Headline From Heaven or Hell? (GAME)
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Headline From Heaven or Hell? (GAME)

(rooster crows) (lion growls) (wheel ticking) – Welcome to Good Mythical More. – Hi. – Yeah. – Gifticality! That means we are donating $1,000 to Scholarship America
to aid in their mission to develop leading scholarship solutions and help students fulfill
their college dreams. Please join us in giving
at ScholarshipAmerica.org. – Thank you for being your mythical best. Man, you’re really good at,
well, putting your finger in things and then knowing it. – Well I’ve just, I’ve stuck
my finger in a lot of things, okay, my fingers been around the block. (Rhett laughs) Guys I don’t know what to tell you. It’s worrying. I didn’t realize how pathological it was until today so you’ve taught me something. – Well but you won!
– You fit right in here. – I mean this is great
all those weird things you stuck your finger
in as a kid, you know, it’s all paying off. – Now– – I’m a weird guy. – We’re gonna play another game, let’s see if our fingers get dirty. It’s Heaven or Hell Headlines! (Rhett laughs) – Wow Link you really sold it. (off-camera staff laughing) We’re gonna play a game
where we see a headline with a blank, right? – [Producer] Yes, the last part. – Blank? – And then, is it a blank? – Is there a blank? – Judges? And then we have to guess whether or not it’s a good headline or a bad headline. – Okay. – And then we’ve got a very special thing that you brought along that
I don’t think you thought we were gonna bring out. – No I didn’t. – But now that we’ve seen
it we have to bring it out but we’ll save that. – Let’s go ahead and get
warmed up with a round here. – Okay. – [Link] Teen greets his little brother blabidah, blabidah,
blabidah, blabidah, blabidah. So is the blabidah, blabidah nice? – There’s no doubt that this, no, okay, if he greeted his, nope. You know what it is? I know what this headline is. – What? – September 5, 2019,
I saw this on Twitter. It’s bad. – Okay well it seems like
you’re pretty sure of that so I’m gonna agree with Rhett. – Yeah but I switched my answer to heaven. – Oh, okay. Well then I’m gonna stay with that. – [Producer] Wait, what? – What? (off-camera staff laughing) – Rhett switched his answer. – I’m playing my game Stevie. – [Stevie] Okay, are we,
okay so we’re locked in to– – I’m just saying, like… – So you think this is bad, so it’s like teen greets his little brother with a… – Two brothers being
greeted and it’s made news? There’s no way that’s gone well. – Right. – That’s what I was thinking. – Yeah. – That’s what I was thinking. – [Stevie] All right let’s see it. – [Link] Every day after school in costume it is the best thing ever? – [Rhett] In a different
costume, yes, it was a montage on Twitter and it was like
the little boy shows up and his brother has got
on a different costume. – Sounds like a murderer. – Which I think actually– – [Stevie] What kind of
costumes did you see, Rhett? – Well I don’t know but I think actually it’s a bad thing because it means that his older brother is unemployed. (off-camera crew laughs) – [Stevie] He’s 17 years old. – Oh he’s 17. – Exactly. (Rhett laughs) – Okay. – You don’t need to be employed. You got any siblings? – Mm-hmm. (off-camera staff laughing) – All right next question. – Do they greet you in costume? – No but you know what, so my brother used to get really upset with my dad because he would walk him into the school and at eight years old my brother was like “I’m independent, I
don’t need any guidance. “I want you to wait around the corner.” So this really hurt my father’s feelings, so one day my dad literally
went to a costume store and he’s a curvaceous man and he bought the tightest spandex
Batman costume with cape that you could possibly find
