Healthy Road Trip Snacks | DIY Summer Snack Packs for Travel / Family Vacation!
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Healthy Road Trip Snacks | DIY Summer Snack Packs for Travel / Family Vacation!

(upbeat electronic music) – Hey, munchies, welcome to the channel. If you’re new, I’m Alyssia! Summer is here, and I know a
lot of people like to travel, so today I’m sharing some
healthy road-trip snack boxes. Really, these are just
traveling snack ideas that I’ve made a little more
fun by putting them into boxes. So just remember, the
goal is not to replicate, but to draw inspiration from. You can take what you want,
and leave what you don’t, and if you’d rather
just bring the packages than put them in a container, that’s fine. But I think this container
is a little more appealing and makes it fun. I’ve linked this container
in the description box if you want, but it’s
not a sponsored video, and this is actually a craft box that I’ve just put snacks into. I am sharing two boxes that
don’t need to be refrigerated, and two boxes that would
best keep in the cooler. For these containers, each
one has eight compartments, so that means I’ve got 32
snack ideas coming your way. We have got a lot to get
through, let’s do it. Starting with our first cooler box, we’re loading up on vegetables, making them fun to eat
with dip and some protein. For dips, I have got some
mini-packs of hummus and guac. They’ll last longer, and
it’s already portioned out, meaning anyone can grab one for their own enjoyment on the ride. And I’ve also made some ranch dip. Vegetables are the hardest
thing to get in for me when traveling, so having different dips that make them more tasty and appealing means that I’m more likely
to actually eat them. For the ranch dip, you can
totally use Greek yogurt as a base, but if you prefer
dairy-free and like mayonnaise, try this one with a homemade mayo base. I have shown you my
homemade mayonnaise before. I will link it if you wanna try it out, but I’m pretty much taking
that and ranch-ifying it. I add avocado oil and
egg, a clove of garlic, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, and
salt to a tall container. I use my immersion blender to pulse until a thick mayo forms. Lift it gently up and down
as you pulse to emulsify. Then you can add in some
fresh parsley and dill, and pulse lightly to integrate the herbs. Then you can decide if you want
your dip thick like a mayo, you can leave it, or add a bit of almond milk to thin it out. Use more milk if you want it
more like a ranch dressing. It’s tasty, clean, and
even if you aren’t a fan of ranch dip for veggies,
if you like it on a salad, I highly recommend trying it out. I chose vegetables that will
last a little bit longer and don’t need much preparation, like snap peas and baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and radish and cucumber which I’ve cut into
chips, perfect for dipping instead of regular chips. I have also made some feta-stuffed olives. I shared these in my Around
the World Bento Boxes, which I’ll link below, but they
are just so easy and tasty. I cut a block of feta
into small enough pieces to stuff into pitted olives. A perfect salty bite with healthy fat that will keep me satisfied. I have also got some hard-boiled eggs, which can be enjoyed plain or with dip as an easy source of protein on the road. Okay, that’s box number
one for the cooler. Let’s do one that doesn’t
need to be refrigerated next. For the first room-temperature
box, I’ve got plums. One of my favorite summer fruits, and they’re an easy hand-held option. I’ve also got some
applesauce fruit packets, they’re portioned and easily
accessible, no spoon needed. The more fruits and veggie
options I can get, the better. Freeze-dried fruit is
another way to get fruit in that will last, and it doesn’t
need to have any added sugar. So it’s generally a safe bet, like these raspberries and bananas. As a healthy carb snack food, popcorn! Go with air-popped to
avoid oils and additives. I am also making some
ranch-flavored crunchy chickpeas. This is a fun twist on roasted chickpeas. I simply drain and rinse
the can of chickpeas and dry them out between paper towels. The drier you can get them,
the more they’ll crisp up. I add them to a sheet pan
and toss with a bit of oil as well as my ranch flavoring, which consists of some
dried parsley, dried dill, freeze-dried chives, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and black pepper. It is that easy. You could use a packet of
ranch seasoning if you prefer, but I skip the dairy
and additives this way. Onto a sheet pan and into the oven they go for 30 to 40 minutes, tossing half-way. Cool before enjoying, and remember: they’ll crisp up more once
they’ve sat for a few. These add healthy carbs, fiber,
and protein to my snack box. These days, they also have quite a few store-bought crunchy chickpea options, just be sure to find one
with cleaner ingredients. I also added some protein
with these meat sticks. They are paleo, so they are cleaner, and I just cut them into
pieces so they’re fun to grab without having to eat the entire stick. For satiating fat,
pistachios are my go-to here, but use whatever nuts you like. I went with shelled so
