like now I will film in the morning so you guys get
a better picture of what this looks like so I have the fire going
the reflective wall I have some rocks here to help reflect the heat better so that’s pretty much it I have a ton of
wood over here you could see it hold on right
take less wood it’s a lot to have a picture of it earlier I’ll show it to
you now so anyway someone dropped this wood off
for me so they heard I was doing this felt bad and gimme a ton of wood for the
night I’m supposed to get down to three degrees I guess the real feel is like
minus one or two but I have a zero Degree bag which I had to get out of my
car I had to get to zero Degree bag out of my car I had to give a wool blanket
to a buddy of mine who wasn’t not that he wasn’t prepared but it was colder
than he thought so I gave him an ax packable blanket and I had to break out
my still degree bag so this is it and I do have the air mat underneath I have a
plastic sheeting protecting the air bag so this is pretty much it guys so my
night is looking like I am gonna expand a fire for those who go along fire
freaks I’m gonna expand it getting I’m spreading the hot coals out and then
I’ll be able to later longer logs on top alright guys see you in the morning
hopefully okay guys this is obviously the next
morning but my fire going again boiling some water this weekend the half attack
trip weekend was a bus I still got to sleep under the tarp so I bought in the
haversack you know use my water container and cup
that I bought in haversack but in the bed roll I had two wool blankets and I
think I stated earlier that I had to give one up because one of the guys that
came with me he didn’t have it was too cold so I had to lend him my merino wool
blanket and I took the Teton sleeping bag out of my truck and used that as a
it’s part of the sleeping shelter and as you can see I have two tarps up I had
the ultimate survival technology top-up and basic all-weather talk I thought the
ultimate survival technology tarp was going to be a lot bigger than it is and
it was it’ll small so I combined the two as you can see I have a trucker’s hitch
here right there goes the trucker’s hitch and yeah I wasn’t I mean you know I want
some too happy with having to give up my wool blanket but safety over our pride
right so I’m gonna try to have a sec hiding again but you know shit happens
right oh well there goes my back wall which helped a lot cut the wind down the
rocks help reflect the heat stay pretty warm except for the those periods where
the fire died down as you can see I mean a raised bed which I’ve my second time
doing this took a whole hell of a long time doing it by yourself the last time
I did I did in Canterbury school well this is some of the wood my buddy
dropped off after hearing I was going to do this said he was a little concerned
because last night got down to minus six come to find out so
Thank You pal for the wood and as far as all the race bed goes like a quick tip I
cut notches in here as you can see I cut notches in there to keep the wood stable
so it doesn’t you know roll out and the rest of the wood with it you can also
take the plastic sheeting you see there in the end roll a part of it set it down
roll a part of it the front set it down and it locks everything in the India in
between nicely so you can also do that you do that with a blanket or anything
that you’re gonna lay down on I used some plastic sheeting to protect my up
you can see here to protect my air mat I didn’t want it to get up didn’t want to
get damaged all right well there goes my have a sack up there in the corner so
the head wouldn’t have a sax tell you the best on the market alright so guys sorry that it wasn’t
everything I said it was gonna be I just wanted to put this video out to show
that I made an attempt and let me quit my bail out tent which I bought just in
case things got bad I used it the first night because things got bad and I
didn’t like I said before I didn’t finish the race bed but my tent is a
quarter mile away from here it also I did that because I didn’t want it the
temptation to send me back to my tent but being that I was warming up here all
night the temptation I’ve answered my mind
alright guys this is the anger prepper or you can follow me on first of all
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alright guys thank you for watching


  • Mr.DeLaCruz 559

    No apologies needed! I think it is better for me and your viewers to see how to roll with the situations that arise out in nature. You showed us not to panic if our plans have to change and to always have a back up plan if not two or three or four back up plans. Great job and keep up the great work! It's not easy to set up a shelter and record everything. God bless to you and yours!!!

  • bsykes

    Nothing ever workout the way we want but the most important thing is that you prepared for. Worst and came out learning more.

  • Pflugerville Bushcraft

    Dude this was a win not a fail because you were prepared it's when you push it without a backup plan that people get hurt. Sounds like you learned and got to spend a weekend in the woods. Keep up the great work and thanks for the video.

  • E R

    Spending a weekend in the woods, gaining bushcraft experience, noting adjustment to your kit = a win in my book.

    Great videos!

  • James Patterson

    Fail? I don't think so! I think it was awesome that you had a plan and a backup plan, and you made it all weekend. That's just smart. And every "fail" is just more experience. Great video – thanks.

  • Surely with Struggle

    Good video. Like the hat. What's the purpose of raising the sleeping platform? For warmth? Was it worth the work/trouble?

  • Robert31352

    This video may just help someone adjust their packs before they get out there. You are not a failure as far as I am concerned. You used the best tool you have and that was your brain. You were prepared. You learned something. And you taught something to each of us. I say thanks. Subbed!

