Havsfiske med spö och ett besök på världsarvet i Grimeton – Gone Camping i Varberg, Halland
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Havsfiske med spö och ett besök på världsarvet i Grimeton – Gone Camping i Varberg, Halland

Hello and welcome to Gone Camping. This is a common sight at campgrounds,
because many have wireless internet. But it hasn’t always been so easy
to communicate with the outside world. We’re at Getteröns Camping
outside Varberg. A few miles from here, there’s a World
Heritage Site honoring communication. World Heritage Site – Grimeton If you’ve ever ridden past Varberg- -you’ve probably seen
the over 2 km-long antenna array. The long-wave transmitter was erected
in Grimeton in the 1920s- -in order to communicate with America. At the time,
there were underwater cables- -but many were damaged during WWI. It was during this time
that ham radio broadcasts took off. Ham radio broadcasts… …were about bridging distances
that couldn’t be bridged any other way. When ham radio began in the 1920s,
there were no international phone lines. It may have been possible
to call Denmark or northern Germany- -but ham radio operators
could sit at home in their attics- -and communicate with each other
all over the world. While we were working on this facility- -we discovered that all the other
facilities had been torn down. This facility is the only large,
pre-electronic radio transmitter- -that is still functioning
in the world today. The facility in Grimeton was inscribed
to the World Heritage List in 2004. Inside this housing,
there is a wheel with connectors- -that transmit the Morse signal vvv,
which is the international test signal. Then comes the station’s call sign,
which consists of the letters SAQ. The radio station and visitor center
are open daily during the summer. 3 times a year, the facility is fired up
and a message sent around the world. In the workshop, kids can try
tapping out Morse code for themselves- -which is not as easy as it might seem. It’s only after experiencing
this remarkable facility- -that you realize how quickly
things have progressed. Not even 100 years have passed
since the facility began operating- -and a lot has happened in the world
of communications since then. The base for our excursions
around Halland is Getteröns Camping- -which offers both cabins and campsites. There is also a restaurant
and a supermarket. The facility is close to nature,
yet only minutes from Varberg- -which you can reach by car, bike
or tour boat. One of Getterön’s main attractions
is its proximity to great swimming. There’s more than one or two
sandy coves to enjoy- -when the warm summer months
make their entrance. Everywhere you look,
you can see the vast horizon- -and Kattegat’s fish-rich waters. If there’s anywhere
to try deep-sea fishing, this is it. Every day during the summer,
Fladenbåtarna give sea tours. The trip takes you to Fladen
and Lilla Middelgrund- -and will take
between five and nine hours. If you need fishing equipment,
you can rent it on the boat. There is also a short lesson
on how to use it. We have predetermined locations
marked on our charts. When we get there, we use sonar
to look for the right bottom. We can see the soundings. Right now we’re at Lilla Middelgrund,
outside of Varberg. We’re likely to catch cod. We’ll catch mackerel.
The mackerel season is mid-summer- -and they’ll have come in.
Just common white fish. Falkskar II has sophisticated
sonar equipment- -which means it isn’t long
before our fishing rods- -make that promising bend
down to the waves. You don’t have to be a fishing expert
to get a nibble. Three fish at once.
It’s a personal record. Mackerel and saithe are all very well,
but I have my sights set on cod- -because that’s what I promised Tindra. Finally, my fishing luck turns.
Dinner is saved. The largest cod caught here
weighed 16.5 kilos. However, everything under 40 cm
is thrown back into the sea. After four hours,
the boat heads for home. While we enjoy the evening sun,
we get our fish cleaned- -a service which is part of the trip. And the gulls don’t wait
to take advantage of the feast. -What did you think?
-Super fun, but unusually easy. -How so?
-It looked harder than it was. I thought I would only catch two fish. Just because you caught
more fish than I did? You must have caught at least ten. -We have some cod to eat tomorrow.
-Yes! Look how nice they are. All the way
from the fishing boat to the foil boat. They’re double-wrapped in foil. Before I put them on the grill,
I’ll add some asparagus and herb butter. I’m adding a mixture of butter,
lemon zest and fresh horseradish- -which is from Fjärås,
just a few miles from here. They will take 10-15 minutes
on the grill. In the meantime,
I’ll boil some potatoes. The fish and the potatoes are done. I mixed in a little lemon, olive oil
and arugula. It’s time to eat and enjoy. That’s about it. Thanks for today.
It was fun having you with us. Hope to see you soon,
either on this program or on the road! Tindra! Open the package. Recipes can be found at Camping.se. The radio station outside Varberg
is called Grimeton. Deep-sea fishing
provided by Fladenbåtarna. During our visit,
we stayed at Getteröns Camping.


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