Hawaii Vacation Tips from an Expert
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Hawaii Vacation Tips from an Expert

Aloha Tripsters, how are you guys doing today? We’re I’m gonna. Do you love my new sunglasses? We give these to all of our little kids who go to Hawaii or book Hawaii vacations with us so I thought it would get them out because we’re talking about Hawaii Aloha so I’m gonna take them off now though, because my head’s too big and they don’t fit quite right so I want to spend a little time with you on doing kind of a Hawaii orientation video it’s not going to be a long video but I have a lot of clients that call and say oh you know what Hawaiian Island do I go to? And and you know I heard there’s a volcano. I’ve heard that there’s an island that’s more tropical than others I’ve heard you know Maui everyone knows Maui. What is there to do? so Just to do kind of a brief overview of all the islands Oahu is the island where Honolulu is so you have Pearl Harbor you have Diamond Head Lots to do lots of activity, but honolulu which people think oh I want to go to honolulu they’ve heard the name it’s in movies Honolulu is like a city on the water so I like to always tell my clients like if you’re if you’re looking for tropical oasis you know you don’t want to hear cars and chaos and all of those things then Honolulu is probably not for you now we can easily do a one night or a two night stay in Honolulu if you want to visit Pearl Harbor the Arizona Memorial definitely worth doing or if you have kids a lot of people go to Oahu because there is the Aulani Resort which is the Disney resort on Oahu so um again a little busier if you go up to the North shore of Oahu, then you can get tropical they have the Turtle Bay Hilton up there and some other resorts that are set up the other thing that’s great to do on the island of Oahu is the Polynesian Cultural Center which is basically like an all-day visit that teaches you about all the different cultures that came together to really make the Hawaiian islands the Samoan influence the Polynesian influence and just a whole plethora of history, but in it’s almost like a theme park for Hawaii without rides, and then they have a giant luau at the end so that’s definitely a neat thing to do if you’re going to the island of Oahu Oahu is generally also the least expensive island because you’re not purchasing inter-island flights to get to the other islands so if budget is of your concern then maybe we can make that work if you want tropical we’d go North shore if you like the idea of having shops and restaurants you know right outside the resort and then Honolulu may be a fit for you all right so that’s Oahu um Maui, Maui is not my favorite Island but it’s actually the one I go to most and it’s actually the one I send to clients to most and I’ll tell you why Maui is a good mix of tropical with things to do so you don’t get too bored so on the island of Maui I like to usually put my guest travelers in the Lahaina area Lahaina faces west so you have great sunsets and there’s a there’s a beach a little bit north of there called Kaanapali and in that city There’s a lot of resorts so Lahaina is just a hop skip and a jump down the road and you can be on the boardwalk walking up and down seeing the ocean they have restaurants they have shopping but it’s more quaint it’s more tropical it’s more integrated in to the culture versus Honolulu you see you know it looks like Chicago you know the magnificent mile in Chicago with all the shops and tall buildings so at any rate and the buildings are shorter on the other islands because they have restrictions So we’re in oahu you’ll see sky rises You won’t see those on the other islands And it just lends into that tropical feel so it’s great if you want to kick back and relax you can easily do that you know on the any resort you’re gonna stay in at Maui regardless you can also stay in the Waialae area which is very high-end, and there’s other to do there to if you’re going during whale season, and we can help you with that determining if that’s important to you and something you want to see I’ve been there it’s amazing it’s like a spiritual experience you definitely want to stay in the Kaanapali or Lahaina area because that is where the whales come to give birth to their baby whales they hang out in that Lahaina Bay because it’s a protected area in the ocean so that is a good tip and something to consider if whale watching is important to you or if you have kids that might want to see that amazing event and they have boat rides and things that we can arrange for you to they go out there, so that’s Maui oh one more thing my favorite place probably in the world even though Maui isn’t my favorite island in Hawaii my favorite place in the world is at the top of Haleakala Crater Haleakala Crater Haleakala means house of the sun in Hawaiian and to get up to the top of Haleakala you basically get up at 3 o’clock in the morning you have to bring a coat, jeans, mittens like it’s cold up there it’s like way above sea level you drive up in the dark and very cold windy road, but you can do it on your own you don’t have to pay a tour company so that’s a plus