He Caught a Really Big Fish! Camping Day 4
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He Caught a Really Big Fish! Camping Day 4

– I caught my first fish. – [Jacob] Whoa! – Oh no, oh no!
(Jacob screaming) (Chris grunting) (laughing) Oh no! (upbeat music) Good morning, everyone. You probably can’t tell,
but it is not sunrise yet. I know it looks bright. The sun has not come up yet. 5:00 a.m. and this guy kept Mommy and me up all night. I decided to come out here and make a fire ’cause it’s really cold and get the day started. (Duncan gurgling) (soft cheery music) All right, we got a fire
going, and Catherine woke up. Good morning, Catherine. – Hello. – [Chris] You’re the first kid awake, except for this noodle. (Catherine giggles) You sleep well? – Yeah. – [Chris] Awesome. – Now look who’s awake. – Me and Duncan!
– Parker! Duncan’s been awake. Duncan never slept basically.
– I’ve been awake. I’ve been awake, but I was in my tent. – [Chris] Oh, I see. – So, I was awake earlier, and then– (Duncan babbling) Duncan’s looking at
Mickey Mouse on my shirt. So, I was awake in my tent,
but then I fell asleep, and then I was awake, and
then I went to the potty, and then I came here. – Now you know what he’s done today. Parker actually slept in a different tent from me and Jessica last night. How did that go?
– Good. – Yesterday, Duncan had a little bit of an accident in his car seat, and when I say a little
bit, I mean a disaster. So, we’re at the laundromat, washing the cover to his car seat. (upbeat electronic music) And now, we wait. (upbeat electronic music) And now we’re in a kayak. Kayaking and canoeing are two
of my favoritest things to do. I love being out on a lake,
nice fresh water, beautiful air, and now, I’m fishing with my boys! Bailey wanted to stay
and play with her friend. Duncan is a little too
little to come out here, but these guys really
wanted to catch some fish. So we took ’em to Jacob’s
favorite fishing hole, which is where we are currently, and now we’re just gonna fish until we catch a whole bunch of fish. Right? All the fish?
– Mm-hmm. – All the fish.
– We’re hopefully gonna catch ’em all.
– All the fish. We’re gonna catch all the fish. (bright music)
– [Parker] I caught us a fish. We’ve gotta show this to Mommy and Daddy. – Hey, I’m right here. I see it, I see it! You totally caught a fish. Okay, all right. Jacob, you still working on whatever you got going on over there? – [Jacob] Yeah. – I don’t think it’s a fish. I
think you’re stuck on a rock, but we’ll see. (Parker giggling) – [Parker] Don’t bring it towards me. – [Chris] Don’t bring it towards you? You gotta hold onto it. – [Parker] I don’t know
how to hold one of them. – There you go. Thank you, Jacob. You hold onto that. Oh, we got a situation here. – I caught my first fish. – [Jacob] Whoa! – Oh no, oh no!
(Jacob screaming) (Chris grunting) (laughing) Oh no! But you caught it. I saw it. – We can, we can, um– – Catch another one? – [Jacob] Let’s catch it again. – I can’t believe you caught a fish! You caught a fish! – We can show this vlog
to Mommy and Bailey. – Yeah, of course. That one wasn’t big enough to keep anyway, so I’m glad we got the
hook out of its mouth and that it’s back swimming
out there growing bigger, so someone can catch it later, but that was so cool. Parker decided that he had had
enough, so we went to shore. He’s hanging out with
Catherine on the shore, and it’s just Jake and me now, and we’re gonna try and catch some fish. Let’s do it! Whoa, whoa, that is a big one! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh no, no, no! Oh, lost it! Ah, no! – [Man] I’ll vouch for you. (Chris laughs) – Jacob. (laughing) Are you okay? (Chris laughing) That was a huge fish. We’ll catch it again. We’ll catch it again, Jake, okay? Look at me. You all right? – I’m telling you. – That was a great fish. We’ll catch it again. Put a new worm on. That was the biggest fish
anybody has ever caught on this lake that I’ve seen. That was huge. All right, we will catch another one. I got it on video. Oh, man, that was rough. I wish we had bought a net today. If we had bought a net, it
wouldn’t have gotten away, but it totally got away from us, and I got water all up in this camera. It’s a brand new camera. – [Jacob] Can I see the footage? – Oh, man, I’ll show you the footage. Let’s try and catch it again first. – Okay.
– Okay. Okay, so that last one
was really disappointing, and Jacob caught two more fish. They’re not as big as that first one, but they’re still decent sized, and, yeah, we’re just having a great time. Look how beautiful it is out here. Look at this. Just look at it. Not my knee. My knee is just, this hairy peak here, just ignore. We’ll go over that hill and
look at this beautiful forest. I have got to say that I am having the time
of my life right now. This is so much fun. We’re hanging out, we’re catching
fish, and it’s beautiful. We’re out on the water. I’m loving this. (upbeat music) We are back at camp now. Jacob caught three fish that
I didn’t drop into the water, and we’re gonna grill
those up and eat ’em. Bailey got to go on the kayak too, and I returned the kayak, and now we’re just, we’re
here, we’re back at camp. We’re playing with the baby. Baby’s taking my sunglasses. Are you taking my sunglasses? No, who me? How are you guys doing?
– Good. – Did you play today?
– Nothing! – [Chris] Did you play today? – Yes.
– No. – [Chris] You didn’t play? Parker, your eyebrows
have never been this dark. – Better? – [Chris] They’re the same. They’re just coated in dirt. So, this is the fish
that Jacob caught today. – Oh my goodness, Jacob! This is awesome. A little salt. Oh my goodness, feel that. – I want no pepper.
– How is it, dude? – Good.
– Is it good? Oh, you having more? How is it? Awesome! – [Jessica] I bet you’re gonna
love this more than rockfish. – [Chris] How is it? – It’s good! – Ooh, that’s really good. How is it?
– Wow. Jacob! It’s amazing! – So proud. – He was so excited to bring
it back for you specifically. He was like, “I’m gonna
give this to Mommy.” – He’s such a doll. He’s the sweetest boy. – Hi, let’s talk about
what we learned today. We learned how to get away with keeping someone awake all night. Just make this face after. We learned how to wait at the laundromat, and finally, we learned
that it’s important to see the beauty in nature. Some people just can’t see
the forest for the knees. Thanks for watching, everybody. We’ll see you next time. (giggling) We’re going to the lake
now to go swimming, and look at this guy’s new swimsuit. Check this out. Watch this. He’s a shark! He’s a shark! – [Parker] And it’s zippered! It’s a zipper!
– He’s a shark! Jacob, take it away. – Yoo-hoo! We’re going to the lake, and the lake is this way.

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