and he climbed the gates of my brother’s school and stood there clinging on to the gates with
his cape blowing in the wind screaming my brother’s name. (Rhett laughs) To teach my brother a lesson about– – Do not shun me son. – Making him feel bad. – Wow I love your dad. – So yeah my dad is intense. – Seems like more of a Spider-Man thing. – My brother never mentioned it again. – Wow. – Never made a request of my father to not embarrass him again. – That is incredible. – Yeah he was like, “You want embarrassing? “I’ll show you embarrassing.” So yeah, anyway. – Wow I need to do that with my children. – I wanted to marry my mom
until I was in middle school. – Mm-hmm. – Yeah. (off-camera staff laughing) – Okay next question. – Waitress serves grumpy
old man for seven years, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. – Okay I think. – And then he kills her. – So what are you thinking? You think, what could be good? – I think he’s like left his life savings to her or something. He’s done something nice. Like he’s been– – Big old tip. – Yeah he’s been– – Oh that’s a good guess. – He’s been vile to her
and she never expected him to do anything nice and then he like leaves all of his money
to her or something. – So he dies at the table but
the tip is his life savings? – Yes. It’s okay. – I think something bad happened. – Yeah I agree. – I like your reasoning though. – I think I just saw as good as it gets. – [Stevie] Okay so I mean
you’re good at sticking your fingers in things,
you’re good at guessing exactly what the headline says. – You’re passive aggressive. – [Rhett and Link] After he
dies a lawyer delivers $50k tip! – [Link] Why did I not
go with what I said? – [Jameela] Oh! – [Rhett] I don’t know Link. – I said the right answer
but I went with you. – Probably ’cause you
wanted to marry your mom until you were in middle school. – [Stevie] My facts include, “He was a very particular customer.” It’s one of my facts. – Yeah. – [Stevie] But also one
of my facts is this was in Brownsville, Texas which
doesn’t matter to anybody else but me, but that was
like the town right beside where I was born. – Are you related to this man? – Is that right? – And yup, I buried the lead on that one. – Are you the waitress? (Rhett laughs) – And I am that little girl. (Rhett laughs) Okay. – All right Jameela so you got a point, so what is it? You’ve got– – She’s gotten all of them all right. Two for two. – Okay you’re good at this. – No, no, no, I got the last one wrong. ‘Cause I thought it was bad, it was gonna be a bad thing that happened, but actually he did something very sweet. – Oh, well okay. – Who got, so what’s the score? – [Stevie] It’s true you’re all tied. – It’s one, one, one we’re all tied. A snake escaped in a
Wisconsin high school. – [Link] And what? Then like entertained all the children? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – How could this be good? – You ever been to Wisconsin? – There’s no, no. There are snakes in Wisconsin? I thought it was just– – Yeah that’s what I’m asking. – I thought Bon Iver was
there and no one else. – Yeah like rolling hills and cheese. – Love cheese. – Bon Iver! – Yeah the snake isn’t going
to do anything good for anyone. – [Stevie] Okay let’s see it. – I think it’s good. – [Link] No one can find it. – [Jameela] Yeah! – [Stevie] Here’s one of my facts. Janitors have been keeping
an eye on the situation. – Oh no. – Yeah they have. They’ve thrown that sawdust over it. – Oh those people are just
not paid enough for this job. – Throw sawdust over that snake. Okay. – Yeah did they have
sawdust in your schooling? – When people threw up they
threw sawdust on top of it? – No. – That didn’t happen at your school? – No. – What did you do just
rake it around like juice? – You just make them eat it. – Oh gosh! – It’s normal. – When we vomited Mr.
