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So, my friends, as you’ve probably noticed we have no washing machine at all That’s why we need to wash our dirty clothes this way But nevertheless it’s possible So here we have Florida And here was our camping ground So we went down from West Palm Beach to this place And we got to Miami, as you already know from our last vlog And then we went further to this point down below So know we are here, it was our so-called destination Team Key West And later we’re gonna go back a bit different I mean not this way but this, when you go up And thus we’re gonna cross the whole Florida in one trip Nice Morning, babe! Morning! Did you sleep well? Yes, I did In this cozy bed? 😀 Definitely! It was spacious, it was waaaarm above all I didn’t freeze, was really nice Finally something new, right? 😀 Yep Let’s go? Well, let’s see: first I’m gonna finish our vlog as quickly as I can Then upload it online Though I’ve already done cutting That’s why just uploading this stuff and then we can hit the road 😀 Are we supposed to take a shuttle bus to get to Key West? Hmm, look up the timetable, I don’t know when we gotta set off We got a timetable yesterday, don’t you remember? Yes, babe You’re totally right, baby Well, all the better 😀 I do really love those giant palm trees! Crazy! Looks like a dream Where are we? This place we got to explore is so beautiful and looks so dreamlike I’d decorate everything here with dream catchers or colorful balls It’s so cool here Wow, look here, I like this one No matter what you say, I’m just gonna buy it right now! Yesterday we were in Miami Beach Then we ate at Ocean Drive Was funny 😀 Real flex Was so interesting to see people going there with all these gold chains and fancy cars There also were any celebrities but I didn’t recognize any of them Actually I have been streaming live Key West I’ve been using my Internet flatrate And I’d say it works pretty well Look at all these palm trees in the background Wow Say Hello to our viewers! Hello, blog! So, where do we go? So, friends, we’re gonna go to the Ernest Hemingway House He wrote a short novel The Old Man and the Sea And we wanna visit this museum And after that we’re gonna go further The Old Man and the Sea Something like this is always so exciting, guys His old kitchen But I’m kinda not sure bout those modern chairs and TV 😀 It’s always cool to see things like these I totally like it It’s kinda flashback to these old times So you can imagine his life and put yourself in it Oh, It’s also awesome, the books we owned This one for example How to make good pictures Tom Sawyer I got this badge for my backpack, yeah Pussy Wanna play? Nope? 🙁 Wanna have a nap? Look at this In fact Vegan burger Gluten free My suggestion is to eat here on the way back 😀 OK Whatever you want Sounds yummy I like Here we are There is it! The south side of Florida, right? Exactly! Unreal! Look at this queue, craaazy Get up there, I wanna make a photo Cheeeeese! Ok 3 2 1 Come down Saved our time, wonderful 😀 Oh, it’s so beautiful here, wow Wanna go to the seaside? Yesss Then let’s go back I’d like to go to swim What’s up? Nothin’ Good vibes Look at this, we found something Namely a small caravan And there’s EVERYTHING vegan, guys It’s not so far away from the beach And we both ordered wraps And as a side dish my darling ordered a kale As for me, I took edamame They also have an ananas here I’m thinking about buying the whole ananas And to use it for drinking 😀 Somehow it’s cool It’s time for an instagram photo How much does it cost, do you know? Will be soon here Oooh, feels like a sunburn Put not too much on my skin Exactly the right thing for us It’s crazy, guys All these dollar bills belong to people visited this cafe I was here 8 years ago With my buddy And we have hung our bills here too So cool that some of them are still here Cool Tell me what happened? What? Tell me! I feel sick, I think I got a sunburn Is my face red? Right? A little bit F*ck Umm, so I’ve been avoiding the sun the whole time and now you got a sunburn What’s wrong with you, young lady? Everything is so unclear I feel being kinda muzzy Let’s go to the shadow I always wanted a tattoo, right here, don’t you want to have any tattoo? Ok, whatever you want Let’s see how much it costs Ok Look at that symbol, I want this one Looks pretty good Wow The sun is cool Subscribe my sunny channel on YouTube, guys! Got it! Show me! I love Key West Hey, it looks very good for a tattoo without templates He just drew it by hand without any sketches Honestly, for 10 dollar Let’s see, how long it will last on my skin I bet… 2 weeks! Sure! Nice! Anyway Nice picture Current situation: we have to wait for a dude, who brought us here Smells good like fish sticks It’s the ocean So back