they’re easier to eat in the car without extra shells. And finally, a fun one for this box is my raisin-bran-inspired
trail mix, health-ified. I combine raisins, of course,
and instead of bran flakes, I went with corn flakes. It’s pretty easy to find cleaner
corn flakes without sugar, and I’m adding almonds and macadamia nuts to make this trail mix a
little more substantial, as well as some chocolate chips for fun. (upbeat electronic music) That is my second box. The next box shares more inspiration for cooler-friendly snacks. It starts with my fruity
pebbles energy bites. Say what?! In a food processor,
I combine dried mango, dried apricots–Sunsweet
is the best–same goes for pitted dates, along
with some raw cashews, macadamia nuts, freeze-dried strawberries, lime zest and juice, and a pinch of salt. Pulse the mixture, and let it go from dry, to minced, and eventually the
nuts will release their oils, and the whole mixture will moisten. If needed, add a splash
of water or coconut water, until the desired consistency is reached. You want it to be able to
stick together and hold, but don’t want it too sticky. Then I roll into balls. Oh, gosh, these are like
fruity pebbles in real life without the preservatives. Fruity from natural sources,
and so perfect for summer. Also, these balls will actually store fine out of the cooler too, they
don’t have to be refrigerated, but if you’re risking a
hot car and have the option to keep them cold, I’d recommend it. In this box, I wanted
to make sure we got more fresh fruit in, so blueberries
and some red grapes. I’ve also added some pickles which are fun and tasty to eat on their own. I went with bread-and-butter,
but you could do with dill if you don’t want the sugar. For a snack-y item, I
included some crunchy corn. This is baked, not fried, and I got it from the deli part of my grocery store where those packaged bulk snacks, nuts, and dried fruits are. It literally tastes like
those bits of popcorn kernels that are just barely popped, so good. I’m also making some PB&J
rolls for easy eating. I simply grab a tortilla,
whatever type you prefer. I used a brown rice one
to keep it gluten-free, with some nut butter of choice and jelly. I also like to add coconut shreds for taste and texture,
but they are optional. And roll it up nice and tight. Cut into little bites, and you’ve got a tasty and satisfying snack. (upbeat electronic music) I also took some string cheese and cut them into little bites. Sometimes you just want a bite or two, or to have a few different
things to satisfy, so this takes the pressure off
of eating an entire package, and gives you the freedom to choose. For a bit more protein, I’m making skewers with chicken-apple
sausage and cheese cubes. The sausage is already cooked, so I can just cut up and skewer, so easy. This box has so many of my favorites. (upbeat electronic music) One more to go, and it’s another that does not need the cooler. First I’ve got clementines,
a great on-the-go fruit that can be easily peeled when needed and is a nutritious snack. (upbeat electronic music) For some salt and crisp, seaweed snacks. Many brands I’ve seen are pretty clean, but check the ingredients to be sure. You really only need to see seaweed, oil, and salt, no fillers. (upbeat electronic music) For a crunch and some nutrition, freeze-dried vegetables
like peas and corn. They are addictive, as are
these unsweetened coconut chips, so crunchy and delicious. I’m also including mulberries in this box, which are a great snack
alternative to raisins with about 1/3 less sugar. I also took some fruit bars. Bars where the only ingredients are fruit are becoming popular. I don’t recommend them as a
replacement to whole fruit, but I definitely think
they’re fun for a clean snack. I cut up a few different flavored bars into pieces for my snack boxes. (upbeat electronic music) For a sweet treat, I’m
adding some PlumSweets. These are chocolate-covered
prunes by Sunsweet, and oh, my gosh, they are
so good, hard to put down. The tangy prunes pair
with chocolate perfectly. And last, I am making some
coconut cashew mini-muffins. They only have five ingredients. I add cashew butter, eggs,
baking powder, and mix. Add sweetener if your nut
butter doesn’t have any, or if you want these to be sweet. Then I stir in some coconut shreds and chopped cashews as mix-ins. (upbeat electronic music) Into the muffin tins they go, and I top them off with
coconut shreds for cuteness. They are quick to bake, and ready when they’re lightly golden and
a toothpick comes out clean. Light, fluffy, and so satisfying
for a quick and easy bite. (upbeat electronic music) Whew! And those are some road-trip
snack ideas for traveling. Over 30 on-the-go ideas to inspire you. I know when we travel,
it’s hard to stay healthy. Sometimes, I don’t worry about it. I just indulge, which is totally fine. But if you are trying to stay on track, I think it’s so important to
have healthy items available, and these boxes really hit
the mark and make that fun. I hope you enjoy, I will see you next week with a brand-new episode, and remember, it’s all a matter of Mind over Munch.


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