Leon threw sawdust on it. Yeah. – Well that explains a lot guys. – Yeah. – And then you come out and
scrape it up, scrape it up. Hey, when Jameela walked
in here she had a handbag. And I want to show you guys– – Yeah this handbag you got, it’s crazy. – Her handbag. You said it was cool right? For us to show off your handbag? – Yes that’s fine. – She walks, she struts
in here for the teaser and she’s got, it’s her freaking handbag. – It’s my handbag. – Is there stuff in, is
this compartments down here? – I keep all of my sex toys in there. (Rhett laughs) – All five of them. – ‘Cause you never know. – That’s a big bag girl! – Yeah well you know what they say, I won’t say what I said
earlier it’s inappropriate, even for the internet. (Rhett laughs) – But big hands– – Can I hold it? – Big hands, large imagination. – [Stevie] I’m trying to
imagine what it was you said ’cause you just said you
kept your sex toys in there so I can only imagine
what didn’t keep in there. – Yeah. – I said big hands (beep). – She said that right. – [Stevie] Oh there we go. – This is, this– – [Stevie] Don’t have to imagine anymore. – Nope. This glove is approximately 25 pounds. I don’t know what you’ve got in here but– – Other hands. (Rhett laughs) – It’s all my other hands. – It’s so heavy. It’s so heavy. – Yeah. – Can I go through it? – Where do you get something like that? – I got this from Opening Ceremony, a shop that sells very silly things, because I feel the need
to have something stupid on me at all times. (Rhett laughs) – I appreciate that. – If this was pink it would
be like a cow utter version. – Oh disgusting. No thank you. No this is my OJ. (off-camera staff laughing) And no more talk about murder. Let’s go. – If the purse fits. – [Rhett] Family spends hours looking for grandma’s lost dentures. Blankety blank, blank, blank. – [Link] What, how does it go south? – They’ve been found
on a penis or something that it’s gone badly. – You’re right, yup,
grandma’s at it again. – They’ve come up somewhere terrible. Dirty grandma. – I think they found, you spend hours– – Do they have a house or a gutter? – Gutter. – I think they spend hours looking for grandma’s lost dentures, but find lost wedding ring
or something like that. I believe in the best. You know what I’m saying? – I think it’s family spends hours looking for grandma’s lost dentures
and never finds them. – Or like the dog ate
them and pooed them out. – [Stevie] I don’t
understand what’s happening. Can we reveal the headline? (Jameela gasps) – But you got it wrong. – [Stevie] And there’s a photo too. – What do you mean? – ‘Cause that’s good news. – It’s not good news. – Yeah it is they found it. – [Jameela] Oh my god and then they put it back in its mouth! That’s abuse! – [Rhett] Hold on is that
how they found the dog, he wanted them? – [Stevie] Yeah. – Wait where did they find the dog? Wait he didn’t poo it out. – [Stevie] I’m looking at my facts and– – But the fact that you
knew a dog was involved at all is just so– – I presumed– – [Stevie] Yeah, so fact
number one grandma took a nap. And that’s really all you need to know. – Grandma took a nap. Dot dot dot. – And the dog went into her mouth… – With his mouth. – With his mouth. I see– – No she probably took
them out to take a nap. – No so I know a story
of a friend where they’d recently lost their grandmother’s dentures but didn’t have a lot of money, and the dog had eaten them
and then pooed them out, and then the friend, there was a friend this isn’t
me being like my friend, it wasn’t me I swear to God. (Rhett laughs) – We know your dental stuff. – And they never, they didn’t tell her, they didn’t tell her, not not yet, they didn’t tell her
and they cleaned them up and put them back in and she doesn’t know that they’ve gone through
a whole dogs digestive– – But now she does. – That’s a, that, oh my gosh. – [Stevie] Okay guys this
is the last headline. – Wait so was I right? – Yeah. – You get the point
’cause you just said dog, I don’t even care. – Okay good. – [Stevie] There’s no way
that anyone else can win unless you graciously make
this round worth three points. – I just want Jameela to get exactly right through her psychic powers. – [Stevie] Okay. – So this is all on you. – [Rhett] He opened the toilet lid… – [Jameela] And like some sort of like cat came out or something. Or a tarantula. – So now you’re thinking,
okay is it a spider, is it a cat? – What’s he gonna find is it
and a million pounds came out. – Or was it like, and found his new wife! – Nothing– (off-camera staff laughing) – You know what I’m
saying it could always be, I always believe in the happy ending! – Nothing, nothing good
happens in or near toilets. Nothing. – A nice alligator maybe. I’m gonna go with cat heaven. – [Stevie] Okay, and reveal. – [Rhett and Link] Snake! – [Link] Rose up and bit him. – [Rhett] Okay yeah. – Okay you know what spider
is very close to snake when it comes like fear inducing animals. – Yes. – So we’ve uncovered all
sorts of super powers that you have. (Jameela laughs) Come back anytime! (Rhett laughs) Or just leave the bag. Creativity through curiosity since 1984. Get the always curious
short and long sleeved tees now at mythical.com.


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