to us We have to wait for a dude who picked us up near the hotel and brought us here But actually we don’t know if he’s gonna bring us back to the hotel 😀 But we will wait 😀 Was is twenty five past eleven? Yep It’s only twenty minutes left, let’s see If we come back or not 😀 You’re acting like a homie 😀 Exactly I think it’s nice of the hotel to offer us the pick up service Definitely For free! Every single hour Well, the meal was delicious buuuut for some reason the mic was off (unfortunately) Anyway it didn’t record us We just said That we didn’t find any vegan food Because it was a bit complicated But according to my decision to eat healthy, vegan and gluten free I am forced to follow it and that’s why My babe supports me by participating Thank you for this, by the way So we’re trying out all the time I wouldn’t say that we are hardcore eco-people Uuuuum H a r d c o r e e c o s yeeeeeeah Or something like that, I hope you know what I mean So we are always trying something new, searching for some way to make the dish vegan Changing the lifestyle also belongs to it as well But Yeah No one’s perfect 😀 It’s just kinda you way to live this life Anyway, the bowl was really tasty Abnormally tasty! And before starting to film we said Hey, how expensive it probably will be Cause there was not every dish on the menu We were expecting, don’t know, 30$ or something like this Maybe 25$ at best And how much did it cost indeed? 14$, no more, no less Weeeell, didn’t get the price I paid 😀 Nooo How can I explain it 😀 We rofled the whole time cause there was nooothing on the menu And this dish looked sooo yummy, we just couldn’t help ourself from ordering it And we thought “umm, what a 5-stars bowl, let’s take it” Was a lil bit weird Exactly I mean, weird not in that sense It just looked gorgeous And this was the reason why we thought it would be too expensive And we didn’t know what to do, this and that Anyway It cost 14$ only And we were like “WOW” Was the best bowl we’ve ever had Absolutely! Like it was made by a star cook 😀 And he was like “hope it would taste ok” Really cheap and extremely delicious Cool But I nevertheless assume that in the future it will be harder and harder to find here something vegan Especially gluten free, maybe even harder to find So we try it vegan but in case it won’t work Huh, I mean try it gluten free So in case it won’t work, then we have to be just vegan I think vegan is hard enough for me 😀 You took the words right out of my mouth Actually I thought America is…ummm…kinda… Don’t know, babe, is it easier than in Germany or not? It’s okay All the same, in my opinion Unfortunately not everybody here is so advanced As for me, it should be required by law that every food station, restaurant, cafe or whatever must have anything vegan on its menu Ok But people see it different All in all, that was a long speech Vegan talk 😀 Oh maaan Are you ready? Of course I do Then let’s get started Yep So, guys, we came to the conclusion to answer your questions from Youtube comments Cause now we finally have time for it So if you have any questions – the comments below our videos are open 😀 We will answer everything when we have time Right So, the first question is… So, back to the question How are you going to fly back to Germany with all this stuff you bought here? Asked by Liza So you probably mean our sleeping bags, mattress and so on? When it’s time to go back, we will probably give it away to homeless people Otherwise we can donate it to second hands In other words – we won’t bring it to Germany I’ve got the next question Asked by PapaPunchLine You had no sleep before your flight to America – was it a cheat trick to help you falling asleep on the plane? Yes, it was 😀 Well, it was a well-thought decision, we hadn’t slept at all Because I think it speaks for itself When you don’t sleep before the flight then your body will be happy to sleep during the whole 12 hour long flight And it worked! Right? Yep So we just slept the whole time, sometimes watched movies Therefore Our jet lag wasn’t as hard as it actually could be I agree, we had no problems with jet lag at all Nothing at all Don’t you worry about your camera? Someone could steel it for example Well, everyone has different fears or something like this But I think, till now there were no situation where I could be afraid of losing my cam I usually care my cam in my hand and it’s also big enough Hard not to notice if it disappears Therefore it doesn’t scares me at all And the point is, American people are easy here Not even a hint of something like that was here Right Besides this situation in Walmart You can see it in the 2nd vlog Day 2 We left our cam in the shopping cart, you know, there’s a little baby pocket A part of shopping cart where you can place your baby So we just left the cart and walked away to look for some drinks 6-7 minutes later we came back, the shopping cart was somewhere in the middle of Walmart And at that moment we realized that we forgot our cam there Out thrill was indescribably So as you see, nobody took it I have one more question, this time by Lilly Well, Lilly What happened to Titus and Goldie and where are they now? Hmm, what happened to Titus and Goldie, babe? 