  • Bump Staggers

    Nice video man. That's a cold night to sleep out with any gear. Great job on the camp and sticking it out. Every time out is a learning experience. Have fun.

  • Jason Wise

    Great info here. I dig the straight-forward, candid style of your videos. And I'm happy to say I'm your 500th subscriber.

  • Great Scott 67

    hey bro Im back! somehow I got unsubscribed, subscribed to your Urban series as well.
    Live & learn, as long as you try & learn from mistakes it's not a fail.

  • James Ritchie

    Never saw a blanket roll that large.  Mine is a third that size.   Anyway, you'll succeed.  It just takes a trip or five to figure out what works for you.  I think clothing choice was you first mistake. 

    One of the first things I learned from my grandfather was that Daniel Boone never used a super shelter because there was no plastic back then.  He never used a long log fire, either, because one man can't keep such a fire going very long without wearing himself out, and one man doesn't need a giant fire, if he builds the right kind of shelter.  Long log fires are great for large groups, but terrible for one, two, or three men.   He didn't even use a large fire, despite what Dave Canterbury says.

    Nor did he likely use an open front lean-to in really cold weather.   He would use a raised bed, if the ground was really wet, and he had no oilcloth for a ground sheet and he might use one in the winter, as long as the bed was out of the wind. 

    Warming the ground with a fire, and building a tight, small shelter that is easily heated with an internal first is the simplest way to stay toasty warm, even if the temp drops far below zero.   A tiny fire heats a small, tight shelter easier than a huge fire  heats an open front shelter.   Chances are he'd heat the ground where his raised bed was going to be, if he used a raised bed at all. 

    There are several types of small, nearly enclosed, tight shelters that can be built quickly, that heat easily, and that will keep you toasty war.  But it always helps, of course, if the clothing you wear is based on the coldest temperature you expect.   Then you can actually shed clothing to balance the fire and the shelter, and be able to put clothing on when you're ready to get up in the morning.  This is always a huge plus.  The idea is to come dressed for the cold, but to wear as little clothing as possible while sleeping.

    Another nice thing about a small, tight, nearly enclosed shelter is that you can, if you set it up right, you can feed the fire, and ,make coffee in the morning without getting out of bed.

    Anyway, you will get the hang of it. Few things go right the first time out, and, honestly, the best time to learn how to build such a shelter is before the weather turns that cold.

  • Bravo’s Aventuras

    Great video. I really like the set up you had there at base camp. Great job with the back up plans. What kind of hat was it that you were wearing?

  • Pete McPherson

    we live we learn, like you said at least you got out in the woods, it's always trial and error, thanks for sharing your outing.

  • Ralph La Torre

    Just found your channel this week, so I'm late commenting. I don't see this as a fail. Back up plans and gear are part of bushcraft and bugging out, so if anything, I'd say it was a great success. I'm not new to the outdoors, but new to this type of bushcraft and survival type stuff. in three months, I've learned a lot and videos like this help me expand my knowledge. thank you!

  • CVMA Roster

    you are the only person that I have seen actually using the gear. great job. most people only show kits that are brand new and never usrd.

  • Scott Sullivan

    1. You are alive. 2. You have successfully learned from the experience. 3. You got to spend some quality time in the woods.
    In my humble opinion that qualifies as a win!

  • OzarkWanderer

    Brother you got out and braved the cold. Real cold too. Its good to have a failsafe wen testing unproven gear or skills. This isn't a fail. Its a learning experience

  • Pappy

    great looking site you have there . i seen a suggestion by a russian , for your raised bed , run the top poles lengthwise . its less cuts , and has a little spring to it , not so stiff . check him out " Survival Russia " is his channel name .
    not much better place for cold weather survival info than a russian . ( actually , i believe he is a Dane ) . cool guy though .
    good stuff in your video , i don't really call it a fail , you did stay out and you learned a few things about your gear , all good.

  • James Ellsworth

    The challenge is rolling with conditions and making good decisions. You did that and saved the trip for a buddy. Cold weather camping out of a haversack plus a blanket roll is almost too much of a challenge!

  • alf3553

    Never a failure, Just part of the learning experience. Your bed looks like it was a lot of work. This video link is of Perry at Wilderness Innovation. Perry makes amazing gear and has a lot of videos using what they make. I have a few items from them and really like it.

  • rammur1

    I think laying the logs length ways on the raised bed is more comfortable and is faster to build, I also like laying 4' logs in fire all length ways, deep and tall, Great video, I think it was a success because you did it!.

  • Eric Rosbottom

    Great video thanks. https://www.instagram.com/p/BmYl50XDnDT/?taken-by=northerner7373 . https://www.instagram.com/p/BnfZh2Wjodv/?taken-by=northerner7373

  • Phat Outdoors

    Just found your channel. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing this to often we see perfect camps and not when things don’t go as expected. Makes me know that it’s okay to fail. We are always learning. 👍🏾

  • br Platten

    What do you think about painting cloth you know the big drop cloths I use one of my bed occasionally and it Cooks me it's little heavy

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