you get up when they literally have the observing observatories up there to look at the stars because the sky and the where they can see out into the universe is so clear but why people go up there at such a crazy hour is they get up there by about 5:00 a.m. depending on when the sunrise is scheduled for and it literally looks like the sun is rising out of the crater it is the closest thing to heaven on this planet that I have ever seen and I have been a lot of places in my life um and I highly recommend now there are tour companies that will take you up to Haleakala Crater, but if you book in advance I can tell you how you can do it for free this year Hawaii has just put a measure in place that you have to get a permit to go up to Haleakala Crater it’s very easy to do, but if you don’t know to do it, and you don’t know how to do it it’s important that you get that information in advance so you don’t miss out on that adventure so that’s Maui oh and one more thing on Maui they have so many things to do that’s why it has a good balance road to Hana if you ever heard of road to Hana it’s really just a driving trip and again you can do it on your own you don’t have to pay a tour company the road to Hana can be anywhere from a seven to eight hour drive round trip sometimes even longer if you’re taking time to swim in waterfalls or eat coconut off trees or stop along all the different stops you can you can do they have maps that you can purchase that tell you um well then once you’re on the road you’re not it’s only one road so you’re on your way but it tells you all the secret stops where you can kind of stop and there’s waterfalls that you really can swim in and there’s little hikes you can take back and take some of the most amazing pictures because they do a lot of photography of flowers I have are on the road to Hana like literally there were trees where the bark on the tree looks like rainbows I have a picture here in my office and the flowers are like huge it’s just it’s something you would think you would see like out of jurassic park or dinosaur days or something so road to Hana is gorgeous do it once in your life for sure it’s another amazing amazing experience just take your time be careful on the roads and it is windy if driving is not your thing you might want to do a tour okay, so that’s Maui now on to Kauai Kauai is my favorite of all the Hawaiian islands Kauai is actually referred to as the garden isle it is the oldest of the hawaiian islands, and it is the most lush and tropical of all the Hawaiian islands so with Kauai oh there’s so many great choices there’s North shore and there’s South shore and I love them equally but I tend to go to North Shore just because I love the Princeville area I love the views they have cliffside views up there, and it’s just gorgeous now in Princeville it rains almost daily, but don’t be scared by that it usually only rains for 30 minutes 35 minutes and then it’s sunshine and rainbows and gorgeous views so and the Nepali coast is up there too so, so many great things to see in Kauai it’s a the thing about Kauai is though it really is very quiet so there’s not a ton of things to do in the evening if you’re fine with just relaxing hanging out in the pool looking at the views watching sunset enjoying the company that you’re with then Kauai could be a beautiful fit if you’re really looking to just you know kind of get distressed and have a very relaxed vacation Kauai is a beautiful choice for you and I would not hesitate that to make that your selection for one if not one of your stops on your trip if you’re doing a multi island trip so Kauai is gorgeous they have the great luau there too Smith’s tropical luau that’s a fantastic one to check out we can book luaus for you as well when you do your package with us and they have something neat on Kauai as well and they have some in some spots on other islands to they have this, but we did snuba diving snuba you don’t actually have to be certified to scuba dive so the scuba tank kind of floats on the water above and then they give you this I don’t know 50 or 100 foot long cord and kind of attaches you know to your mouth of course you can breathe and then they put a weight belt on you to make you sink so you can get down and kind of explore through the ocean so that’s a neat activity we were able to do in Kauai and great spas in Kauai to both on the North shore and the South shore so we can give you recommendations on that so again when I go to Kauai I’m just going to chill out relax and you know evenings I like to just spend with my husband and chat about life and watch Sunsets and that’s perfectly you know you go back home feeling like you’ve been on vacation which is amazing now the other island that’s a tourist island is the island of Hawaii some people get confused because say well aren’t I going to the state of Hawaii well within the state of Hawaii is all the islands together and within that there is an Island named Hawaii which is also referred to as the big island so usually to lessen confusion we just refer to it as oh we want to go to the big Island it’s called the big island because it is the biggest Island so that’s an easy one