😀 Well, for those who are not in the know: Titus and Goldie are our cats We have to bengals And We didn’t give them away or whatever you have thought about But they are at home, at our home And one member of our family takes care of them till we come back home My dad actually 😀 He always does it very well, feeds them So they must still feel good when we are on our trip Everything is gonna be alright Actually we have to be very thankful for it and so we are Because it’s not so easy to find someone your cats can get along Someone who likes them generally And if it wasn’t the case we would have stayed at home We really care about our cats and we get every day pics of them She misses them so much Me either But not as much as she does So there’s no need to worry about it, the cats are alright Our tigers, yeah 😀 Andrea asks, how many degrees is it with you? Babe, look it up Today I’m capable to say it on my own cause I’ve already told it in insta-story – it’s 28 degrees! People behind us are chilling in the pool It’s currently 7 p.m. and all these people around us are wearing bathrobes As you can see, we are also wearing t-shirts, the weather is perrrrfect Luna Valente asks: Why was it so necessary to pick up the definite license plate? Your turn to explain Well, we had to do this because I’ve already been on different trips And, believe me or not, I was to Chicago with my buddy We also started in Miami, walked through the same way with the same license plate And people in Chicago probs noticed that we were from Florida Or respectively rented our car there By this means they realized that we were travelers And they even tried to shoot The saw us near the traffic light, it was in the middle of the night They tried to reach us but we went away And since that trip I’ve been being paranoid What if someone still takes our license plate into account and will try to abuse us? I think it happens everywhere you come, people are always looking at your license plate Especially at rental car and such stuff It’s like a bait for other people Wow, look, there’s a stranger, maybe he has no idea of what’s going on here, let’s rom him And one more question, last but not least Julia wanna know: is it a standard Alamo SUV category? Don’t know what about category Altough Tough I think you do Oh, really, if you enter “rental car” at Alamo I will see a list of different categories And after clicking at SUV you will see this Dodge Grand Caravan And this is exactly what you need, so don’t think that we have a special car model And the best thing I like about Alamo is – you can choose a car you like when you visit them Absolutely nice, they said us “row 9” and there were about 20-25 different SUVs So you have this option to pick up a car really wanna have, you can touch it, you can examine it, whatever you want No need to worry I add over and over: not every seat is possible to fold-down That means not every seat can be folded to the floor It’s very important fact Grand Caravan has this option but there’s also another models without it It’s terrifying easy to rent a car where you can’t sleep later And in this case you can only sleep by seating And it’s definitely not what you want Soooo I’ve got no more questions, what about you? Me either All right as I’ve already mentioned, you can write your questions in the comments down below And we will answer it in form of short Q&A, right? Yes Perfect What’s our plan now? Cutting videos! I have to cut our videos and vlogs, I’ve something to do And we also wanted to make one more video Ohhh, I thought it was a part of my bandanas and it was just a palm leaf Look 😀 Heeey, right 😀 You mean this one? Yep, exactly this little thing 😀 I was like “omg, where does it come from???” Boah, I became so brown And I’m really red, can you see it? It’s ok with you My noooose Tomorrow I will be extremely red Is it already dark now??? Crazy! We’ve been talking for a long time, though it’s only 11 min Though it’s ok The tattooer said I should wash it with soap before the sleep And don’t have to worry about it Though the color will fade and it’ll look like the tattoo disappears And on the next day the tattoo will be here again with normal color And I’m so exciting because now it looks like the tattoo was almost removed from my skin I’ll tell you tomorrow


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