to remember the big island is the baby it’s funny because it’s the biggest but it’s actually the youngest of all the Hawaiian islands and it is the island that still has the active volcano on it, now don’t worry the lava isn’t you know flowing everywhere it’s a very low and sometimes not at all lava flow but when it the lava is flowing you can take some neat helicopter tours to get close and there’s also a state park, and they have you know barriers where you can only go so far but you can actually go up and see the volcano and they have a national park there as well so and great golf on the big island a lot of my you know super golfers they love the big island because there’s some great golf courses there it is a little quiet on the quiet side too in terms of the evening, but they do have little you know areas in the island that are a little more sophisticated in terms of having shops and movie theaters and things to do so not quite as quiet as Kauai so and it’s the biggest so if you are you know someone who likes to hike or explore or you know wants a lot of area to be able to cover and do while you’re on vacation the big island may be a good choice for you if you are outdoorsy type, so those are the main islands in terms of traveling for tourism to Hawaii a couple of suggestions if you’re considering seven nights or less for your trip to the Hawaiian islands just pick one Island don’t stress yourself out you know if you get to Maui and try to do three days and then do three days somewhere else you’re constantly in a you know you can never really get to the place where you’re just relaxed so if you’re seven nights are under I usually recommend you just stick with one island and then you save on inter-island costs as well you don’t have two cars but also it’s just not the best experience if you’re trying to shove too much into your Hawaiian vacation if you have you know eight, nine, ten and most a lot of my clients go fourteen days to Hawaii because the the expense and why is really just your ticket getting there that’s a lot of the bulk if you have a family of two or family of four if you have two people going the airfare to get you there is the hard part so you’re already there if you want to stay a few more nights it doesn’t really add a ton more to your trip considering if you’re only going to Hawaii once make it a multi island trip I’ve done two island trips I’ve done three and I’ve even done four um I think two is kind of the magic number if if you want to check two things out, or maybe two with doing Honolulu for one night so you can knock out Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial I think my dream itinerary to Hawaii would be flying to Honolulu stay in Honolulu for one to two nights so you can check out you know go to Duke’s bar and girl on the beach check out the whole Honolulu scene maybe check out Diamond Head maybe take a day trip to Polynesian Cultural Center and just hang out in Honolulu for that Pearl Harbor of course don’t forget that you can do that in a two night stay because you almost have three days because your inner island we don’t have to schedule till afternoon or later on that third day so you almost get kind of two and a half three days if you do two nights in Honolulu do that stop your jet by the time you move on to the other islands your other islands your jet lag will be gone and then go to Maui next spend five nights in Maui go on the west shore Kaanapali put you in a great resort there explore have a great time and then end your trip in Kauai do four or five nights in Kauai where you can just relax completely decompress and just do you know there’s so much visual to do in Kauai it has more waterfalls than any other island there’s a great tour guide we usually get for our visitors who are going there it takes it teaches you about all the secret hiking trails there’s a place called Queens Bath I hiked up there with my best friend Jenny um and you hike and you’re like where am I going this is so weird though you end up coming out on this it’s basically like a crater or a lava a tube that formed and then the water comes in underneath, so it’s a protected area from the ocean where you can swim and we spent a day there, and it was amazing so great great opportunities to do you know just things that you’ve always dreamed of check out waterfalls and visit Princeville and you know stay up on the cliff so again I can give you a million activities to do because I love Hawaii I have been there seven times personally and can’t wait to go on my next trip so if you are getting ready to plan a trip to Hawaii we would love to help you we love helping all of our families no matter where you’re going, but Hawaii is just one of those destinations that is just near and dear to our hearts because all the families that come back they just come back with high energy and good vibrations and just that oh I’m so glad I did that what an experience of a lifetime so give us a call at Trispy Travel we would love to help you with your booking and also if this video was helpful for you please comment like and subscribe you guys take care Aloha Tripsters


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